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Hello, world!

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Diary pick of the day!!!

November 1st 2010 10:49 am
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Woof woof! I'm a diary pick of the day today!

You wanna know what else???

TONIGHT is my GRADUATION ceremony from Beginner Edumacation!

Coincidence? I think not!!!

All is well here, the latest is that I'm getting taller and bigger! Feed me! I'm growing!

I've gotta cram for my graduation exam tonight, so I gotta go! Think smarty thoughts for me! I think I got this!

My trick is BOW. Yay!

November 1st will be an offical Frankie holiday, diary day and graduation smart day! Mark your calendars, and thanks to the Dogster gods for picking me!


Mr. Innocent

October 27th 2010 10:08 pm
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I'm Mr. Innocent! You can call me that if you want. You can even add, 'sweet', 'darling' or 'honey-pie' before or after that! BOL!

Mama says I'm 6 months old. I'm ACTUALLY 6.5 months, Mama. But she says I'm a BIG sweet baby.

I let Mama think I'm innocent and know not what I do as much as possible! BOL!

I didn't KNOW I wasn't supposed to eat the chicken! It's a NATURAL INSTINCT, after all! You can't fight nature! Sheesh! I didn't KNOW I wasn't supposed to jump on people! I'm exploring people and sounds and smells! I didn't KNOW I'm not supposed to grab things and run! It's FUN, after all! It's even GREAT FUN!!!

I'm just a sweet, young, innocent puppy who doesn't know the wrongs this world contains. I follow my instincts, it's what I do! I'm a DOG! We're VERY intuitive animals!

How long do you think I can keep this up? BOL BOL!!!



October 27th 2010 9:39 pm
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You read right! Spaghetti squash!! Mama left one out where I could get it. And SCORE! I did!

I pride myself on sneaking into an area, grabbing something, sneaking away and then RUNNING FOR IT!

It was my little yellow vegetable football! That's right! Man stuff! I played with my yellow vegetable football for a LONG time! I didn't let Joey or Buddha in on my fun and delight!

Finally when I had enough I let Joey and Buddha play with it too. The texture, so different! And fresh! And crisp! So different from anything else!

Nom nom nom! When do I get another, Mama?

She says after I poop this one. I LOVE squash! I love veggies! And fruits! Even bread products!

Yay for fall! Yay for spaghetti squash! Woof woof!


Away and back

October 26th 2010 4:24 pm
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Today IS a sleepy day! It's true!

But I've played fetch with Mama, with a teeny-tiny tennis ball that was my size when I was a baby! BOL! Fetch was FUN! Back and forth! Back and forth!

The other day Mama saw a doggie loose and wanted to catch it. She accidentally let go of my leash - HOORAY!! I went FLYING across the neighborhood street and through two people's yards, all the while saying, "HEY! HEY! WANNA PLAY??? LET'S PLAY!!!"

That little black doggie ran so fast! I don't think he felt like playing. Maybe his Mama was calling him.

Speaking of, I then heard Mama calling me!


Oh Mama! And Joey! She was with Joey! I ran to them as fast as I could! Hi guys! Wasn't that fun??? Who is that dog? Can we play with him?

Mama tied me and Joey to a tree and went looking for the dog. Thanks, Mama! I really wanted to play with him!

Mama didn't get the doggie, but me and Joey got to play "Wild dogs in the West" while Mama was out of sight! We were doing wild and pioneer things under that tree!

Mama came back and we all ran home, happily ever after!


Beware of US!!!

October 25th 2010 8:51 am
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I saw some weird people in the BACKYARD last night, they were all glowey like ghosts!!!!

I barked and barked and barked, but they seemed unphased! How can that BE?

I was looking out the window, and it was dark outside and in except for a movie in the house.

Mama and Daddy said I was seeing US! A reflection! Well, US needs to get out of my yard! Pronto!!

I went outside and looked for US, but they weren't fools, they ran and hid!

Back inside and there US was, back in the yard! WOOF WOOF!!

Mama and Daddy made US go away by pulling the blinds. Well! If I had thumbs I would have done that too!

I'm keeping an eye out for US, no one gets into my backyard without my permission and sniffs!!


The squeaky wheel gets the grease!!!!

October 15th 2010 7:53 pm
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BOL! Did you know that? The squeaky wheel gets the grease? That's the lesson for today!

I have proof! I conducted a scientific experiment just today! It's no longer a theory! It is fact!

