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I knew it!!!

December 24th 2015 6:42 pm
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I'm going to have a sister!!!! A brand new wonderful sister! OMG I can't wait. She will be here Feb 6th. Her name is Grace. I've got so much to teach her. The breeder sends us videos every week and she is beautiful. I know she is going to be young so I will have to protect her. She is going to need me to guide her in the ways of living with mom and dad, how to get them to do what we need them to do. That is a trick I have learned and perfected. Oh no poms gotta go.


Sad For Summer

October 22nd 2014 10:24 pm
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Summer don't go!! I'm not through with you yet I tell you. Many many many more walks are in need, sniffing foreign object will be forgotten in 3 feet of snow. There will be no more chasing anything out of the yard for the next few months. This is horrible :(.
Then again....I could be over reacting just a bit. Winter does have its advantages I must say. Cuddle time is #1 on my list of things to do. I have in my arsenal a blanket that I hide in and its the softest thing on the planet earth! It's called Tony. Yes Tony and I go way way back, back to the time I was so little I was good for nothing else but to burrow my way into Tony and stay there for the duration of the long cold winter months ahead, but I digress. Yes summer will be missed, but only for awhile, then its back to running outside, hiding until I give mommy a fright, then reappear, act as if I have been standing at the front step the entire time, my favorite part is to watch her fall apart with the sight of me. I do have my moments :).
Fall is upon us for the moment and I do enjoy its flavors. The smell of it all, the chill, its nice to breathe the brisk air. It seems as if I go for more car rides during the fall, I think because it doesn't require an air conditioner or a heater. These days are awesome for me. Mom cooking and smelling all of the wonderful scents that fill the entire house. Maybe summer is over rated.
Bark at you later my friends.


Happy Dog

January 15th 2013 4:34 pm
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I am one happy dog this evening. Well, in truth I'm a pretty happy dog all the time. I just get that cozy fuzzy warm feeling when I know its freezing rain outside. Inside its warm, I have my blanket, my Mommy's lap, Daddy's lap, toys, food, beggin strips, its truly something to behold. There is nothing better than having a warm house to be in on nights like this. I have to say that times like these I think about all the animals who don't have a warm place to sleep tonight. All the comrades who are being mistreated, abused, malnourished, and the poor loving creatures who are bidding us a final goodbye. God Bless them all, and for what its worth, I'm thinking of you and praying for you all. I do what I can to help but its not enough. What kind of a being does it take to do the unspeakable. What is wrong with those people? Why are the penalties for the abuse not much more than a fine and a slap on the hand. We animals are loving and forgiving, we are your pets, your guards, your diary, we are pill less tranquilizers, your children, we are the first thing you see when you open your eyes, when you come home, when you go to bed. We are who you reach for in times of stress, sadness, or happy moments. We are your memories of sunny fun filled days of catch, riding, swimming, walking and the list is endless. I can't wrap my head around the evil that possess people who abuse these helpless animals and I can't get passed pissed when their caught and I can put a face to the heartless humans. If any comfort comes to me at all its the thought that there is a special place in hell for these people who do them harm. I hope this is true. I could go on forever on this subject but little good it does, sometimes I just need to vent. Look in my eyes or any one of our eyes and tell me what you see. I see when I look in your eyes someone who is supposed to protect me, love me like I love you. Just love us and treat us kind. Its all we ask and the rewards are above and beyond what you could ever imagine greatness could be. Just ask anyone of these people on here. Goodnight pup pals, your my heart. woof woof.


Long Time Gone

December 29th 2012 1:58 pm
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Well my pup pals I have been gone for quite some time. My Mom and Dad have been pretty busy and lets face it pups, we need them to type for us. She has been busy with Thanksgiving, a holiday that I personally get a lot of satisfaction out of. The kids are what I like the most! Kids are notorious for missing their mouths. Whether intentional or accident, it matters not to me I get the fallen food and there is much joy in that!! Mom and Dad always want me to join in on the festivities, meaning? give the baby her Thanksgiving.....yes!!!!!!!!!!!!
Christmas is a another time of year where the food is flowing. I have a stocking (small thou it may be, mine none the less) the little weird looking sock with no match is filled with all kinds of goodies. I have so many treats right now I could start eating and not stop until Valentines day and still have some left. LOVE,LOVE,LOVE THE HOLIDAYS.
Well buddies, I gotta get. Mom won't continue typing, a bit selfish if you ask me but whatever, it is what it is.
Have a safe New Year's Eve everyone!!!!!!!!


Busy Bella

July 13th 2012 8:46 pm
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I can't keep up with my Parents. One is working nights, the other one days. They get on the same work schedule but different jobs except for the time they both worked an 18 hour day for the Ashpalt crew. They are Union Laborers and have been to busy to do anything else, they normally work Concrete but Mom switched to the dirt crew and Dad is with a job that does it all, concrete, carpenter, grade, etc.... I can't keep it all straight half the time. What I do know to be factual is that I'm used to having one of them around me all the time, but the way things stand as of this moment, I'm in the house with the AC and channel 11 until they return home. A lot of good it does when they do come home, both are too tired to do anything but shower and get ready for the next morning. Mom of course always takes me out and gives me my treat for taking care of my business. The weekends arent much better, I worked a few of those. I don't mind them working I mean it does buy me those Beggin Strips I like so much, the outfits Mom buys and I hate wearing, dentle stix, blah blah blah. Well Pup Pals I know it isn't much but I will give you more come tomorrow, its Mommy's birthday.


