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Take your dog to the chiropractor day!

July 8th 2010 3:42 pm
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That’s where my surprise trip was to last week! The chiropractor! Mama said there are chiropractors for dogs, but this one was for humans. It’s ‘Take Your Dog to the Chiropractor Day’ – maybe any day of the week if your chiropractor likes dogs!! BOL!

Daddy’s chiropractor and wife LOVE dogs! She asked Daddy to bring me last visit. She almost ate me up! It was neat to be in a new place and to be admired so! I was a good boy and waited patiently with Mama while Daddy got adjusted, I was fawned over by the workers, a little by the patients, and napped under Mama’s chair when things got slow.

I didn’t even pee on the carpet! Mama thanked me for that! BOL!!


Prankster Frankster!!

July 5th 2010 11:07 am
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I played the BEST joke on Mama and Daddy today! OH, BOL!!! I can hardly stop barking!!

We were all taking a nap in the bed, Mama, Daddy, Joey and me. Joey was tooting and it smelled bad! Daddy commented on it. After a few minutes I got up from next to Mama and went down by her feet. Do you know what she saw when I got up? A loose pile of brown!! AND there was a moisture ring around it on the sheet! AND when I got up she smelled the toot!

Mama went into ‘disaster mode’! She was worried, why did I poopie like that? She threw a towel at Daddy to protect the mattress as she hauled me outside to do my business! I’m fine! I don’t need to go!

When we came inside Daddy was giggling. Mama wasn’t wearing her glasses, though Daddy thought it looked like poop too. It WASN’T poop at all!!!

Recently Mama cut up an old brown washcloth, soaked it in water and froze the pieces to give to me as a teething thing. She gave me one right before the nap! It was my teething towel thawing on the sheet!!! BOL BOL BOL BOL BOL!!!

You shoulda seen their faces – before AND after!!!! It was priceless!!

I’m not sure I can top that one, but I’ll be trying!!! BOL!!!!


Runnin’ speeds

July 1st 2010 12:55 pm
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Read in Joey’s good furrends diary (Geno!!) that toilet paper is fun! I tried it and it really is! I’m exploring textures in my life now and toilet paper texture is very different from anything else! I grab it and run!

Mama says I kinda jog when I have my toys, but when I have somethin’ I’m not supposed to?

I run FAST! I bob and weave! I fake out my Mama or Daddy in my direction! I’m like an airplane!

We went on a 2 mile walk yesterday – did Mama forget I’m 11 weeks? Hello? After a mile I was limping a little bit and Mama carried me, all 26 pounds – half a sack of potatoes – home! Thanks Mama!

She says from now on we’re gonna walk around and around and around the block. That way we’re always close to home! She can’t be stressing out my precious growing joints or my growth plates!! I’m glad Mama learns fast!


Big boy hair!

June 30th 2010 2:04 pm
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Guess what? I'm getting big boy hair!

When I was born I came with woolly mammoth hair! It was fuzzy and downy and like sheep's wool! Mama says she is purdy sure that's my undercoat.

Now I'm getting big boy hair! I have big boy hair, my outer coat, a nice coarse glossy hair, on my tummy and in a black stripe going down my spine!

I'm standing taller with my big boy hair! My legs are growing, my head is growing, my BRAIN is growing!!!

I met some of Mama's furrends today, Mama says I was a perfect gentleman! I didn't bite ANYBODY! I was tryin' to impress Mama! She was so proud! I got scared by another doggie, but the owner put it away. It was real wiggly and moving very fast!

Mom says we're going on a field trip today, I wonder where? Hmmm...



June 28th 2010 8:57 am
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I went to the vet today! I got vaccinations, wormed, AND this AWFULLY BIG microchip! That needle was as big as me! I SWEAR! I was sure to let everyone in the clinic know it too!!

Mom and Dad say my legs look like they’re getting longer and my head is getting wider. My bones hurt! Growing is hard work!!

Mama and Daddy are going to measure my head later when I’m holding still. They think it grew some overnight. My neck is 11 inches and I had to get a new collar the other day!

Joey came to the vet with me and she did not like it one bit! We did survive though, and I hear we’ll get some extra treats to help with my microchip healing!! YAY!
Did you see I'm THE featured diary pick of the day? Mama rolled out the red carpet for me leading to the computer to blog, and I heard Joey saying I was a prodigy. My head is growing bigger!

Joey had a great point in her dog blog long ago, she said she thought she was going to be a household name, but 'toilet' is a household name too! I gotta stay humble, even though everyone LOVES ME!!!! Thanks Dogster and all my doggie and kitty fans! BOL! I'm a big fan of y'all too!! BOL!


