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My Life so far

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Good News

March 28th 2010 9:42 pm
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I got my collar off today and have been busy licking and cleaning myself ever since, as for Alfie he probably has a sprained ankle so can't go for walks for 5 days and mummy has to put 6 drops of Metacam anti inflammatory drops on his food . That was what I was having to take but now I don't have to have them anymore but I still have to have 1/4 antibiotic tablet (in strawberry jam) and another nice vet called Lisa will take my stitches out on Easter Monday 'cos Nicole wont be there.

Sooooo good news for me and not so good news for Alfie - poor Alfie, I will try and not bother him but now I am not wearing that stoopid collar I would love to play Hee Hee *Woof*

Mummy will post a photo of me soon so you can see how lovable I still look HeeHee




Oh what a day

March 28th 2010 6:28 pm
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Yesterday got complicated - for mummy anyway, when Alfie hurt his paw. So he was a bit snappy toward me 'cos he was in pain which meant mummy had to play referee between us. When I go see the nice girl vet Nicole later we will take him too just to make sure his leg or paw doesn't have anything seriously wrong.

I also decided to play with my tablet last night then this morning, spitting it out, once, twice, no... three times - 'cos then I get more strawberry jam HeeHee

Then mummy set Alfie's quilt down on the floor later so he wouldn't have to jump up on her bed but then he jumped up anyway then this morning he didn't seem confident to get down ...and last night he laid down to eat his dinner - that's so not like my furbro and I would sympathize even more 'cept he insists on growling at me just 'cos I come over to check on him... silly doggy HeeHee.

Now he is asleep on his chair with a pillow and I'm laying on the chair's cushion on the floor with mummy's fluffy coat to snuggle up in.

Cross paws I get the collar taken off later and that Alfie isn't too sick.

That's all for now




Green Eggs and Ham?! Not quite.

March 27th 2010 3:33 pm
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Another great night sleep - air-conditioning rox!!

First it's tablet time - I'm getting so good at taking my tablets now :D Then breakfast and since it's Sunday we had a cooked breakfast - scrambled eggs on toast (after some of mummy's Weet-Bix Cereal). And mummy also had a coffee - Alfie and I aren't allowed to have that 'cos mummy says we are stimulated enough - I dunno what that means but it's mummy's rule so that is that.

Alfie and I continue to get on better, this morning we even sat together at the kitchen doorway waiting for mummy to get our breakfast and last night I helped him shoo away the doggy that was outside barking (annoying) us - We couldn't see him/her 'cos we were inside but we stood at the balcony door and Alfie (especially) gave the other doggy a piece of his mind. He musta been locked out on his balcony and maybe his mummy had gone out but it was after dinner so he needed to be shooshed, so we shooshed him HeeHee.

So that's my news... sleeping...eating...barking...taking tablets...sleeping...eating...barking... It really is a dog's life - watch out when I get my collar off WooHoo *Woof*




Good Night

March 26th 2010 5:00 pm
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Hiya everyone
Just a quickie sleep report - I slept better even tho' mummy said No when I wanted to get on her bed - she decides when and it was too early apparently, so I curled up on my doggy matress beside her - trying it on an hour or so later but again mummy said No - til eventually (7am) she said yes *yay*

Which meant she also slept better - having her airconditioner on all night helped too HeeHee. I took my morning antibiotic tablet - I don't even try and spit it out anymore - besides, the strawberry jam is still super yummy... then Alfie and I shared some of her cereal and we just had some berry flavoured yogurt - i will have to watch my figure HeeHee I'm only 4.5 KG/approx 9lbs so I am not fat at all. Alfie is almost 8 kg/approx 16lbs which is ok for a Mini Schnauzer, Nicole the nice girl vet said.

Later today I'm getting a visitor, the lady from the rescue shelter is coming to see me - cool hey?

In the meantime I guess I will just sleep... wonder around bumping into Alfie...drink lotsa water and try not to knock the bowl over...sleep...wonder around bumping into Alfie... oh and bark at the birds - that's something new, these Rosellas were sitting on the railing of my balcony and squawking, so I told them to buzz off - Alfie was no help at all - he mustn't mind strange things sitting on my balcony whereas I do - for now anyway.

So that's my news for today

more later or tomorrow




Restless Night

March 25th 2010 5:00 pm
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I dunno if it was 'cos I slept lots yesterday or 'cos it was hot - well humid anyway as Sydney is around this time of year but I couldn't get comfy even tho' mummy had her fan on and later she turned on her air conditioner. I even scored a few snuggles in my mummy's bed too - so she didn't get much sleep either - but in the end we all got up. I started the day taking my antibiotics - did I happen to mention I'm addicted to strawberry jam? HeeHee

Then mummy let Alfie and I finish her bowl of Weet Bix - that's a very famous cereal type biscuit here in Australia, at least that way I got a bit of a drink (of milk) 'cos I knocked over my water bowl in the early hours of the morning (then decided I didn't want it when mummy refilled it for me) and was getting frustrated when I got up 'cos I can't always figure out how to fit my collar over the bowl so I can reach my water without knocking it over or stepping in it - just one of life's little challenges I guess - sometimes I get it first time - other times not.

