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Hello, world!

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Being ONE is GREAT!!!

April 13th 2011 8:01 pm
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Did you know that being ONE YEAR OLD is super-great?

It IS!!!

Today was my furst full day being one year old!

We got COW RIB with breakfast, and then another for a snack! We played outside ALL morning and then took a short nap in the afternoon!

To all you pups out there, life as a pup is great, but just wait until you're ONE!! It will be GRAND! Even BETTER than a pup!

(Hard to believe, I know, but true! So true! I'm a BIG BOY NOW!)



April 12th 2011 9:30 am
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Today is my BARKDAY, nah nah nah nah nah nah, NAH NAH!

I have been ALIVE for 365 days EXACTLY!

For some reason Mama says that is REAL special!

Am I a big man yet? Mama says I'll always be her little baby!

So far the day has been GRRREAT! We had yummy breakfast, have played ball and water faucet outside for HOURS, and now I think I'll take a nap on the bed!

Just so happens tonight is my night on the bed! Good timing for my barkday!

Do I look different? Older? Wiser? More distinguished? Maybe!!

There are ONE THOUSAND, TWO HUNDRED FIVE dogs on Dogster with the same barkday as me! I'm gonna go share the love!

For my barkday I want everyfur to give kisses all day long! To everyone they can!!


Official Family Event!!

April 10th 2011 7:49 am
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I got to go to a family event at Daddy's work last night! It was FUN! I got to sniff a lotta offices and stuff, and sniff people!

I liked sniffing little kids, I had a couple favorites I kept giving kisses to! They smell so... Different!

Mama gave me snacks off the snack table. I sat nicely & got pepperoni, cheese, crackers & pastries! Nom nom!

When we got home I was SOOOO TIRED!!! I ate dinner & konked out next to Daddy on the couch!

I'm proud to be the fur-kid of my pawrents! Mama says I'm the family mascot! Bol!

Mama told Joey & Buddha we were going to the vet for s BIG SHOT. I'm not sure they bought it when we got home! Oh well! Bol!!



April 7th 2011 6:39 pm
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Let's play SQUIRREL!!!

Today we stalked a squirrel for most of the day. I was standing on the tree and at one point he crawled down about THREE FEET from me! WOW!


The squirrel was snickering and saying things like, "Oh! I think I'm gonna fall!" And then he wouldn't. BAH!

THEN Buddha shot up like a bolt of lightening and GOT the squirrel!!! WOWZERS!!!!

We all had to come inside then. Just as it was getting good!

So me and Joey played squirrel. Joey was the squirrel, with the flicking tail and big pretty rodent eyes and I was Buddha, ready to SNAP at a moments notice and following her every move!

SQUIRREL!!! Boy, that's FUN!!!


My Mama is a water fountain!

April 5th 2011 4:59 pm
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We went on a LOOOONG walk today!

Furst, Mama and me and Buddha walked. Then we came home and traded Buddha for Joey! THEN we walked FUREVER!!

Mama had water, but it was in a backpack with a straw. What about MEEEEE?

Mama is so good to me! She's like my mommy bird! She took a mouthful of cold, clean water and trickled it into my mouth! I love water! I was so thursty! Thanks, Mama!

Joey didn't really like it. The water kept splashing on her nose and she didn't think that was good at all!

My Mama is my Mama bird and I'm her baby birdie!


Busy times!

April 4th 2011 7:01 am
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We have had many busy times lately!

We met Gramma and Grampa for the furst time! They stayed with us! I liked them, they fed me pork from their plates! Smart folks!!

Joey and Buddha kept getting startled by them, it was silly!

Then our uncle came and stayed with us a few more days! He was fun and played ball with me!

Our environment is changing too - walls are becoming different colors and stuff! It's a change, but we're getting used to it!

Busy busy busy doggies! We helped with yard work yesterday and today it's suddenly cold and snowy! Yay! I love the cold!

Let's play! WOOF WOOF! Doesn't my bark sound GREAT and BIG-MAN-LIKE? WOOF WOOF! Let's play!



March 12th 2011 7:14 am
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I must have revenge!!

Last night I hopped in the bathtub and Mama and Daddy KEPT me there! I love water, but I HATE HATE HATE being restrained, contained, anything like that!

