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The Furever Home

Week 3

May 28th 2010 4:30 am
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i have asked Daddie #1 to write for me since i am a very sick boy at the moment. i have not been feeling well for a couple of days, but my Daddies have taken me some place where i was poked a couple of times, those things hurt. i haven't been hungry at all, i want to drink, but when i do it all comes back up again. i don't even want to chew on my favorite toys. my Daddies have been with me the whole time. the last time i was stuck, it hurt, they did it right in my neck. (human note: drawing blood) and when the mommy with 3 legs came back in, (human note: Vet with a cane), i saw Daddie #2 get real upset. the mommy with 3 legs said a word that really made both Daddies upset. she said something like, parvie? parvo? party? i don't know. but i am tired now and want to go back to sleep some more. i told Daddie #1 to write more here later on.

(Human Note): Booda has been diagnosed with Parvo. it is a very expensive treatment to put him through, especially when you are on an already tight budget. so they came up with something a little different that could be afforded. we are hopeing that this will work, but from the looks of him this morning, Daddie #1 doesn't think it is going to. We will write more here to as we know more ourselves.


Week 2

May 24th 2010 12:37 pm
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So i have missed a couple of days posting in my diary, but i have been a pretty busy boy lately. I haven't been such a good boy either, potty training issues. My Daddies are getting pretty tired, and i hear "bad boy" a lot lately too. I try to hit the papers and wee wee pads, but just miss a lot. I have been getting to go outside and play in the grass. I do wee wee out there too, but not the other. i wait till i come back in and do that on my papers. I have been trying lots of new nom nom's too. these long things that are very cold, but taste really good. (human note: frozen french fries) than there are these other smaller round things that are very cold too. (human note: frozen carrots) these other green things that are sometimes floppy and sometimes crunchy, i like the crunchy ones more. (human note: lettuce) but my favorite stuff is put in a small bowl, its very cold, but sweet and i LOVEEEEE when Daddie #1 gives it to me. (human note: vanilla ice cream)

My Daddies also found a new toy that i love when they give it to me. (human note: paper towel or toilet paper rolls when finished and given the inside) I love to chew on them and tear them up, play tug-o-war with Daddie #1.

Last night Daddie #1 got real mad at me and yelled at me cause i was playin and forgot to run to my papers, so i wee wee on the carpet. He was really upset, so Daddie #2 took me to my room for a while. I was tired so he put me in my cage to go to sleep. but i could hear them talkin in the other room. I know they love me to death, as i love them to death. I am tryin my hardest, but am havin trouble getting it right. Can a puppy brother or sister give me some advise how to do it right so i don't get yelled at again?

Somethin else i have been busy doin and helpin my Daddies do is soemthing they made called "The Booda Project". Its so that i can help all my brothers, sisters, and friends that are still in jail. its to get them things they need and want so they can be a little happy till they find their own Mommie or Daddies to take them to their furever homes. i want to get them some toys, blankies, good treats, and all else that i can get for them. i am hopeing that maybe some humans will help my Daddies's get some stuff so i can take it to all my friends in the jails.

anyway, till i can get back on here, i hope all my friends and their humans have a good time. love your humans and they will love you back unconditionally.


Day 4

May 14th 2010 1:39 pm
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Today Daddy #1 got up. We do our normal thing of playing, drinkies and him banging his fingers against an unknown object (human note: keyboard again). Daddy #2 got up while Daddy #1 was still typing and so I got to play with both of them! Yay!

Daddy #1 had to go out the door and I whined a bit, but Daddy #2 came over and played with me to make me feel happy. I happily squeaked my toys and I still wonder how these things do it! I will get to the bottom of this!

Daddy #2 took me outside for walkies a bit, but it was very warm outside, so I didn't do much because I was panting pretty badly, so he took me back upstairs to cool off. He picked me up and brought me back up, which is a good thing because I was super warm and pooped from just being out there!

Yesterday we also started practicing some more words so I could better understand what they want of me. Apparently everytime I do something they want, this clicking sound happens and I get a treat! Even though I still don't fully get it, I like it and will continue to improve to make my daddies happy!

Today there was some more clicking noises everytime I did something! Not as many treats, but that's okay because I can see my daddies smiling and praising me lots and lots!

I look forward to hearing more of these clickies and seeing my daddies smile at me and then praising me because to me, that means more than any treat I could ever get!


Day 3

May 14th 2010 8:20 am
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today was going to be a big day for me, i just knew it. i woke up early as usual and wanted out of my cage, so i did my usual whine. in came Daddie #1 again. he let me out and we had our usual kisses and snuggles. he got his drink, my drink, and food. i munched happily as he banged his fingers again. he seems to do that a lot when he gets up. after a while, he got up and went to the "cat's room" again. he came out in wearing different things again. he picked me up and we went back to my room and he put me back in my cage. he closed the door as he left my room. i than heard another door close. i sat there waiting for him to come back in again, but didn't, so i just laid down and chewed on my toys.

it was a while that i was in there, so i whinned to get out again, and in came Daddie #2 to let me out. we did our snuggles and kisses thing and i went to play and do my "business" in my place. he sat down in Daddie #1's place and banged his fingers for a while too. i just sat and watched or played with my toys. after a while he was up and doing something with water on, i could not see what he was doing. (human note: dishes) after he was done we played a while.

one of the cats came out of their room and i wanted to sniff it, but it made a funny noise (hissed), showed its teeth and ran. all i wanted was a sniff or 2, maybe to play. maybe soon enough i will be able to play with them both, but for now i have my Daddies to play with me.

