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Hello, world!

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Toys toys TOYS!!!!!

February 9th 2011 7:21 am
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My Mama is a TOY FACTORY!!

Yesterday she sat in one place and turned out dog toy after dog toy! I wanted them ALL!

She had a big bag of them, she said to be mended, and one by one, WE HAD NEW TOYS!

I wanted the one she was working on! I wanted the ones in the bag! I wanted to sniff! These toys have such HISTORY!


I wonder if this is what Mama will do during the day until the END OF TIME. Is it possible?

I wait with anticipation. Will another giant bag of dog toys materialize?


I'm outta jail!!

February 1st 2011 8:57 am
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Yay! It's my turn to be free in the house! I had the bedroom last night, so I got crated after breakfast!

I'm recovering great from my surgery, but I'm still a bit intoxicated from that boy-juice! Mama says it could take weeks, months for it to go down.

I miss Buddha sometimes. This morning I had my squeaky ball and I was going SQUEAK SQUEAK SQUEAK right outside his crate!

Then I was crated and Buddha was sitting outside just LOOKING AT ME! I growled. He yawned. I barked, but not my big man bark, my boy bark. I kinda talked and growled and barked, and Buddha just yawned. He barked once or twice too.

We wanna play but we're not allowed because on a dime I will decide I don't like him, and he'll get his feelings hurt. Mama says if we were teeny tiny poodles she could separate us, but we're not teeny tiny. She says we're not allowed to hurt each other.

But I'm a MAN. A DOG-MAN. A BIG DOG-MAN. It's what men DO.

Oh, Mama says NO. Shoot.


Zzzzzzzzz.... Oooowwwww... Zzzzzzzzz.... Grrrrrrrr........- Zzzzzzzzzzzz.......

January 26th 2011 4:57 pm
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Whoa! What happened? I am SOOOOO sleepy! I feel like I've been hit by a truck! Well, not really, but I'm real worn out and a bit sore in my nether-regions! What happened?


I'm not as spunky as last time I came home from that weird place called anesthesia. Can we not do this again for awhile? Puh-LEEZ?

Joey is my sweet sister. She's sniffing me but giving me lots of room. I don't wanna see Buddha yet, I know he'll stick his nose where it hurts! No!

Mama says I'm on light duty for a WEEK. That's seven whole days! I can't RUN, JUMP, PLAY.... if I do I might get a.... a.... hemo-toma? And that would hurt.

I even have to be on the leash to be in my own back yard!

That is unthinkable! Surely I heard that wrong.... Things are not what they seem now....

And I'm wearing this padded thick necklace, called the CONE OF FAME!!! It's only for the mostest famous and brave of dogs. I get it! I actually have TWO. One soft one, and one that doesn't get in the way of my vision!!

Owww. I'm a little tender. Zzzzzzzzzz....



January 25th 2011 6:56 pm
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I'm bigger than you.

I can take you DOWN.

I don't even listen when Mama screams.

Because she's MINE.


I'm tired of you getting all the super-lovey attention!

Mama says I won't hold still for super-lovey attention, but STILL.


Mama says I'll feel better tomorrow.



Too big for my britches!

January 25th 2011 2:44 pm
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Mama says I'm too big for my britches! Because of this I have to get neutered! We all knew it would happen sooner or later... but this is kinda sudden!

First I got all barky. That was okay. Mama was willing to put up with that. She says I'm going through poo-ber-tea, whatever that is! It must be a vocal thing.

Anywhoo, I've started feeling like maybe I shouldn't be the BOTTOM of this pack anymore! Why is Buddha above me in rank when he's littler? That's not right!

I still love and play with him, but a few times a day I get serious and GGGGRRRRRRRRRRROOOOWWWWLLL at him. Mama says I'm a big dummy for picking fights with Buddha! He's a pibble! Daddy had to pull us apart this morning because Buddha called my bluff! He even got a bloody hand! Ooooo! Bad! Very bad!!

I think I can be higher in this pecking order than him! I'm BIGGER! Mama says my mouth isn't.... Mama says TOO MUCH HORMONES. So we're doin' away with them! Okay!

I get special treats after my surgery, so I'm okay with it! I hear I'll get some beef heart and fishie/egg pancakes! Am I home yet?

