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Archie's Anecdotes

I Like Aunt Giggi

February 13th 2011 8:06 am
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Today Aunt Giggi stopped at our house for a bit before she and the mom person went for a ride. She brought us good treats and I got some even though I didn't go potty first, heh heh. Then even when Aunt Giggi didn't have treats in her hand I let her pet me pretty well, more than I ever have in the house before. I don't mind so much if she pets me outside. I found out that I could be petted and still live through it, bol. I think she loves me a lot cuz she said me letting her pet me was her Balentine's day prezzie.


Progress----Sort Of

July 7th 2010 8:08 pm
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Yesterday I climbed onto my daddy's lap and gave him kisses all over his face! This was a big step for me, since I was afraid of him when I first came to my furever home here. I'm still barking my head off at my hubro, though.

Today I was chewing one of my toys and decided the drywall looked like a good chew toy, too. It's not a very big hole, and since I loved on Daddy so much yesterday, he wasn't mad at me at all, bol! Heh heh heh.


New Furiends

May 31st 2010 8:30 pm
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Yay! I have my first Dogster furiends already. They are the family of Laci, Tawni, and Tucker Fielder. Thank you all so much for being my pals!


My Adoption Day

May 31st 2010 6:59 pm
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My foster mom Heather packed me and my foster sisfur Chloe up in the car for a long ride. She said we were going to meet my new pawrents. When we got to the meeting place, the pawrents were there and were so happy to see me. I didn't really know who they were yet so I was pretty timid but while the new mom was signing my adoption papers, I let her pet me and give me a treat. Then I said goodbye to Heather and Chloe and went on another long ride with the pawrents. The mom wanted to hold me on her lap in the front seat but that was too uncomfy for both of us so I said I'd rather sit in the back by myself. We got to my furever home and they let me run around the back yard and get accustomed to the scents of my new brofur and sisfur before I actually met them. Sluggo came out first to greet me and he has so much energy! He wondered who I was and we kind of sniffed around each other. Then Bizkit came to greet me and she's much calmer. I think they like me. Then I went inside to meet my skinbro Josh and to investigate my new home. My fave part of the house is a corner of the dining room under the table, where I feel comfy and secure for now. Aunt Giggi came to visit and brought treats and some new Bobos. When no one was looking, I took Bizkit and Sluggo's Bobos, as well as Carrot, and hoarded them with my Bobo, hehe. I think I will like it here. Everyone is nice to me, but OMD, they take so many pictures! That stupid flash was going off all day! I was a tired boy at the end of the day.

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