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Hello, world!

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OMD! Think of me! SURGERY!

January 4th 2011 4:32 pm
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I went to the vet today, they tried to give me a shot, but I was sure to stop that! BOL! Nope nope nope, not gonna allow that! I yelled and screamed and cried and even tried to climb the wall! Mama was amazed! Eventually I got pinched in the rump and then I took a nice nap!

It’s true, my left lower canine tooth is piercing my upper gum! The one on the right side is doing it a teeny bit too!!!

Braces? Heck no!

TOMORROW I go in for surgery, they’re gonna take those two mean teeth out! We even get to keep them!

Mama says only big boys get surgery and tooth extractions, AND she bets the Tooth Fairy will come see us TWICE! Once for EACH tooth! Yay! Now THAT’S exciting! Mama says I will be even MORE handsome without those two pesky teeth!

I have pain meds and antibiotics and the whole sha-bang! No eating after midnight tonight, so Mama says that means I get tuna in my food! Nom nom nom!

Mama and Daddy are pretty amazed. They say I’m the most happy-go-lucky guy, and I’m in pain and infected in the mouth! Imagine me without pain! I may become cuter and happier! I think missing those big teeth will help me keep my youthful appearance!

The vet says I can still do everything a normal dog can do and eat without those two teeth.

So I go tomorrow at lunchtime, and I come home just a few hours later around 5pm!

Think of me! I’m going to do big boy things! It’s very important! And we’ll have a party after, in my big crate!

(p.s. – You know what caused this? When my big teeth grew in my little teeth didn’t fall out right away. That made my big teeth sit weird and wrong. Make a note! Tell your furrends! If the big teeth come in, the baby teeth should be out! O-U-T!)


Do I need braces?

January 4th 2011 9:45 am
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Oooooh, Mama says I might need braces! BOOOO!

Daddy noticed the other day that my left bottom canine tooth looks like it's PUNCTURING my upper gum! That means my tooth is crooked! Or something!

Mama finally found it online, and says I'm due for a Bordatella dose, so will be going to the vet SOOOOON!

I'm an easy going dog, but I HATE when people try to look into my face holes - even Mama or Daddy! I FREAK OUT big time! Mama thinks it's from everyone holding me down and giving me that HUGE microchip shot! I'm not letting people surround me ever again! They can't draw blood, nothin'!! You won't get me!

But maybe it's because my gum hurts!

Daddy says maybe they can file my tooth down so it doesn't poke my mouth. Do that! Do that! I don't want braces!

To be continued!


New Digs!!

January 3rd 2011 2:25 pm
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I got new digs!

That's a new crate!

My old crate was a wee bit too small. I couldn't sit up straight and my ears poked out the top. I felt cramped in it!

Since I hafta be crated when the pawrents are working (due to something they called "mischievous and curious tendencies"), they said I get a bigger crate!

It's HUGE! After I helped set it up Mama and Daddy and I all got in! Daddy put his feet up and couldn't touch the other side!

Wow! It's my Suite, thank you! My Suite is ready! Great!

I have a REAL problem when I feel confined. It's my only 'freak out' thing. Confined no more in that crate! Maybe I can get a swing? BOL!

I'll find a picture and add it to my photobook!



December 31st 2010 9:49 am
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Have you EVER seen SNOW????

I did! It started yesterday! It was cold and windy, then everything got white outside!

I wasn't sure what was going on, but I did make sure to introduce myself!


We got to run outside and I found out I LOVE SNOW!!!

It's fun and dusty and covers the ground! It's cool on my feet! I can push my nose through it and sniff and I can smell the GROUND! HAH!

I love to eat it! I'm a water dog, you know. I LOVE water. Mama says snow is fluffy FROZEN water! I love it!! I love it!

Can we go outside and play? PLEEEAAASSSEE?

Mama says we can only go outside for a little while. She doesn't want my toes to get frozen!

I love snow! I love snow! I'm warm now, can we go back outside? Weeeee!



December 28th 2010 8:47 am
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I had the BIGGEST day ever yesterday! It's making me super happy dog!

Furst, I was THE CHOSEN ONE and got to go to PetCo with the pawrents! I've never been there! It's like PetSmart, but different!

I liked to smell all the smells! Especially the dirty stuffing from the rat cages! They said a rat even got loose! What fun! I think I would like a rat!!

I grabbed a bag of treats and they were SUPER expensive! I have good taste! Fillet mignon flavored! Mama helped me talk Daddy into buying them! SCORE!!

I even got FREE TREATS from the super cool treat bar!! Mama said I had on my cute face, but that's my everyday face!

THEN we went to the dog park, just the three of us! It was SO FUN!

THEN we came home and the whole family went on a walk to the dog park!


What a DAY! I wouldn't admit until the very end that I was pooped! Ready for bed! I slept like a rock last night! Whew!


Jolly Ball!

December 26th 2010 12:55 pm
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Joey got me a Jolly Ball for her barkday! Oh, Joey! You are SUCH a nice sister!!!!

She says she got it for both of us boys, but I love it first! It's bright yellow and I carried it all around the house and back yard proudly! Daddy and Buddha and I played with it! Fun!!!!

They say there are more goodies for us, but knowing the pawrents they'll streeeeeetch them out to make them last!

We went to the dog park today and Joey was our invisible fence! She said, "Stay away!" to other dogs who came close to us! Mama says she was in squirrel mode like Buddha. We get to go again this afternoon!


The juggling furry man, Frankie!

December 25th 2010 4:02 pm
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I'm almost able to juggle!!!

When we play 'fetch', I don't give the ball back! If Mama has two balls she'll throw one while I'm holding the other. If the angle is right, I'll drop the other super quick and then CATCH the ball in the air!

It's ALMOST a juggling act!

Today is Christmas and Joey's birthday! We went on a long walk in the city and it was really fun! New smells and sights, we were all bushed afterwards!

We've had a nap and I'm READY TO GO again! Let's play! Let's re-open present boxes! Do I get anything???

Mama says after dinner we get a special dessert for Christmas! Yay! You know this is my FIRST CHRISTMAS EVER ON THE PLANET, so we should celebrate big!!!


Dog Park!

December 20th 2010 5:26 pm
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We took a walk yesterday! We went to a DOG PARK!! I played and played and met new dogs! I ran after balls but I didn’t fetch! BOL! YOU fetch, pawrents! You!

I love my new yard! It’s SO BIG!!! I can run and gallop around and around! There’s so many new smells too! This place is GREAT!


Are we there yet?

December 19th 2010 9:40 pm
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We went for a long long long long car ride! We were STARVIN’!! We ate very little, Mama says because me and Joey would just upchuck it anyways.

It was pretty fun! A lot of sleepin’, some playin’, I had bones and my toilet brush and Daddy even came back there and we played a little!

Mama bought me some BIG toys! Two floppy bears about Buddha’s size and one BIG floppy doggie, bigger than Buddha! They are my new furrends and I like to carry them around and shake them! Thanks Mama!


Empty house = Fun house!

December 15th 2010 6:22 pm
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A fun house for a ball dog!

We have a BIG room where we've been playing with all my found tennis balls!! Bouncy bouncy catch catch!

When the men took the furniture away I found a TON of balls! Like, TEN of them!

It is SO fun to play with balls in this empty room!!

Can I have a room in the new house? Please? This is TOO FUN!

Although I do miss lounging on the couch.... Hm....

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