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Some memories...

November 17th 2011 9:38 pm
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We picked up Khloe's ashes today. I'm happy to have my boy back home, it's really hard though...
So, some good memories...

- When we first brought Khloe home from the SPCA, he was terrified. My brother-in-law held him over his shoulder in the passenger seat of the truck on the ride home.

- The first trip to the family cabin, he scared me to death - he was so happy to be off-leash he ran through the woods like a deer. I was so scared he was going to run away and not come back! We learned, though, that he wouldn't ever leave us, he always stuck nearby his people. He always loved being off-leash, though! He'd get so happy and just run and run and run...

- He always protected me, mostly from things I didn't need to be protected from. He'd always need to know where I was in the house, and he'd hang out with other family members sometimes, but if he even thought you were going to go near me he'd jump up and race to protect me. He'd bark and bark and bark if you (were male) and touched me at all. I couldn't never hug my Dad without upsetting Khloe. (He loved my dad, though!) He didn't really like females touching me either, but he was more comfortable with it than with males. He did this with the other girls in the family, too, but mostly with me.

- He had a favorite ball (a Chuckit Ultra Fetch Ball). He played fetch with it sometimes, but mostly just carried it around at the dog park and made sure everyone knew it was his. If he had the ball when someone like my Dad gave me a hug, you could tell Khloe was upset - he wouldn't bark though, just chew the ball really hard and stare at whoever was hugging me.

- Waking up at 6 am to walk him down at the river & watch him get mad at + try to chase the herons (there were a lot more ducks, but he ignored those most of the time - the instant he saw a heron though, he wanted to EAT IT! He almost pulled me to the ground chasing one once.) We often went to the store afterwards to buy him yogurt to have with his breakfast.

- He hated balloons & bubbles. He wasn't happy until they were popped. On my 17th birthday a few months ago, my aunt brought me some balloons ... She learned not to do that again, BOL.

- He'd always sleep in my bed with me - either his back against mine, or his back against my stomach (always with his butt facing my head!).

- He loved to chase the golf cart & RTV at the family cabin. Once, when I was driving the golf cart, he ran in front of me and I couldn't stop. I hit him - he was okay, though he learned to run behind or ride with us after that!

- Khloe didn't like babies. I don't think he hated them or anything, he was just scared to hurt them. When our cats were babies they'd climb all over him and he'd just sit there, perfectly still, and cry until someone came to help him. My sister had a baby girl four months ago, and whenever we'd try to get Khloe to say hello to her, he'd get this scared look on his face and start backing away. I remember he got so jealous once when I was playing with her that he started pulling all his toys out and dropped them in my lap.

- On the other hand, he was great with my sisters' Puggle & Parson Russel Terrier. He'd play tug with the terrier and always let her win (though she's approx. 15 pounds and Khloe was about 70 pounds at a healthy weight).

- My sister adopted a Basset Hound puppy almost three years ago. Khloe met her even before I did. They were best buddies. On the Hound's birthdays my sister would make them both a pot of chicken and rice, and on Thanksgiving they'd each get their own plate of turkey, etc. (She's the other dog in the pictures on Khloe's page)

- Khloe loved short, fat (or not necessarily "fat", but thick) dogs. We took him to a Basset Hound rescue picnic once and he was in heaven! And he loved the dog park, but it was the being able to run around off-leash part that he liked, not the other dogs - the only time he ever played with another dog there (that wasn't part of our family), he picked out the shortest, fattest one he could find.

- I remember bike rides and long walks with Khloe. Once, I walked him all the way to the dog park (probably one of our longest walks ever) with a loaded backpack on him ... I was exhausted by the time we got there, but the instant I let him off his leash he just freaked out and ran like crazy like it was nothing.

- I remember walking him past the SPCA we adopted him from once - he was never really a puller, but he dragged me away from there as fast as he could.

- He loved squeaky toys! They were banned from the house for a long time because he would never stop squeaking.

- He didn't like most toys, but one of his favorite games to play with his Basset buddy was to take all the toys away from her and tease her with them. She got him back a lot of the time, though - she'd get his favorite ball and hold it in her mouth while he just barked and cried and got a lot more upset than she ever did about her toys.

- I'm home tutored. Khloe greeted my teachers every morning - usually barking, but always happy. He'd lay under the table during class every day. Once, my math tutor took Khloe in his van (wish my permission, of course) and drove him around the block. Poor Khloe had no idea what had just happened!