Daddie #1 came back in, and i didn't hear him at first till he called me. i went running to him and did my best to pounce him. he sat and snuggled me, asking if i was a good boy. aren't i always a good boy? he got up, went to cats room, and came out, sat on our seat and snuggled me more. both Daddies were talking and saying they were going to take me somewhere. so we all got up and went down all those stairs again. i'm getting good at going up and down the stairs, up all by myself. down with being carried by one of my Daddies. we got in the car and drove somewhere, i didn't know where we were going. i was hopeing not back to the place i was before. but i was very surprised when we arrived. (human note: dog park)

i looked and saw other puppies running around, there were a lot of them. (human note: 4 other dogs) we got out and went in to where they were. all of a sudden, there were 3 giants coming at me, all sniffing me at the same time. i was slobbered on and sniffed all over the place. my Daddies and their Mommy was talking, they were huge compared to me. (human note: great dane, bull dog, and sharpei/shepard mix) soon they were all taken out by their Mommy and i watch them get in their car. so my Daddies and i walked all over this place, it was huge. there were all kinds of toys all over the place, but did not care about them at all, i wanted to sniff all these new smells.

we walked a long ways, seems like took forever to get to the other side. we got there and there was some water to drink, but i didn't want any. still to many smells. since i was being a good boy as always, i was gettin treats. we started the long walk back to the other side, i was tired just from that long walk. they put my leash back on me and we went out back to the car. once in, they said they were takin me to another place too. for something called socialization. whats that? does it hurt?

we drove for a while and we ended back up where we went before, with all the toys, other puppies, food, and nice humans. they let me walk all over the place and get things i wanted to get for me. i got me a couple new toys, a ball, and even some more treats. we got back in the car and came back home, where i played with all my things. i had some of my new treats which were very yummy.

it was gettin late and Daddie #1 went to bed, so Daddie #2 and i stayed up very late and played all night long. (human note: late being maybe midnight) but Daddie #2 picked me up and brought me to my room and put me in my cage. i am learning when Daddie #1 goes in the cat's room and i go to my cage that its time for sleepies. something i don't like to do, but i guess i don't have a choice right now. when i wake up i know i will be out again with my Daddies.

(Human note: He is working on his crate training, which he is learning to be a VERY good boy. He still whines a bit, but then he settles down. The crate is in our office, however when this boy whines...he WHINES! We tell him no a couple of times and then tell him to go 'sleepies'. Unless something scares him, he is a very good boy!)


Day 2

May 10th 2010 2:35 pm
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I woke up, and it was still dark outside, but i didn't care. I wanted to get up and out of my crate, so I started whinning and howling. I stopped long enough to listen. I heard something on the other side of the door. When it opend, it was Daddie #1 coming into the room. He sat down and opend the door for me to get out, i was so happy to see him. I was wagging my tail and climbing all over him. He cuddled me and told me, I am a good boy. I ran out into the kitchen where my wee wee pads are and used them, I had to go so badly. Daddie #1 gave me some water and more food, I love the taste. Daddie #1 got his drink and we went back to my room so Daddie could use his thing that he bangs his fingers on. (human note: computer) After awhile, Daddie #2 got up and I got more cuddles and snuggles from him too. I am a very happy boy getting all these pets, kisses, cuddles, and snuggles.

Daddie #1 went out somewhere, so I was left with Daddie #2. We played a lot on the floor with my toys, tug of war, my ball, and my favorite toy, my squeekie teddy bear. Then Daddie #2 put on his coat and my leash, picked me up and took me downstairs outside. we went into the yard and he put me down in all this green stuff, felt weird under my feet, but it was soft at the same time. I kind of liked it and started sniffing and running all over the place. Well, as far as my leash would let me run. We stayed out there for a while, it was a little chilly so I was shaking. He realized that and took me back in the house. I walked all the way up the big stairs all by myself and was told I was a good boy.

Daddie #2 opend a bag of somethin and pulled out a little thing that smelled real good. So I went over to see what it was. He told me to sit, so I plopped my butt down on the floor, like the good boy I am. He told me I am a good boy and gave me something. It was a treat, I LOVED it so much. He told me to sit again, so I did, and he gave me more. If this is what it takes to get some good stuff, you bet your furry buns i'm gonna do it all the time. (note to puppy brothers: do as you humans say and you get all kinds of good things)

After a while, Daddie #2 came back in, so I went and pounced him the best I could at my size. He gave me all kinds of hugs, kisses, snuggles, cuddles that I could handle. He went into the room with the cats, while I sat by the gate and whinned till he came out again. I heard Daddy #2 ask Daddie #1 "how was work?" whats work I am thinking, some kind of game? oh well, maybe they will tell me some day when I am a bigger boy.