Mama says she's gonna try to keep my organs that I get removed. Something about putting them on the mantle. Tee-hee-hee! I love you too, Mama!

Think of me! Big boy surgery and treats to follow!


Manhood discovered! Kinda!

January 13th 2011 5:57 pm
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Guess what all?

I lifted my left leg, just a little bit, today when I peed at the dog park - FOR THE FURST TIME EVER!!! EVER EVER!!!

I MIGHT grow up to be a boy who lifts his leg to pee! A big boy!

Mama was SO excited, I heard her squealing across the dog park when it happened. She said she loves me no matter how I pee, but it was a... a... milestone? I think that's what she said.

My daddy doesn't lift his leg to pee, so Mama figured I might never too. And that was okay.

Could it be the lack of mouth pain allowing me to bloom into me? Could this go further?

ON TOP OF THAT, as if that wasn't good enough, WE ALL GOT BULLY STICKS TODAY! The first installment of Tooth Fairy Treats! Joey and Buddha owe me big, they got some too!

Nom nom nom! I like bully sticks!

What a big day!


Open Sesame!!!

January 10th 2011 7:38 pm
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I want the back door OPEN! Mama shuts it, I go and paw the bells, the glass, the door.

Open Sesame!

Mama comes over and opens it. I turn and jump back on the ottoman near the door.

Mama closes the door almost all the way. It isn't open enough! I paw the door and close it. MAMA! Need you to OPEN!

Mama comes over and opens the door. She thinks I might need to potty.

I turn and jump back on the ottoman.

I want to listen and smell the outside! But it's 2 degrees, so I'll stay in here. The ottoman is soft!

WOOF WOOF! Barking from the ottoman! To the outdoors! WOOF WOOF!

Leave the door open! Thanks, Ma!


I am NOT a butterfly!!

January 10th 2011 5:12 pm
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Oh Mama, Mama, Mama. My Mama touches me like I'm made of butterfly wings! So light, I can barely feel it! When she pets me, I think there's a BUG crawling on me! How disturbing is that?

That's why I get up and move when she coddles me. I'm a MAN. I want to PLAY, rest (and NOT with buggy feelings crawling on me!), and PLAY some more! Don't you wanna play or somethin', Mama?

Mama says she'll try to get better. Pet me harder. And scratch scratch scratch me! That's better, but I still like to sleep uninterrupted!


Good Morning!

January 6th 2011 8:57 am
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Good morning all! Wanna play? Let's play, "Where has Frankie been?"

Daddy played that game this morning. Everywhere I was I left a widdle spot of blood, or spitty blood! It's natural after getting a tooth pulled. Daddy said it was a fun game for him to play.

I slept in my crate the first part of the night, protected from all! Then Mama's 'Frank pee-pee' alarm went off at 3am. I heard her say, "He's quiet, I'll wait." I said, "RUFF!" She got right up and let me out! Then I jumped into bed with Daddy before she could put me back in my crate!

That's when I staged the 'Find Frankie' game.

This morning I'm happy! I love y'all! I've been lightly chewing on soft toys, and was even oh-so delicate with a bone! I ate ALL my breakfast too - I think I need extra food for healing!

They say we get a walk today, I can't wait! I'll take a nap while I wait!


I lived!!!

January 5th 2011 6:44 pm
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I'm alive!

WOW! What a big day! I got REAL sleepy, went to the vet, and got even sleepier!!

Instead of the vet taking BOTH bottom canines, she only took ONE! Hooray! She said after looking closer at the right side it didn't look problematic enough to remove.

I am a sleepy boy! I'm hungry though! I was a good boy and took my pain and antibiotic pills. They were stuffed in a treat. Then I ate some dinner, rice with softened kibble. YUM! It was good!

I'm on light duty tonight 'cause I'm still a little wobbly. They had to give me a LOT of drugs to keep me out!

I even made a stinky poopie! Mama says that's extra good.

Mama says I'll be sore, but it won't last long!

Did I mention how BIG the tooth is?? We got to keep it. Mama said she thinks I lost weight from losing that tooth! Imagine what the tooth fairy might bring me for THAT? That's what I'll dream about tonight!

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