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My New Life...

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I freaked out at Petsmart..

February 6th 2011 11:54 am
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I sure took me without Arnie what a big MISTAKE!!Here mom said we are going to get you a new leash and harness for being DOTD. So we get to the store and we get out of the car , I was ok until that door slid open and here comes someone with a shopping cart..I got so scared, I started to shake, mom tried to calm me down but I just wanted to get home, so we got in the
store and trying to fit me with a harness was another ordeal, so mom grabbed a really nice leather one my size and a new retactable leash and 2 big bags of treats..I was soo glad to get out of there and I hope I never go back!

Well we get home and boy was aI glad to see my brother. Well the next day mom puts the new harness on me and we get in the car to go down the hill..well mom forgot something so she ran in the house, well in that 5 minutes I chewed that new leather harness in 3 pieces..I saw that look on mmon's face and I sure wish I had a camera. Well she did not get mad at me and we still went for our learned a good lesson,do not take me anywhere with out my brother!!

I am glad that she found some time to update my page..she wanted to send "zealies" to our friends but is having a problem getting into the site to buy them, she contacted dogster and they are still trying to figure it we hope to send our friends there Valentine zealies soon..Have a Good "Super Bowl Sunday" what ever that means and hope your team wins...

Your Pal



February 3rd 2011 7:13 am
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What a honor..we haven't been on dogster for a while. Mom's mom's house just sold and mom has been busy getting everything cleared out. She said something like 45 days and this chapter will be closed.

I told mom to get on the ball and change my page..since we are going into Valentines day. BOL

Greta our aunt Linda's new dog has been comming over EVERYDAY..she has finally settled in and she is a lot of fun to play with. I am doing really good. My big brother Arnie said hi to all his pals..

We will be back on soon...We love you all...

Your pal


Happy New Year...

January 1st 2011 8:54 am
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It has been a great year for me.. June 21, 2010 I got my furever home and its been one new exciting venture everyday.

My wish for 2011 is that many more furs can be adopted into wonderful homes and no one be homeless..I was so close to not seeing another day. I want everyone to know how much I love them and how thankful I am to have so many pals..

SO my wish to all is that your stay healthy and give your family more licks and nudges for the new year..I already did this morning when I snuck into the bedroom and jumped on the bed and gave my family lots of "love licks".

Happy New Years to All


Introducing Greta

December 29th 2010 10:51 am
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Yup..Greta is a foster girl that mom's friend Linda saved from being put mom takes care of her during the day and Aunt Linda takes her home at night, cause Linda works all day and has to drive and mom works at home.

Greta is really cool Arnie and I really like her..but she smells, Linda said she has a very bad ear infection from being on the streets, she is very smart she found the doggie door right away and made herself very comfortable ( a little too comfortable). But mom said we need to help Aunt Linda out cause we don't want her to go back to the adoption group that Linda belongs too.

Mom said it's like having another pet only she goes home at night.

Well it is raining in Sunny CA, my shades are off and we are all kicking back....I got to go check on that girl make sure she doesn't get any of my new toys...


My 1st Christmas

December 26th 2010 4:47 pm
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I can't believe what a lucky boy I am...Arnie told me that Christmas was really special, what did I know since I never had anyone who cared about me..but now I have so many new friends and I am the happiest boy.

Thank you, Thank you to all my friends that sent me was the most special day (except for the day I got my furever home)

Happy Holidays everyone...



Things are getting back to normal

December 13th 2010 6:29 pm
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at our house. Mom is only going over to her mom's house a couple times a week just to check up on it. Mom is putting the house for sale, she said we only need 1 house to live in.

We are getting ready for the "big guy" to visit us. Arnold said we get lots of toys and treats, I can hardly wait. I have settled in very nicely with my family, everyone can't believe how I have changed. No more shy kid with my tail between my legs, this is one happy kid here mom sez I am her needy child..bol

I love all the cards we have gotten from our pals, dad said we get more doggie cards than human cards...