Daddie #1 sat down and was eating something, but wouldn't let me see what it was or have any of it, it smelled so good. After he was done, he got down on the floor with me and we played, played, played. He was pretty good at tug of war, and wrestling with me a little. I keep trying to nip, but he keeps telling me "NOooooo" so I stop doing that. I don't know if they know it or not, but hey i'm a puppy, we do those kinds of things. Maybe I will tell them when I am older.

After a lot of playin, it was time for a nappie, I was exhausted. But before I could relax, they were putting on their coats again. So I was up and ready to go too. Daddie #1 got my leash and put this other thing around my body and legs, I have no idea what that is. (human note: harness) They took me outside, it was dark. I was not afraid, I had my 2 Daddies with me. We were going for a walkies down the street. I was getting all kinds of new things to smell and see. It was such a long way going 1/2 a block, I had to sit down a few times. When we got to the end, Daddie #2 pulled something out of his pocket. He asked me to sit, so I did. He gave me one of my treats and told me I was a good boy. I like hearing that, cause i am ALWAYS a good boy. So we started the walkie back. We made it home, and I went up the stairs all by myself again. I am such a big boy.

Inside, I took another drink and we all relaxed on the seats (couch) together and I fell asleep between my 2 Daddies. I was tired, happy, and relaxed.


Day 1 of Furever

May 9th 2010 10:47 am
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Today, early in the morning, I was taken to a shelter in Parma, OH with my owner at the time. I wasn't sure what was going on, but next thing I knew I was in a metal cage and heard many other different dogs barking and cats meowing. I was nervous as this had never happened and is very scary!

I ended up in what I will call a doggy 'prison', albeit the humans were VERY nice and caring. I wasn't fond of the stuff they made me take or the shot they gave me, but I do feel a bit better and perky. Not only that, I had seen several people wandering by and petting me! This was great as I was getting attention!

I waited and waited for my owner to show up, but he never did. I was heartbroken and sad, even though I knew I was getting attention, I missed them.

I can tell it's early in the evening as food is coming out! A kid is playing with me too, but it's not enough for me! I must get out of this cage! I start to whine a bit, and low and behold, two humans came up to me and started petting me. One of them even wants to hold me! Of course this relaxes me a great deal and I fall asleep on his shoulder.

The other human comes along as well and pets me. As they put me back in my prison, I hear something going on out front. Where did those two humans go? I wish I was going home with them!

A little while later (although it feels like an eternity), I wake up and see....the same two humans! This time they take me out of the prison (yay!) and take me out front. What is going on? Are they taking me for a ride? They are! They are!

Before we leave I see a paper with one of the humans writing on it still. He makes a big mark and the lady behind the desk takes a plastic thing and puts it through a machine! This was very odd looking to me!

I am now taken outside by these two new humans (who call themselves my daddies) and I hear the sound of the giant object turning on and suddenly we're moving! I can feel the wind and hear sounds and see sights! After awhile the vehicle stops and we get out of the car. We enter a large building and I see even more people!! I am held by another person and I wag my tail because I like other people too!

Daddy #1 is talking with this female human and then shortly we come out and there are two large bags of stuffs. We then proceed to move again, is it to my new home? Yes!

We all three get out and go upstairs, me happily in the arms of Daddy #2. #1 opens the door and then #2 sets me down. I immediately go explore. There are two cats in here as well, but they don't take quick to liking me, but I like them! I'll keep trotting towards them until they do!

Both new daddies take things out of the big plastic bags they had and I see things that look chewable! I must investigate further! I also notice this strange, round fluffy thing. It looks soft, so maybe I will use it for my bed.

Upon inspection of the bed, I notice that it is soft and comfy. This will be my new bed! I go to eat some extra yummy food (designed for the puppy in me!) and drink some water. I see some newspaper and go pee pee on it. My daddies seem very pleased with this. I push it a bit further and pee pee on the carpet, but they don't look happy about that, but I cannot help it as I am just excited to be in my furever home.

I am now whisked away to a large, open metallic box (the crate) and placed inside along with my bed and a few chewie toys (Human note: The crate is meant for a LARGE dog, however we are working on getting a smaller crate for him right now).

The lights go out, and I am scared a little, so I whine. Daddy #2 comes in and he looks very tired. I just wanted to let him know that the night light in the kitchen is bright and keeping me awake. He seems to understand this as he closes the door a bit more. I drift off to sleep until the morning.

Thus the end of a long day.

(Human note: Booda was sheltered at the rescue early that morning and adopted by us before 5pm that day. He seems very happy to be here and we love him greatly (even though the whining can be a bit trying, we know that we are tired and he is just missing us).

Please note also that we would also like to say that if you do get a rescue dog, please also donate food and whatnot to them as well, even after you adopt. We know that it helps them out a LOT and they can sure use it!)

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