- Khloe wasn't allowed to be around ponds or creeks much. He hated the water and would try to attack it - he never figured out why all his digging and biting wasn't doing anything, BOL.

- Khloe hurt his neck playing too hard out at the cabin once. The next visit out there, we were still trying to keep him calm... Instead of jumping off the porch like normal though, he jumped ON to it (at the highest point, too). No one was messing with him or encouraging him to do it or anything, he just did it. We fussed at him for a long time about that.


Happy Thanksgiving!

November 24th 2011 3:12 pm
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Happy Thanksgiving, everyone.
Today's been tough... Khloe loved Thanksgiving. He would always get his own special plate at dinner.
His best buddy, Sasha, is wearing a little pink paw tag in honor of him now.
Miss you, buddy ♥



December 18th 2011 4:07 pm
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Khloe would've hated the last few days. So much rain... He refused to go outside in the rain. If he were here I'd have had to force him out. There's no snow on the ground, which is unusual for this time of year. There were some snow flurries earlier, though. I cried because Khloe loved the snow... He didn't get to see it this year. He used to run and run and try to eat the snow then run and run some more.

I just seem to be feeling worse everyday. I can't believe he's gone...


Diary of the Day

December 20th 2011 12:30 am
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Thanks, Dogster. :)


New Pup

December 31st 2011 10:03 am
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We adopted a year old Border Collie/Saluki mix today from the SPCA named Kail... (Profile number on here is 1225111) If Khloe were here, he'd be so jealous and angry, but I know he wouldn't want me to be so depressed, & I need a dog in my life... Nobody will ever replace you, Bah Bah. I love you so much, Buddy.


Missing you.

January 1st 2012 12:31 pm
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Missing you a bunch today, Khloe. It's nice having Kail around... She made me cry yesterday when we took her home - she didn't want to get in the car, just like you when we adopted you. But she's definitely not you, Bubba. She's knocking around a toy right now, it's one of your old ones, but you never played with it. She's a playful little thing. Loves food (you never really did). She's not too sure of me yet. I know I'll come to love her... It won't be the same though, Bubba. I don't think I'll ever love another dog like I love you.



January 30th 2012 4:16 pm
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Momma's sorry she hasn't written lately. I still cry for you every day, and I think about constantly... I miss you so much, Bubba. I kiss your urn goodnight every night and I talk to Kail about you all the time.
Sasha misses you. Poor girl doesn't understand why her best friend is gone ... I guess I don't understand either. You were too young, Bubba. Remember, Momma used to tease you and say you'd live to be at least twenty 'cause you'd be too stubborn to leave me? Anyway, I was watching a video of you the other day and Sasha heard you bark ... She looked around, and then at me with the saddest look on her face (sadder than normal ... she IS a basset, constant sad expression, heh), and she's tried to get to your urn (I've shown it to her, she sniffed it and wagged her tail ...).
Anyway, love you buddy...


7 years

April 11th 2012 8:25 pm
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Yesterday made seven years since the day we adopted Khloe. I always teased him that he'd live to be twenty, because he'd be too darn stubborn to leave me... He's supposed to still be here. It just doesn't feel right without him.



April 15th 2012 12:34 pm
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Wishing Kail was a bit more like you today, Khloe! It's rainy and nasty outside - you'd be content to stay inside on a day like today (you'd actually fight me if I tried to get you outside, BOL). Kail sure isn't.

Love you, Khloe. You're always on my mind, but slowly, I'm learning to go on. I'm starting to think of happier memories... I still cry, of course, but I'm starting to be able to smile when I remember you. I won't ever forget you. You helped me so much, taught me so much, changed me in a way that even though you're no longer here physically, you're here with me still in my heart, in who I am. Thank you, Bubba... ♥



August 15th 2012 2:20 pm
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Three months will make a year since Khloe passed away. It's crazy, in some ways it feels so much longer since I've had him at my side, sometimes it feels like just yesterday he was here...
A little rant: I hate that people are so careful not to mention him around me. I was talking with a friend of my sister's, about how I have adopted another dog. She asked if we still had Khloe, I told her that he had passed away. She apologized. "Sorry, I didn't mean to bring it up." I understand that they don't want to upset me. I get it, really. I just wish they wouldn't. It hurts me, like we're pretending he was never here, you know?
I feel so alone sometimes. He was my dog. My buddy. Always at my side. So I'm the only one really feeling the impact of losing him. I wouldn't want anyone else to hurt like I do at losing him, but it's hard to be grieving alone.

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