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Great news

April 6th 2010 2:11 am
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Today I sat in front of mummy's chair with her whilst Alfie sat on the chair and we didn't growl at each other then later - after our chicken and dog biscuits dinner - Alfie jumped on mummy's lap as she sat on her chair and I fell asleep on my cushion - again no growling on my part - or his for that matter - so maybe I don't have to go in my crate when Alfie gets a nurse hey? If I continue to be good - and ignore Alfie HeeHee

Mummy also took a photo of us together - me on the floor in front of her chair, Alfie on it. She was very pleased to finally get a photo of us pretty close 'cos normally just as she clicks the camera one of us moves out of frame - on purpose *shshsh don't tell mummy* *Woofs*

Mummy will post the photo tomorrow it's 7pm here and that's her coffee time LOL

So good night for now

cya tomorrow



Good Morning Dogster Pals

April 5th 2010 4:24 pm
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Firstly, sorry I didn't post anything yesterday - after mummy and I came home from the vets we had a nap and that was that HeeHee. But yes, yesterday I had my stitches taken out Yay HeeHee

My face has been itchy since but maybe that's my fur growing back hmmm.

Then we came home had a nap and a quiet day - mummy took some photos for my page she will add them later - and Alfie and I didn't have any scraps either tho' I did growl at him when I came home 'cos I forgot for a minute that I share my home with HeeHee

We are both off all our meds now and Alfie has stopped limping too, we just licked mummy's bowl with a bit of cereal in it so now it's time to curl up and have a sleep in mummy's fleecy jacket - Alfie is already on his pillow on his chair.

So that's my news - short but good hey




Happy Easter

April 3rd 2010 10:17 pm
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Today is Easter Sunday so we are having a quiet day - lotsa sleeping and no scraps so far - mummy is very pleased with me and Alfie. Now all I need is my stitches out 'cos my face is so itchy but mummy didn't put the collar back on which is so good of her, instead she taps my paws away from my face, sooooo tomorrow morning hurry up and get here pleeeeze HeeHee

Hope everyone had a nice Easter - we had a large serving of bbq chicken and scrambled egg and will probably have that again 'cos we don't have any biscuits til the shops open but that's ok 'cos chicken and egg is yumo...

Now I'm going back to sleep




Counting the days

April 2nd 2010 4:00 pm
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Not long now and no more stitches in my face *yay* PLUS tonight I have my last quarter antibiotic tablet - which I had in strawberry yogurt this morning *yum* and mummy has continued with the drops in Alfie's food 'cos he is still limping tho' it aint like he is sick 'cos yesterday he wanted a cuddle and I got jealous growling at him and so he jumped down to put me in my place but then mummy scooped me up - 'cos neither of us would quit barking and growling s0 she was protecting my stitches - but then he was jumping up at me and I continued to give him a piece of my mind. Just 'cos I cant see him doesn't mean I cant tell him off - even tho' it was kinda my fault to start with HeeHee.

Poor mummy's heart was pounding then she put me down, we had a shake then a drink then fell asleep - all that barking and growling and stuff is tiring work y'know.

Then this morning I had my morning snuggle with Alfie close by and I didn't growl once tho' I was curious to know what he was doing 'cos I could hear slurping noises but mummy explained he was just cleaning himself, so I did the same, so there was lotsa slurping noises in the bedroom this morning HeeHee

Have a good weekend everyone, I'm going back to sleep now




Happy Easter Dogster Pals

April 1st 2010 6:59 pm
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Alfie and mummy and I are having a quiet and relaxing day then tonite we will have extra bbq chicken for dinner. I get my stitches out on Monday and hopefully Alfie will be better soon tho' he doesn't seem to be responding to his meds - Poor doggy.

So lotsa sleeping today is a good idea for him and I - was stressful yesterday being babysat at mummy's friends house whilst mummy had to go out and Alfie always misses us heaps, scratching up the carpet trying to get out 'cos he hates not being included.

From Monday when I don't have anymore stitches we will be able to stay home alone but be together when mummy can't take us with her, so that will be heaps better, especially for Alfie.

I am braver than Alfie I don't mind being home alone, I just wander around and sniff things then curl up and go to sleep whereas he gets very upset *hugs for Alfie*

Don't eat too much doggies but have a good Easter weekend anyway




More photos added

March 31st 2010 7:39 pm
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Mummy just added more pix but deleted the one of us sleeping on our cushions 'cos Dogster has a photo limit but she added one of Alfie on his chair with blue pillow and she just took 2 of us waiting for her to share her lunch - a yummy banana sandwich, I was standing on tippy toes trying to get to the banana - as you can see...

