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Hello, world!

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I have a girlfriend!

September 20th 2013 4:07 pm
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Mama took me to daycare today and the lady there was so happy when I arrived! She said my girlfriend was there and she'd be SOOOO happy to see me!

OMD. I was SO embarrassed! I wanted my Mama to think she was the ONLY girl for me! Mama says I'm so good that I make all the girls feel like they're the only one!!

My girlfriend's name is Bailey. She's part white shepherd and part who knows what! She's so sweet and playful!!

After Mama said she'd share me I felt better. And then I ran off to the back to PLAY PLAY PLAY! I haven't seen and played with my furrends in FUREVER!!!!


Learning to cuddle!

September 2nd 2013 4:28 pm
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I'm getting better in my cuddle studies!

Now that I'm feeling jealous of Buddha and Joey, I'm learning to CUDDLE EVEN MORE! I'm jealous of their cuddling, but I never really liked to cuddle. So I'm STARTING to cuddle a little more than A SECOND!

In the mornings after our 4am breakfast I cuddle on the bed until it's time for him to get up! On the weekends sometimes Buddha gets bed time after breakfast, but it's okay because there's a hooman between us!

I even get on the bed and cuddle when it's bedtime! It's a new thing.

It's a new thing. I've always been a 'guy's guy'. Now I'm cuddling and I'm understanding it's COOL! It's FUN and when Mama and Daddy pet on me it FEELS GOOD! It's RELAXING! HUH! How about that?


Mine mine mine!

August 30th 2013 3:45 pm
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Mama is like my GURLFRIEND. She's MINE and I don't really like it if she pets or snuggles or treats or makes eyes at other dogs.

Daddy is like my BOYFRIEND. He's MINE and I don't really like it if he pets or snuggles or treats or makes eyes at other dogs.

These other dogs INCLUDE Joey and Buddha!!

Mama and Buddha were snuggling under the covers today. Puke!! After about 30 minutes I decided enough was enough. I started BARKING!!!! Like, "SOMETHING'S HAPPENING!! SOMETHING'S GOING ON! IT SEEMS IMPORTANT!! WE ALL BETTER GO SEE!!"

She got up grumbling something about trying to take a 'nap'. Whatever! You two were together! I don't care what you were doing! Luckily nothing was going on after all. Good thing we checked!!

When Daddy plays with Buddha I high-pitch bark and run around and almost step on Buddhas face!!

When Mama or Daddy pet Joey I run up & bite her on the neck!! I'm more comfy with Joey than Buddha. Rawr!!

I'm a little possessive & jealous even though Mama says everyone gets a turn and that's fair.



I'm in the brains!

August 22nd 2013 5:16 pm
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I have worked my way into my Mama and Daddy's brains! Deep in there! You wanna know how I know? Because they put down new flooring in the office. They liked the colors a lot.


I had to do a WHOLE photo session with Mama, because she went nanners - the floor is the same color as ME!!!

She said they picked their floor in "German Shepherd Black & Tan". And they didn't even realize it!

I'll sneak a picture soon! It's funny!

But it also means I have infiltrated every cell of their being!

I WIN!!!


Free bath!

July 29th 2013 10:30 am
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Buddha got a bath yesterday! After he was done, I got into the tub! I'm not the biggest fan of baths, but I LOOOOOVE getting dried off with towels! And I like feeling clean and sticking my nose in my clean tail as I sleep!

I was 'bath support' for Mama and Daddy. I supervised while Buddha was washed, then I held vigil and looked sad for Joey when she got a bath.

I blocked Daddy so she could get away all wet! Mama thinks I just wanted to get dried off again - I LOVE getting dried off with towels! Dry me! I think you missed a spot!! BOL!

Now we feel GREAT and are CLEAN and Mama pets us more! YAY!


I'm trying something new!

July 21st 2013 10:54 am
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I'm trying something new!! It's called 'cuddling' - I think!!

This is how you do it - you get pretty close to your Mommy or Daddy on the floor or couch or bed, then you sit or lie down RIGHT NEXT TO THEM. Don't sit ON them, it messes everything up.

If you STAY LIKE THAT they'll put an arm around you and pet you!