My Furrst Two Ticks!! AND diary pick again!!

June 26th 2010 12:17 pm
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Hey everybody! I just got my furrst two ticks!!!! I’m a REAL dog now!!! It’s true! We walked in tick infested grasses the other day and Joey got ALL the attention for being COVERED in ticks. Yeah, BIG DEAL! They couldn’t find any on me, but I still have my puppy coat of wool-like hair that’s real hard to get through.

Today Daddy found one tick while petting me, and Mama found another! I’m a REAL dog now!! I’m earning my adventure badge! I’ve had fleas already, that’s old news, but TICKS! THAT’S the big time!

I’m proud to say I’m growing up fast and well! I’m good at this! BOL!
Did you see I am a diary pick of the day again? Twice in my little life already! Mama says she's takin' me to Vegas! I'm a lucky dog! BOL! I'm also up to 25 pounds! Woot woot! Thanks, Dogster gods! I feel so chosen! It feels good!


Chasing things that start with ‘B’

June 24th 2010 7:55 am
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Daddy’s been trying to wear me out! He says I have TOO MUCH energy!!! So we started playin’ soccer where I chase him around as he tries to play ‘keep away’ with the ball. He’s not very good at that game. Sorry, Daddy. I get the ball A LOT!!! BOL!! That’s the “B”all.

Every time I get the ball, Joey gets a treat! Hey! How does that work? Mama said she was for Daddy and Joey was for me. Humph!

So we started fishing using a plastic “B”ottle! Daddy’s the fisherman with the bottle tied to a stick and I’M THE FISH!!! Daddy makes the bottle flit and flutter about like a big minnow and I’m a Great White shark! A hungry one! Grrr! Did you know sharks growl? I won this game too.

Mommy and Daddy say I was born knowing physics!!!! I’m a genius. They say they aren’t smarter than me, a 10 week old puppy! BOL! Boy are they in for some fun!


My Longest Walk Ever!

June 22nd 2010 3:06 pm
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I went on the longest walk of my life! BOL! I’ll be 10 weeks Monday, you know… ANYWHOO, I went walking and saw sequoia trees BILLIONS of years old! Mom says they are really really old, that’s billions.

I met people, little people, big people, got frightened by a Yorkie, made furrends with a pit bull who I SWEAR coulda been my mommy! I kissed her face and she didn’t bite me! BOL!!!



June 21st 2010 9:50 pm
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Well, I didn’t go to the beach. Joey and I had eaten a lotta fatty stuff, like bones with fat and then broth in our food. You older, experienced dogs probably know what that means – we both had the runs! Mommy and Daddy said we weren’t fit to go on a day trip to the beach with the runs! We stayed home, ate rice and boiled chicken and canned pumpkin and stayed quiet instead.

TODAY, however, we left for a big trip! Since I’m a big 20.4 pounds as of last night, I still fit in the passenger floorboard of the truck! Whew! I like to get my face up in the floor air vent and breathe in the coolness! Ahhh! I slept the WHOLE way!

Mom and Dad said we came to a lake, Lake Isabella, but so far I’ve only seen the campground!

I helped Daddy set up the tent, then I went on a nature walk with the family, Daddy fed me and I was STARVING! I said , GIMME THE FOOD ALREADY! Uh…. please!!! I’m TRYING to grow into a grownup dog here! BOL! They gave me lots of food! I’m very in tune with my needs.

We even got camping neighbors! When they were setting up their tent I said, “let me help!” and ran over there before I could be caught! They laughed, I’m cute! Mom and dad are keeping a shorter leash on me now…

I also met a real live poodle! Her name was Holly! She was 8 months old and a very nice doggie! She let me nibble on her cheeks and ears! What a nice dog! Joey wasn’t so furrendly with her. I think she knew Mama secretly wanted a poodle. BOL!

Night time now, will check in later, gators!


When I grow up

June 15th 2010 7:21 pm
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I'm having second thoughts about being a lumberjack, I think I want to be a gardener! I've been picking the sunflowers out of the yard and carrying them around! I think we should relocate them for optimum aesthetic value!

I got a little one this morning, I took the flower right off the stem after inspecting the roots, brought it inside and dropped it in Joey's food bowl! I love you Joey!

I got a BIG sunflower this evening! It has already turned to seed, so Mama said she's not too upset. I carried it around the yard, inspecting all the flower parts and finding a new location!

Mom and Dad say I get to meet the Pacific Ocean tomorrow, and Mama says she'll give me swimming lessons! They say we'll go to a gentle wave place first, then go to a regular wave place. Hm. I wonder what that means? I do like to splash!! Can we splash?

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