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Ella's Encounters

Hi, I'm Ella from Ellijay

June 9th 2010 5:35 pm
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I'd like to take this opportunity to introduce myself, I'm Ella and I now live in Ellijay,GA.
We think I was born in Alabama, and my first 6 months are not very clear. I have to first say Thank You to the people from Adopt A Golden Atlanta (AGA) for driving to the shelter in Alabama and rescuing me. For taking me to the doctor, getting my eye infection cleared up and giving me the BEST foster home in the world while I waited for my furever home. Thank you "Miss Terri"
I now have a family that wanted me SO badly and they say "I've captured their heart". I've been in this home for a little over 24 hours now and Annie my new sister and I are just the greatest of friends. She even shares her BIG stick with me and we have wrestled for hours today, when I wasn't napping. I'm going to attach a copy of the announcement that went out to all the volunteers at AGA announcing my adoption. This is an amazing organization and my new mom is going to start volunteering for them. (See now I"m making a difference) :) I'll write more later, I'm in need of another nap:Garbo Adopted and is now an Elijay resident!

I am pleased to announce that Garbo was adopted yesterday by Marcia & Mike Hayden. Many of you saw Marcia and Mike at AD with their Golden daughter, Annie. You couldn't miss her decked out in pearls. The Haydens came in to the program hoping for an English Cream, but live in the mountains of Elijay and have a yard not suitable for a fence. They do have a very deep porch that wraps around the whole house and Mike quickly installed gates on both stairways so that AGA would consider them for a puppy. They came to Adoption Day looking for the right fit.
Garbo was not having her best day. She tried to completely hide her head under the shelving so that no one would see her. But the Haydens did. It didn't matter that she is red instead of cream. They were in love. If you will remember, Garbo was dropped off at a shelter with her brother after "being found in a back yard." Her brother was adopted before AGA arrived, but lucky Garbo was rescued by AGA. Although 6 months old at the time, she was not housebroken and was very shy and scared. We first thought she was blind in one eye, but later found that not to be the case at all. Her foster, Terri Dalton, took Garbo to the vet time after time so that her eye problem could be diagnosed and rediagnosed and finally treated properly. Terri has also worked lovingly and patiently on her potty training, and insisted on a stay at home mom or dad so that her efforts would be continued. The Haydens were smitten with little Garbo and totally undaunted by her shyness or her the appearance of her healing eye, or the fact that she's not totally housebroken. They were anxious for a second meeting, and Terri took Garbo to Elijay yesterday to see if the new home and family would be a good fit. Terri said it was bittersweet. Garbo has hit the doggie jackpot: a doting dad who is an education minister, and a devoted mom who is a teacher and off for the summer. Mom is staying home all summer so that Garbo can get her training and be all settled in before mom has to return to work. In addition to her diva sister, Annie, Garbo will have a feline brother, Bob the Cat. Since the Haydens are empty nesters, the girls will be spoiled rotten onlies most of the time, but will have adult human siblings visiting time to time with their own dogs. I would like to thank everyone who was involved in the rescue and placement of this special little girl -- especially Terri Dalton, her foster, who spent lots of time and energy getting little Garbo ready to adopt, running back and forth to the vet, screening applicants, cleaning up puppy messes, and the list goes on...
Helen Davis
Dog Placement Team
Adopt a Golden Atlanta

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