It's kinda weird. I can cuddle a little first thing in the morning, when we're taking our after breakfast nap. But sometimes that petting bugs me! I'm relaxed! I'm trying to sleep! Ack! Then I get up & go to a dog bed where I won't be disturbed!

But Mama and Daddy LIKE cuddling. They say they've waited three years for me to start cuddling! Whatever. It's okay. Not as awful as I thought it was! I used to think cuddling was a violent crime!! Call the police! But Buddha cuddles ALL THE TIME with the pawrents and he seems to like it!

Weird! Try this cuddling thing! The pawrents like it, and you might like it too!!!!


Bath time!

May 27th 2013 4:54 pm
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Our grandpawents are coming to visit! And it's a long weekend! And it's a holiday! So we all got baths!

Mama and Daddy used to go hardest to easiest. Then they tried easiest to hardest and LOVED it! That made me second!

Daddy carried Buddha to the bath tub and being a good brofur I got in with him! Mama said that was not allowed. Mama can really be the FUN POLICE sometimes!

I got to be second and I jumped right into the tub!! I enjoyed it even though I was stiff as a board! Then it was time for TOWELING OFF! THAT WAS FANTASTIC!!!!! I was done, then I came back for more!!!!

When it was Joey's turn I stood in the bathroom and held vigil with my head low. And I gave kisses to Mama and Daddy and Joey a couple times.

Now we're all like LIONS!! And Mama says we're not allowed outside ever again! Our back yard is ALLLLLL DIRT! BOL BOL BOL BOL! Hey! I have to go potty! We're going to have to go outside!!!!!


I had a barkday!!

April 14th 2013 3:55 pm
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I had a barkday last Friday!! It was SOOOOO fun! I went to camp during the day and played and played with my furrends! Then after dinner we had FROSTY PAWS!!!! It was SOOOO yummy! I couldn't decide if I'd eat it all at once or a little at a time, so I did a little of both! BOL!

Mama has been petting me extra and gazing at me all lovey-like. It's a little weird, but it's okay! She says now that I'm THREE YEARS OLD she thinks I'm more mature all of a sudden! But she says she's not ready for me to not be her baby yet!

Instead of just being her baby, this year I'm her 'baby man'. I AM growing up!! Baby man! Maybe next year I'll be a whole man??? Who knows???

I really like being three! People are nicer when you're newly three! I'm getting special treatment!! I could get used to this!!


Vet vet vet!

February 14th 2013 5:17 pm
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Oh the vet is SCARY!!! I get all AMPED UP! It's SUPER SCARY because Daddy gives me RELAX PILLS before we go, so then I have to get EXTRA AMPED UP so I can be ALERT AND ON GUARD!

WHO in their RIGHT MIND would want to poke and prod doggies all day for a living? Those people are SICK! SICK!!!!

Daddy noticed that when he touches my back my leg goes up and I scratch! Mama thought maybe I have back cancer.

Nope! Not back cancer! That weirdo vet said when doggies get to growing up, like me, (I'M ALMOST THREE!!!!) they sometimes get prezzies! Like, ALLERGIES! I might get allergies too!

But my skin looked okay. That weirdo vet said my skin is just dry dry dry! I need conditioning! I need a bath! DOUBLE WEIRDO VET LADY!!!

Doesn't she know it's going to be TWELVE DEGREES tonight???? If I get a bath I'll FREEZE! I'm inside and all, but it's the thought!

At least Mama listened to me! She says no bath and sooper conditioning until it warms up a little bit!


I'm a hiker!

January 10th 2013 5:27 pm
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I'm a hiker! I've been hiking with Daddy, JUST me and him! Doin' MAN stuff!! It's GREAT!!!

We walk on a lot of dirt and go on big ups and downs and there are big rocks too!!! There are even MORE smells and things to see!

It's nice hiking with Daddy because I don't have to worry about protecting him like I do Mama!! BOL! I can be more relaxed!

I think it feels nice to walk all over those different types of things! So different than my usual carpet and floor and flat dirt or pavement!

Mama says my face is getting shaggier. I'm getting to be a real grown up! Maybe! Almost! Or something!

Counter-surf or bust!!!

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