Today I used my big voicebox to sound like a little bitty puppy a LOT!!! When Mama was training Joey and Buddha (before and after me) in front of the crates I JUST COULDN'T TAKE IT! I yipped and yapped and crowed and bayed! I WANT THAT BULLYSTICK!
(The bullystick was not harmed in the process of training. It was used as a prop only, a device to teach us how to 'drop it'.)

Buddha dropped it like a pro. Joey dropped it okay. Me? You want ME to DROP the BULLYSTICK?!

Okay, who is delusional now? What do you mean, TEST OF WILL? It is against every fiber of my being to DROP a BULLYSTICK (on command...). It's against my rules!

Anywag, we have 'quiet-time' after eating. (snicker snicker, are you thinking what I'm thinking? 'Quiet time' is the PERFECT time for squeaking!!!) Something about big rib cages and little tummies. I hemmed and hawed, Mama let ONLY me out of the crate! Yay!

I hemmed and hawed, then I got a spray-cheese filled hollow bone!!

I hemmed and hawed, and I got to roam around the downstairs!

Where's Daddy? While I'm getting my every desire and more, I wonder, where's Daddy? Oh - I sniffed him upstairs! Daddy! I have a small desire to see you!

So Mama came and helped me.

Joey's chin was on the floor the whole time! BOL! I hope she doesn't figure this out!!

All's well that ends well, our 1.5 hour of 'quiet time' is over and I get to play with Buddha!

Remember dogs and cats, just keep yelling! They will cater to your EVERY NEED! You simply must get past the 'Is there something wrong?' inspection and the rest is SMOOTH SAILING!

*Be sure to look like a little innocent baby the WHOLE TIME. I'm a puppy! A mere baby! How could I POSSIBLY know better? - those lines work pretty well! If you're old, use that one! 'But I'm SOOOOO old! I could go at any moment! Any of us could! It's a fact! Pleeeeeaase? It will make me happy FUREVER!!!' BOL!

If you try this, please let me know, I'd LOVE to add your info to my growing scientific database!!!!

Time to play!


Happy Barkday TO MEEEEEE

October 12th 2010 10:57 am
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Well, HALF barkday!


And yesterday I hit 70.0 pounds! Weeeeeee!!!

Yeah, I'm a big man!

Daddy took me to work with him today for my half barkday! I wiggled and waggled and loved everyone I saw! They were all men, and that's what men do!!!

Boy, am I worn out! Time for a nap, then what? Do I get to decide? Am I king for a day?


All better!

October 9th 2010 11:54 am
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I'm all better!

Was I sick, you ask? Well, I was sick in the head! I was having lotsa scaredy weird problems at dog class!

Going to class with Buddha and Joey has really helped!

Last Thursday Buddha came to my dog class and Mama says I acted like ME for the first time EVAH! I was sweet and wiggly and fun! I played with other dogs and I didn't hide under Mama's chair not once! It was SO FUN! I really like the dogs in Buddha's class!!

Mama says I'm HEALED! Maybe the Buddha healed me! Buddha heals all!!

Now Mama says they will give me lessons in getting in and out of the SUV. Mama picks me up to get me in and out, but since I'm 67 POUNDS and lanky, she says it's TOO HARD! Okay, but I'm nervous! Take it easy on me, okay Mama?

Oh good! She says okay! We'll do baby steps!


Easy dog class!

October 3rd 2010 8:12 pm
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I got to go to doggie class with Joey today!

The best part was that I didn't have to do ANYTHING!

Woof woof!

Since I was acting nervous in MY class, the trainer and Mama thought it would be good to see Joey having a good time in class! It was neat! I sniffed around and met dogs!

Mama said we need to find a new way to get me in and out of the SUV. Right now I climb onto Mama or Daddy's shoulder and they hold me like a baby and gently let me down. Mama said it was harder to lift my 70 pounds INTO the SUV than to ease me down!

Oh! Am I getting heavy?

Someone thought I was a mixed breed today at PetSmart! They asked what I was mixed with! When Mama told them I was just a little bitty baby puppy they realized their mistake! Mama says she thinks I MIGHT be mixed with gazelle, I'm so lanky!

Is it dinner time yet?



September 30th 2010 9:14 pm
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Mama took me to dog class and EVERYONE said I did a lot better than last week when I was so scared!

I was kinda afraid of the training room and sat behind Mama, but I still did better!

Mama was going to take me to class with Buddha tonight, to show me how fun class can really be! Later she said it would be TOO crazy with us both! She said she'll wait until Daddy can come so I can get the tender lovin' care I need!

Aww, Mama! I love you!

Oh - time for bedtime ZOOMIES with Buddha! Bye bye!

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