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Hello, world!

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Hear me now!

September 28th 2010 9:47 pm
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This is what I say when I go outside -







WOOF! I say it in my big man bark! Wooo-wooo-wooo! Then I go inside - when Mama says I have said enough!

Stay tuned - I'll be outside again to update my status!


Broccoli! Nomnomnomnom!!!

September 28th 2010 3:22 pm
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Mmmmm! Have you doggies ever had broccoli??? WOW is it GOOD!

I hereby declare broccoli my NEW favorite food!!!

It makes me feel so BIG, like I'm a dinosaur eating trees! Nomnomnomnom!

I discovered it when Mama's knitting furrend brought some over with dip! Mmmm! Broccoli! Thanks, lady! She expanded the world of my taste buds!

Buddha and Joey want some too, but they don't like it. They just want it because I want it. Then I eat theirs! They're workin' for me!

Have you had your greens today? I have! BOL!


I got over my plateau!

September 25th 2010 6:38 pm
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I got over my plateau!! I was hanging out at 59 pounds for some time, a week? Two? Mama and Daddy kept weighing me and I kept weighing the same! Mama said people plateau when they lose weight, so I probably plateaued gaining weight!

I got weighed this morning - a grand 66 pounds! I'm over the plateau! Mama said I musta been growin' on the inside during that time! BOL! Maybe my BRAIN was growin'....

Hooray for me! I'm officially heavier than Buddha, but Mama and Daddy still call me 'the little one'. When's that gonna stop? When I'm THE BIG ONE? If I pass 80 pounds I'll be number one big one!

Keep your paws crossed! The only way to thwart the 'little one' title is to be the big one!


Hello Mama!

September 25th 2010 5:20 pm
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Hi Mama! Mama's home! YAAAAY!

That means NO MORE BEING LOCKED UP ALL DAY! Woot woot! We're happy with that! Me and Buddha, anyway! We can hang out all day with Mama and each other! Whew! I was getting worried!

Mama says she heard about me getting scared at dog class last week. She says that as people we are powerful and can change the situation for the better! She says she's going to be SUPER upbeat and positive, and ask the trainer NOT to correct me by pulling on my collar! I do not like that! Not at all!

I'm used to a prong collar, which distributes the 'bite' evenly around the neck. Those choke collars are awful! ICK!

Mama says she won't allow me to be ruined. When's next class? Monday? We'll see!


My teacher scares me!!!

September 22nd 2010 8:49 pm
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OK, so I'm a big tough guy right? Well, I thought I was.....

So I'm at class and we're about to start learning how to take it, drop it, and leave it. I'm all excited and ready to go when the dog next to me gets into a little bit of a fight with the dog across from him!! Oh no!! The teacher grabs Odis, the dog that attacked Dice, and puts him on the ground! Whoa!! She's a big meanie!! OMD!!

I spent the entire class under my Daddy's chair. There was NO WAY she was touching me!! Daddy did a good job protecting me and trying to train me, but I wasn't very interested in anything after I saw what the teacher did!! My Daddy said she wasn't being mean, she was controlling the situation, but heaven's to Betsy, she was manhandling that Odis!!!

Daddy says I'm an emotionally sensitive pup, and that I need gentle correction or I might shut down. So everyone be NICE to me!! We're gonna go back next week, but if my teacher scares me again we're gonna try something different. Whew!

Don't worry my furriends, I'm back to my playful ol' self at home, picking on Buddha and Joey!!


Dog hunting!

September 15th 2010 8:04 am
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I got to go dog hunting this morning!!!

There's a white shepherd on the loose in the area and since we LOVE white shepherds (see my sister, Joey!) Mom and Daddy want to find it!

Mama drove around for TWO hours looking for it. No luck.

This morning Daddy saw it while biking Joey! He came home and got me, he said because I'm a friend to all!

No luck today, but we'll keep trying! We LOVE us some white shepherds! They are slick, like greased pigs!


Did I? Or didn't I?

September 15th 2010 8:00 am
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What came first, the dead birdie or Frankie? BOL!

Daddy came out of the garage into the yard. I had a prize! A headless birdie! Not as good as a headless horseman, but it will do! I picked it up and RAN! I knew Daddy would want this super good treat!

He did! We ran and ran around the yard! BOL!

The question is, did I do it? Or did I just find it? Birdies die, Mama says if they die in our yard they died happy.

I've been watching the birdies a lot, and I like to chase them sometimes. Daddy says NO WAY am I fast enough to get a birdie. Thanks, Pop! Mama says it's not a matter of speed, it's craftiness! I'm pretty crafty!

Was it me? Was it someone else? Daddy got the birdie and gave him a proper burial. Life is fun and exciting!


Another new guy!

September 14th 2010 8:58 am
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Wow! We're a full household! We got ANOTHER new guy who just stayed overnight!

He was a schnauzer and came right up to our fence, saying, "Hey guys! Let me in! It's scary out here!"

Daddy let him in! He was at home and Mama says he was 'intact', so he was peeing on the door, the couch, - THAT didn't last long! BOL!

I liked him just fine, but Mama says he was dominant. He tried attacking Buddha and Joey tried attacking him! BOL! Buddha just looked at him like, "really?" Buddha says the little feller didn't know what he was doing.

Mama gave the doggie a haircut! He was covered in mats! Poor guy! That musta been uncomfortable!

The dog police came and took him to the clink the next day! He had a really high loud annoying bark! Ick!

After he left we were all happy! I said, "Let's play! Let's pretend I'm the Scruffy schnauzer, and Buddha, you be Joey, and Joey, you be Buddha!" BOL!

We had a fun fun time! That's the seventh dog we've saved from being coyote food! Woot woot! Waiting on number eight!



September 9th 2010 3:34 pm
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Birdies are NEAT! Mama put birdseed in the yard and I'm having the best day watching the birdies!

First I chased them. I ran around the yard and they flew in the air! Then I decided I'd watch them. Mama said it was like I was watching a movie! I was chewing on dirt, grass, and sticks while watching the birdies across the yard!

They are SUCH interesting creatures!

Bird watching makes for a great day!


Let's go ride a bike.....

September 8th 2010 6:09 pm
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I learned how to ride a bike! Or, um, to jog with the bike when Mama and Daddy ride it!

It was fun! I NEVER get to run that fast except in the house and back yard! I was so excited that I was barking my big boy bark!

"Look at me! Hi everyone! It's a Frankie parade!"

Mama said it's kind of an early 5th month Barkday pawresent! Yay!

Daddy took me AND Buddha together today on the bike! Wow! Mama said he's gonna perfect that before she tries it! BOL!

Let's go ride a bike, up to the highest heights, let's go ride a bike.......

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