Have a great weekend doggies and humans

Lily (and Alfie and Mummy Lucy)


Easter is almost here

March 31st 2010 3:39 pm
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That means my stitches come out - on Monday *yay*

But does that mean no more treats like strawberry jam? Yesterday mummy tricked me and hid my antibiotic tablet in a spoonful of strawberry yogurt, I liked that too but I think I prefer the strawberry jam more HeeHee.

Alfie has stopped peeing on mummy's bed, maybe he just caught short and with his sprained ankle and all he opted for peeing on mummy's mattress and doona - she has forgiven him. Isn't she a good mummy.

We aren't allowed chocolate for Easter or anytime but mummy bought us bbq chickens instead *yum*

We are both sound asleep as mummy posts this for me 'cos our 7am snuggle time wasn't very snuggly, more licking, scratching and moving -time, 'cos I just couldn't get comfy HeeHee

There are two more photos to come, one of both of us - when Alfie decided to sleep on my cushion last nite so mummy took MY photo to distract me and she has been trying to get a photo of Alfie on his blue triangular pillow on her old leather chair but normally he is sound asleep on it and I already have photos on my page of Alfie sleeping but this morning she took one of him just sitting - he, like me, was waiting for mummy to share her museli and weet-bix, but she didnt - Mean mummy HeeHee

So that's MY news - what's up with you???




That's different

March 30th 2010 7:29 pm
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Just as mummy was putting us to bed last night we had a blackout, not that I cared or even noticed since I'm blind anyway but Alfie was not sure what to do, at least until mummy found her torch, luckily her laptop battery worked to give her enough light from the monitor to find it then get Alfie and I to bed . So we were getting settled when mummy placed her hand on her bed - her wet bed - just then the lights came back and she checked her doona (duvet) and it too had too big wet spots on it - meanwhile Alfie had jumped up on his quilt at the foot of mummy's bed and was sound asleep...Naughty Alfie.

This morning mummy and I had to go to the Post Office but Alfie was being naughty 'cos he wanted to go but he couldn't ... he ran out into the hall of our building by the lifts then I wriggled out of mummy's arms and ran around with him - that was so fun... but soon mummy scooped me up in her arms and encouraged Alfie inside, so she could post some things - but more importantly so she could go buy more BBQ chicken for Alfie and I... and if mummy is good we might even share some with her HeeHee

When we got home Alfie had continued to tear up the carpet - he hates being left behind but while I have my stitches in mummy can't chance the both of us being left home alone and I'm lighter to carry - I will be allowed to walk on my lead when I get the stitches out too.

Now we have settled mummy is about to make lunch, which naturally means we get to eat too, right???

That's all for now




More photos

March 29th 2010 5:20 pm
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Mummy has added photos of me before my surgery for no other reason than because she has lots of me (and Alfie as well as her Lhasa Apso, Georgie who is in heaven now).

That one of Alfie and I looking at the camera was tricky for mummy to take 'cos that was just after I moved in and we weren't too sure of one another and she was trying to get us in the same frame HeeHee.

The one of me on my lambswool mattress was my first night in my new home, now I know the pink triangle pillow is for my head not my bottom HeeHee.

But I spend most of the time on my cushion next to mummy's chair and she even put a cushion behind me to rest up against and stop me from ending up under the coffee table where Alfie likes to hide from me.

That's all for today.




Good Morning Dogster Pals

March 29th 2010 4:45 pm
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Mummy has been busy seeing to Alfie this morning, who growls when she lifts him off her bed then jumps back up - twice - so now he is still there (asleep) and I'm on my cushion covered by my mummy's fleecy jacket - like the photo . She also added a photo she took before my operation just 'cos I am cute as... Tho' sometimes I think she has forgotten my name 'cos instead of calling me Lily Girl - that's my full name, that comes from being her Li'l Girl, she sometimes calls me Lily... No! or Lily...Stop, that one especially when I go to smell Alfie's bottom - especially while he has a sore foot 'cos then he growls at me but I can growl too y'now... then he runs away and hides... is that being a mean sis?

I don't mean to be mean I just have to stand up for myself - especially since I can't see - tho' I know mummy will protect me from Alfie and Alfie from me and us from outside doggies we don't know 'cos she is a good and caring mummy - she sure has her hands full hey?

I would make her a coffee to say Thank You 'cept I cant reach the kitchen bench where the kettle is Hee Hee (I will smother her in kisses & licks instead).

Now Alfie has woken up and limped into the lounge room - do you think he might wanna play? Probably Not :(



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