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Hello, world!

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Heaven has a new angel!

September 7th 2010 12:13 pm
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Our dear furrend Ernie George got his wings this morning! I hear they were GREAT BIG - the deluxe version to carry his deluxe frame and spirit!! BOL!

I'm still new at this Dogster stuff and I don't know how to put links in, but here's his page address:

********Oo oh, I got some mail helping me! - will this new hyperlink work?

Ernie George the Great!

Please send his family love and think of them through this very hard time. :(

When you're the one left behind it can be hard to be happy for Ernie George's good fortune!


School's in session!

August 31st 2010 10:49 am
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Hi y'all! I went to training class last night for the first time ever!

It was neat!

I met a lot of people and all sizes of dogs! I smelled them all!

I even made a little girlfriend! Mama says I'm a good courter! BOL!

We learned that I don't like my face touched! WOW! Who knew?? Mama and Daddy say it must be because they avoid my face because I'll NIP! No more! Lots of faces touchies from now on! For treats, of course!

I also don't really like my feetsies touched! HUH! Mama and Daddy didn't realize that either! They say we got lots of work to do!

I also learned 'watch me'! I'm pretty good at it!

School's in session! Mama says we'll do some homework together tonight!

Daddy weighed me the other day and I weighed 57.8 pounds! Woot woot!


Ode to Chicken Broth

August 29th 2010 6:35 pm
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Oh chicken broth, how I love thee!

Daddy cooked a chicken and has been boiling the carcass ever since, for my chicken broth! Mama made two bones out of fleece and soaked and froze them!

(This was a GENIUS idea from one of my furrends!!!)

I LOVE the chicken broth bones! I love 'em frozen, I love 'em thawed, I love 'em as long as they touch my taste buds! I love the texture, all squishy and soft, I love their length, I can swing 'em around!

MMmmmmm! Homemade chicken broth cloth braided bones! Can I get a re-dip please? BOL!!


The Bathtub BANDIT!

August 26th 2010 10:52 am
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Bathtubs are FUN! Did you know that? FUN FUN FUN!

Usually when Mama bathes I come over and drink some of her bathwater. She calls me Romeo.

Last night when Mama got out of the tub I heard this sound coming from the silver thing on the bottom. What IS that?

I had to investigate!! I jumped in! Splashed all around! Closed the drain and stopped the noise! Whew! Another drop of water saved!

I hopped out and jumped all over Buddha, sharing the wet! THEN, I heard the noise again! Back to the bathtub! I climbed in and saved another drop of water! Whew! The whole routine happened again a THIRD time! Good thing I have lots of energy!

Mama says she wasn't expecting to mop the bathroom floor after her nice relaxing bath, but she was smiling so I think it was okay. BOL! It needed to be done! BOL!

A hero's job is never done!


Teething Torture!

August 24th 2010 8:38 pm
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Oh, my GUMS! My sore, bleeding, erupting gums! I am MISERABLE because my gums and teeth hurt! YOW!

It makes me irritable and insatiable and restless as all get-out!

Mama has been feeding me ice like crazy! They even tried Oragel, but I HATE it and won't let them put it on me!

Oh, if there were SOMETHING I could chew on to make it feel better! More ice, please???

Daddy saw my molars coming in in the back of my mouth. My Mama said when her wisdom teeth start moving it's all she can think about. Pretty big deal. Tell me about it!

Woe is me... maybe tomorrow will be better....


A new, furever special collar

August 23rd 2010 8:03 pm
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I am still growing! I may look a little like a ballerina compared to my new hulky brother, Buddha, but I'm still getting bigger!

Today I got so big I grew out of my adolescent collar! I got a new collar! It's new to me, but it's super-dooper special.

Wanna know why?

It's my late Aunt Ulli's old collar.

Mama says it holds lots of love and magic. I can tell!

It also looks really good on me! I look even more handsome and grown up! And serious!

What an honor! Even though I never met Ulli, I heard a lot about her. She was one of a kind!


I love my Buddha!

August 22nd 2010 10:58 am
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Buddha is my new best furrend! He's a man too, we do 'MAN stuff' together! He has different cheeks than Joey, but still lets me grab onto 'em! He has a big thick neck that's nice for chewing too! We played and played and played yesterday!

I played with Joey too! Wow! This is SUPER FUN!


New guy!

August 21st 2010 8:49 am
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There's a new guy in town! He lives at our house now! His name is Buddha!

Mama saw him at the Humane Society's area in PetSmart yesterday. She says he touched her heart. They never bring other dogs home. They're not supposed to, for many reasons! But this just HAPPENED!

He's kinda playful but Mama says I'm too obnoxious and young because I'm all in his face and yipping and barking and throwing my paws on him and he's like, "HEY NOW!" He'll growl a little, but Mama says he's trying to calm me down.

Mama says Buddha will be a good example for me and Joey and Mama and Daddy. He's CALM CALM CALM. Joey says he needs a Dogster diary, STAT! Hm. Might give that job to Mama til we get all cuddly with each other!



I can take 'em!

August 17th 2010 2:56 pm
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Mama and I went to the vet today! All by ourselves! Mom said that's what MEN do. I smelled all sorts of new things and I really liked the vet tech! I gave her kisses and nibbled her earlobes!

Mama says she shoulda named me 'Romeo'!

I got my big bad rabies shot and Mama wanted me tested for heartworm. Mama said only big MEN get their neck shaved, but I beg to differ! Do you want me to look like a patchy FOOL? I don't think so!

BTW, I'm 50.4 pounds!

Frankie versus 3 vet techs and Mama out of the room.
Frankie - 3
Vet techs - 0
I can take 'em!

I'm so wiggly waggly they couldn't keep up! Hah! Take THAT, intruders of my veins!

Mama says maybe next time. We gotta practice me being calm when THREE PEOPLE ARE RESTRAINING ME AND TRYING TO SHAVE ME AND STICK A SHARP HOLLOW TUBE IN MY VEIN.

Yeah, okay Mom! That's rational!

I'm ready for a nap, that wore me out! One more day of saving the world, done!


I’m a big MAN too!

August 15th 2010 11:48 am
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Me and Daddy, we’re MEN. I like to hang out and play with Daddy because we do MAN STUFF. We even sleep together on the bed, we call our half the ‘Man Corner’. Well, Daddy gets the Man Half, and I get a corner, so it’s my MAN CORNER. Because I’m a MAN.

When I get weighed only Daddy picks me up to do it. That’s because it takes a MAN to pick up a MAN like me! I’m almost 50 pounds, I’ll have to ask Daddy to weigh me on the MAN scale soon to see!

We like to play rough and tumble, I like to outrun everyone with toys! I fetch when I want, because that's what MEN do. I try to look tough and stoic, but then my darn gums start itching again! Darn big boy teeth keep coming in! That also makes me look like a BIG MAN. I have MAN teeth on the top and bottom between my baby canines in my new MAN mouth.

My ears have officially come up! Mama says it doesn’t matter if they do or not, but because they’re up I feel more like a MAN. I have facial expressions of a MAN. I can look serious, concerned, aloof, playful, intrigued, and content. Those are my MAN expressions.

I have MAN feet. They are big! Now that I’m eating chicken necks I feel even MORE like a BIG MAN! Only big MAN dogs get to eat raw chicken necks! I’m a hunter! A MAN hunter!

Daddy is working night shift for a week or so, so I have to go nap in the daytime with him! We’ll be in the MAN CORNER of the bed if you need us!

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