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Canis Maximus!

Max is home and the world is his lollipop!

April 22nd 2010 12:36 pm
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So you know those huge round spiral lollipops you got as a kid (well I still get them)? That is how the world looks to Max. New, exciting, huge, slightly intimidating, sweet, never ending and he can't get enough of it!

Max is a happy little boy who is making use of all the chew toys that Mordecai rejected. He hasn't had any accidents, uses the potty spot and loves to cuddle. He now wants to sleep in a dog bed on top of his kennel so he can cuddle with us. The kennel is next to our bed. He loves to chew on stuff and happily accepts toys in lieu of my shoes! And for those of you know me and my shoes, this is a big thing!

I wasn't too happy when he woke me at 4:45 this morning wanting a walk. But I got up, poured myself into sweats and 3 jackets and we were off. 50 minutes later we were home again and slept for another hour. I'm quite pooped and Max is giving me some peace. He's chewing on one Mord's rejected beef tendons.

He pulls quite a bit on the leash but we'll be working on that. I have an Easy Walk harness around here someplace. Before my walk with Mordy this morning I slipped the vest over Max's head as a test. He sat quietly and didn't mind the vest.

Max has taken very well to going up and down the front steps which are indoor, carpeted, and closed. He enjoys using them. But the back steps are outdoors, open, narrow, and steep. He is still awkward on those and will do them if he feels like it. It could be this freezing wind we are having. But he'll get used to them eventually and I don't want to force him.

I'm very proud of my boy!

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