Shame on me.

February 11th 2012 9:50 am
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Okay, I have been a bad dog for not keeping up with you all. I always intend to do better, then don't. Shame on me.....
The warm days we have had were so nice for me, I was outside at every given opportunity, running, sniffing, looking around. Then the dreaded cold came, we have maybe an eighth of an inch of snow and the temp is 24, brrrrrrr!!!!. I'm to little to go out there, so I don't. Ha ha.
Dad has been recording, I lay here and listen, he sounds pretty good. I thought about showing him how I could sing but I don't want him to lose his confidence in his singing abilities. I am by far better than he is.
Mom has been doing her needlepoint,less attention for me when she does that, I sit on her lap while she sews.
I know that soon both of my Parents will be back to work. I hate that, hours upon hours of them not at home. Gives me the creeps just thinking about it. I miss them so much so when they come home I just freak!!!!
Well Pup Pals I better go. Thinking about you all.



December 20th 2011 4:32 am
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Hey what do you think your doing??....Don't go in there!!!! Why are you going in there??? Your not supposed to be doing that!!! No NO NO Put that back!!! Stop it, that doesn't belong to you!!! MOMMMMMMY!!!! Hey don't hug my Mom and Dad you just stole her engagement ring, Mother don't tell him you love him he just took your ring out of Daddy's drawer, oh why can't I just speak human one time!! He is leaving with your ring Mother!!! Stop him Daddy he has Mother's engagement ring in his pocket!! I couldn't tell them he had it and I wanted to so badly. They eventually found out but it was to late. The Police have a warrant out for his arrest, he told some people he took it and then he told the Police he took it and catch him if they can. As of now my Parents are hurt, they took Dad's nephew in, fed him, heck I even played with him, they bought him clothes and gave him a place to stay and he stole from them. I wanted to bite him!!! It was horrible to witness that just horrible. I know one thing, it doesn't hold them down, they will still have a Merry Christmas and I have gifts under the tree. I wonder what I got??? The house has so many decorations, and the Christmas Tree is real and pretty. Mom and Dad have a tradition where they go and cut one down every year, I went with them and it was super cool. I had a great time helping pick it out and then coming home and putting the lights and ornaments on it. Merry Christmas everyone!!! Have a safe and wonderful New Year!!!!


OOOOH The Holiday's.

November 29th 2011 8:57 am
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It was interesting to say the very least. I spent the Thanksgiving day giving Thanks that I could out maneuver the little ones chasing after me.....well almost! My hiding spot has always been under the bed, unfortunately these little heathens were small enough to infiltrate my domain thanks to my speed and agility I, in the end, got away!!!!! I wore myself out running away from those devil children. Dad tried very hard to keep them away from me, he tried shutting the door, they opened it, he tried telling their Parents, they ignored not only him but them! I suspect that the world at large is in for an enormous awakening when these ( so called darlings ) grow up. Good luck world!!!
Christmas is coming very soon and its Mommy's favorite Holiday. Mine too for that matter. She goes out of her way to make things pretty around here and I have a time trying to figure out what it is she is putting here and putting there. I know one thing for sure, Daddy gives me things like food I'm ordinarily not allowed to have every time Mommy turns her back, our little secret. Well pup pals I will talk to you soon. Happy Holidays everyone!!!


Coming Or Going.

September 18th 2011 10:53 am
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I tell ya what I'm just about confused!!!!! It's one thing for Mom and Dad to go to work but its a different ballgame altogether trying to figure out who's coming and who's going. At first just Mom was working,then Dad got called to go to work, then they both went to work and I could pretty much expect them to be home at a certain time give or take an hour or so. Dad has messed things all up!!!! He is going in at night and not coming home until morning, now he has taken to going in to work mid day and heaven only knows when he will arrive home again. I don't like it I tell you!! I don't like it one single bit!!!!! I'm getting ready to put my paw down on this matter!!!! I've never really put my paw down before so this should let them know I mean business!. It's tough guarding the house, there are a number of things that could happen while they were gone. The first thing that could happen is that someone could try and break in, I've thought about this situation quite a bit and I've come to the conclusion that if someone where to try and break in the first thing I would do is growl( meaning beware I'm pissed!! if they don't take a hint then its bite time, I may be small but I can bite! I'm like a Parana many bites all over its very terrifying for the individual. Then left alive they return home and tell their people the dog that lives in that house in dangerous!! will fine foks that will be all. Bark at cha late tater.


Labor Day Weekend.

September 4th 2011 9:11 pm
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I don't know about you but I've had a great weekend. My Parents don't cook out or anything, they don't have people over and they don't go out. My joy has come from them simply being home with me. They went to the store today and brought me back some things to clean my teeth, and lets not forget what they went through to get my Beggin Strips. Mom went to the shelf where she usually finds them and there wasn't one bag left!! Well Mom being Mom she was on a mission, she asked the lady stocking in that particular aisle when they were going to receive any and the person said with no concern for me at all in her voice....not until later on tonight. Well what did that lady think I was going to do about that?!! Mom didn't stop there she then turned her attention over to a young man who didn't know what was about to hit him...she snatched him up like a thief in the night and before you knew it he was eating out of her hand, he went back to the stock room and pulled out about 25 bags of my precious strips I love those things, gobble them right up. I'll do just about anything for those yummy strips! To be honest however....I'm a little sick and tired of doing the roll over trick for them. I mean really!! Well people until next time.

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