Then mummy crawls around on the floor with the bowl trying to help but actually ends up spilling even more water. Silly mummy.

Now I am asleep on my cushion next to mummy's chair and Alfie is asleep behind mummy's chair - that's his hidie spot 'cos he is still a bit scared of me while I wear this stoopid collar - hopefully for not much longer...




Vet Check

March 24th 2010 9:25 pm
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Just back from seeing girl vet Nicole, she was very happy with me and if I am real good I might be allowed to take the stupid collar off next Monday - after she has another look at my wounds - at present they are still swollen but that is to be expected apparently. Now it's time for a nap (and a coffee for mummy).




Good Morning Dogster Pals

March 24th 2010 4:19 pm
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I slept great last night - and I think mummy slept better too - now I have my lambswool mattress back - it's way more comfy than the basket but it's good to have a choice - even the floor is ok sometimes HeeHee

I am getting used to my new life but will be even more happy when I can take off this silly collar that gets in my way when I try to scratch my ear - mummy scratches for me but it's not really the same thing...

I took my pain relief tablet without any fuss this morning... I think I'm becoming addicted to strawberry jam... don't tell mummy HeeHee

Yesterday as I laid on mummy's lap Alfie sat beside us - I didn't mind 'cos I was alseep... I wouldn't mind so long as he doesn't take my biscuits... I LOVE my food.

Later mummy is taking me to see the nice girl vet just to check my wounds, they aren't bleeding or weeping at all so that's good isn't it?

Maybe the collar can come off sooner rather than later *cross paws*

Now I'm going to have a nap




Day One At Home

March 23rd 2010 4:04 pm
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Mummy picked me up from hospital at 5pm yesterday. I had bbq chicken and yogurt and strawberry jam on toast for dinner (where mummy hid my pain relief tablet... I spat it out twice but eventually I just licked up the jam and down the tablet went.)

The vet wanted me to sleep in my crate but with this silly collar around my neck I kept bumping into the wire so mummy set up my basket in her bedroom - I slept a bit but because I kept waking up and wondering around the bedroom she decided to put my doggy lambswool mattress back where it normally is - (on the opposite side of the bedroom) which was much better 'cos it doesn't have "walls" like the basket so it's easier for me to get "out" of when I wanna have a walk around.

I slept good after that (Whereas mummy slept with one eye open, watching over me.)

Then about 7am we had our morning snuggle - me spooning into mummy's chest an Alfie behind her with his back against hers...he isn't that scary really except sometimes when he rubs his back on the bed (or carpet) he also growls ... but mummy reassures me he isn't growling at me 'cos otherwise I growl back.

It's almost 10am and we have all had breakfast, I took my pain relief tablet - I only spat it out once this time - and mummy has even had a coffee and now I'm asleep at her feet and Alfie is asleep beside her chair - we will be best friends again soon I'm sure, for now I think he is a bit scared of me 'cos I probably look odd with the "satellite dish" around my head but in the mean time we can get used to one another again.

Before I go I just wanted to say THANK YOU for all the requests - I have lotsa new friends now that's so cool and the gifts too.

You guys (and girls) are awesome *WOOF*



Christmas 2009

March 22nd 2010 6:44 pm
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I don't remember much of my life before Christmas 2009 when I ended up outside a dog pound in a box, luckily this nice man found me and drove me to the city where a nice lady looked after me and her other doggies and then my mummy showed up - I knew she was my mummy 'cos I knew her "smell" she had that special mummy smell.

I moved in with mummy and her other doggie Alfie - he is pretty easy to get along with 'cept sometimes we get a bit jealous when one or the other is getting cuddles - then no one gets a cuddle that quickly solves that.

Soon after I moved in with mummy and Alfie my eyes became quite sore, I was rubbing them on the carpet so mummy knew to take me back to that nice girl vet Nicole that gave me a check up when I moved in. Nicole referred me to a special eye doctor who looked into my eyes, telling mummy they had advanced Glaucoma. She went home with eye drops for me which I hated.

So last week she decided to arrange for the nice girl vet to remove both my eyes to alleviate my pain....

I had my operation yesterday March 22 2010 and if I'm good I might be allowed to go home tonight March 23 2010 - so I can be with mummy and Alfie .

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