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Almost the perfect day

March 28th 2005 12:48 pm
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Saturday Mommie took me on a super long walk! We left Elvis at home, cause he's a boy dog and would stop every 30seconds to smell stuff and pee, plus he probably couldn't keep up...being an 'ol man and all.
We probably walked 4miles, Mom had water for me and stopped a few times so I could rest, I have a few extra pounds on me and she didn't want to over do it.
It would have been a perfect day except for 2 things: First she stopped and asked this guy washing his car if she could 'cool me off' more like 'tick me off' you mean! I hate the water! And second when she got back they took Elvis out for a short walk and left me all-by-myself and that big scary house! I cried and howled until they came back. Mom thought I might have a twisted intestine or something since it seemed I was in such pain. Humph, that'll teach them to leave me alone again!



February 22nd 2005 3:37 pm
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Geez, I'm adorable

February 16th 2005 6:39 pm
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I live in a nice little house with my mommy, daddy, my human brother Jake and That Elvis. Elvis is my dog-brother, he doesn't like me too much, he thinks I'm stupid. But I don't mind, I get lots of love and my humans pet me and talk to me all the time. He just goes and more tummy rubs for me! Yipee!

My daddy loves me most of all. When he comes home I run around looking for my squeaky toy so he can play with me. He laughs and rubs my belly.

Daddy & me have great connection he can channel my thoughts! When he does, I have high-pitched lisp of a voice kinda a cross between Miss Dipesto of Moonlighting and Olive Oil. He doesn't seem to be able to reach deep down in my brain and find all the deep thoughts I think, but he seems to get the basics down just fine.

Last night I was trying to charm mommy into giving me more treats, but she didn't figure it out. But daddy sure did, he got right into my brain and put those thoughts of mine into words! That guy's amazing!

"Me hungry, more food,......I'm wasting away here" followed by a deep sigh, for drama.

Daddy laughed and rubbed my belly, it was a good start but not quite was I was hoping for.

"Really very hungry, look at me I'm skin and bones!"

Now mommy and daddy laugh as I roll on to my back and snort, they said I sound and look like a pig. Now that's just mean, so the vet said I need to loose a few pounds, what does he know...I'm just big-boned.

Well, maybe a new poem will help, mommy gets a real chuckle out of them:

My Daddy loves me yes he does
My Daddy loves me yes he does
My Daddy feed me now
So I can be as big as a cow

Geez, I'm adorable.

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