I went to the eye doctor last week and she said my eyes are doing ok. I have about a dozen pairs of shades and I have gotten use to wearing them..Riley said that my shades would be good for poker.... I go back in 6 months to have the presure checked again..

Life is good here in So Ca. I want to thank Molly's Mutts & Meows for rescuing me and finding me my furever home..

Thanks Molly!!


Wow ...

August 8th 2010 8:13 am
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I can't believe that I was one of the DDP's thanks Lucy for letting me know..we have been a little busy at our's mom is sick and she is at home in Hospic Care..I'm not sure what that is but mom is not home too much and now I am really the Dog from Hell!!

We have not been able to go out for our walks since mom leaves early and comes back late..but dad and I are bonding and good thing he loves me cause I chewed up his flip flops (mom said I was a good boy), I'm digging up plants.. (just rotaing the earth) I got into a box of important papers and I ripped them up(did you hear this IRS?) Dad just sez I am a puppy and doing puppy stuff.

Well I am just happy that with all the destruction I family loves me, even when I started to chew up the rug in the living room.. Mom said when I jump on the bed in the mornings and cuddle with her it makes everything all better..

SO if we don't get a chance to thank everyone for zealies right now..I want to say thank you..

Tanner the Terror


Mom sez..

August 2nd 2010 8:39 am
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I've become the dog from I was a nice quiet boy until I knew I was in my home furever and then the devil came out. I now chase the cats, nip moms butt when I want something...she sez I talk too much (not bark) but talk. Even Arnold is getting somewhat tired of me.

I got this thing about burying thing..yesterday mom had her clothes on the bed, well she was taking too
long and before you knew it, I had her shorts in a hole I was keeping them safe for her..then mom & dad went out and I got the big bag of peanuts for the birds and had them all over the family room.

When she doesn't pay attention to me I bark and bark..Hey I am just a kid who wants to play..the back yard looks like a war zone..I love tearing up the stuff toys and have stuffing all over the yard..I knock down trash cans (looking to see if anything good is hiding)I lov e to tear up paper I'm just a terror, but mom said she loves me anyway and I'm here to stay!!



I got new shades..

July 22nd 2010 1:22 pm
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Since I really didn't like my "doggles" "Goggles" mom got me 2 new pairs of "Doggles" sunglasees..I Love them and I have to say I look pretty cool. They are much more comfortable since they are not tight on the eyes and I wore them on my whole 3 mile walk today...I also got a racing pair with light color lens when it's overcast..Mom said I need to wear them.

She got me a new visor but somehow I got it before she could put it away..and I put it in a stack of leaves, in a safe spot..BOL Doggles are one thing but a Visor..well maybe next year I'll wear one..!!



I had some Carne Asada

July 19th 2010 6:04 pm
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and it sure was yummy...When mom got me, my foster family are
VEGANS...I don't know too much about it but I ate stuff that had "sweet potatoes, red potatoes, etc. When I came to my new family I even wanted to eat the Tortoise food.. so slowly mom has started to wein me off of that food and put me on "real food". Today she mixed in some yummy dog food that had chucks of chicken and rice. It was really good and then mom put on the grill and boy did it smell good..Carne Asada. Arnie and I each got some as a special treat. Mom said 'dogs' need meat and chicken..ok for some vegtables but you got to get the body building stuff. (I Love my mom she is very smart).

It has been 1 month since I came to my new home and boy do I love it. We get up early and go for a 3 mile walk/hike. Mom is taking me out before the sun gets bright kinda my eyes..I am trying to get use to my "doggles", mom just ordered me 2 new cool pairs differnt styles so hopefully I'll get them this week.

It is really hot here 110 I have found a nice cool spot on the tile floors and getting our "frosty paws" and" popscicles" life is pretty good.

mom wants everyone that gets e-mails on rescues to always forward to friends you never know who's life your gonna save. If someone hadn't sent mom my Youtube video, I'd still be with my fosters..

Life is really good!!


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