They scrubbed me and realized I am like a ducky! So much fur, hard to get wet, and long to rinse!

I had had about enough and told them so! They said I had to be rinsed or I'd be sorry! No one wants to be soapy! It would itch!

When it was all over I was sure, I must get revenge!!

Furst, I dug a hole in Mama and Daddy's fancy bottom sheet. SCORE! Second, I laid in Daddy's spot on the bed and got it nice and WET for when he went to bed!

THEN I started grabbing stuff and taking it into the yard! Fun!

On top of this, this morning Mama FURMINATED me. There was SO MUCH fur! I'm afraid I'll FREEZE now! I have a secret hidden sooper-dooper undercoat!!! How will I survive without it??

Oh, it's not gone. Mama said we'll work on it more and more.

Mama also says I'm more aerodynamic now that I'm clean and brushed. Really? Hmmm. Let's play ball and see!!!


In disguise!!

March 3rd 2011 10:09 pm
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I'm a young dog in disguise! Someone at the doggie park noted that I already had some silver on me, he thought I was the old man of the bunch! HAH!

Although, I am an old soul. Somewhere in there. :)

Mama looked, then looked again. She knows I'm beautiful and handsome, but I'm growing and changing and even morphing like a chameleon! Or, you know, kinda.

Anyway, I have FAKE GRAY HAIR on the sides of my ribs and one hip! Mama knew about the gray on the hip, but not my ribs!!

You see, I know older folks get more respect, so I thought I'd jump in age a little. I deserve it, right?

Well, we moved here not long ago. Mama painted MOST THE WALLS white last week... you see where I'm going with this? I made my pawprint in paint on the carpet, but I also brushed up against the walls in order to get the PERFECT FAKE GRAY!

Yeah, I'm an old man. Respect me! (Mama, SHHHHH!)

Maybe when Mama uses colors I can be like a RAINBOW dog!!! Outerworldly!!!! Oh, the possibilities!!


Maybe Buddha's not THAT scary....

February 23rd 2011 12:02 pm
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I've been feelin' less mean toward Buddha lately! It's been three weeks since my neuter and Mama says my poison testosterone levels are reducing!

I'm fine at the dog park, I love meeting and sniffing and running with other dogs! I'm submissive too! I'm just a baby! Don't hurt the baby!

If I can be okay with strange dogs, I guess I can be okay with Buddha in the yard! The other day he was so focused on a squirrel and I just wanted to play with him! PLAY WITH ME, BUDDHA! Now!!!

I'll stand still and he'll just poke me with his nose in his play-style. I guess he might not eat me after all!

It's a little confusing, that I'm lower ranking than him, who is LITTLER than me, but maybe I'll get it one day after all.

We're both super happy morning dogs, so first thing we like to do is PLAY!! YAY!

Mama is happy. But we gotta get better. When I see Buddha inside I start feeling a little clausterphobic and crazy... so we're not there yet. But playing together again is a big deal!


What a DAY!

February 16th 2011 4:44 pm
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I had such a BIG day today! Furst I went to a doggie treat store and met another 10-month old puppy!! It was a 180-pound English Mastiff puppy named Riggins! I told Riggins, "I'm just a puppy! Don't hurt me! Please! I'm a baby! Innocent, even!" Riggins was really nice to me! We kinda played and I ran circles around him!

Everyone says I'm SOOOO big, but next to this guy I look like a little kitty cat!

THEN we went to Lowe's! I helped Mama pick out some stuff and saw a service dog! When I saw it I said, "HELLO!! CAN YOU HEAR ME? I'M FRANK!!! HI!!! CAN'T YOU PLAY???"

Mama said I was boisterous! I was just sayin' hi! He just sat there and looked at me. Hm. Mama said he was workin'. Couldn't play on the clock!

THEN we went to the dog park! Yippee! Dogs and balls and Mama and fun! It was great! I need a big nap after that day! Tonight Mama has knit night and says she's gonna give us ELK ANTLERS to keep us quiet. NOM NOM NOM!

Is today my barkday? 'Cause it's been GREAT!

(yaaaawn)... better take a nap before dinner!

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