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My Life so far

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January 19th 2014 3:05 pm
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Mummy FINALLY got around to adding Cheeky's photo and no he is NOT the boss, I am :P And as you can see we are getting a new fur sis - she is old so Alfie and I will have to be less crazy and noisy - well we will try Mummy, HONEST!

So that's our news - oh and big thank you for my latest gifts, my paw pals rock!




Just a quick thank you

November 28th 2013 2:53 pm
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for my latest gifts - mummy hasn't been on Dogster much as you probably saw but the last year she has been busy visiting our Nanna who had a stroke July last year then mummy's elderly cousin died unexpectedly last month so mummy has been busy cleaning out the house to sell and then....last Sunday our Nana died *sniff* So Alfie and Nanna's cat Cheeky Boy and I are giving mum lotsa kisses and cuddles and trying extra specially hard NOT to be naughty. Mummy had to go to the house in the country yesterday - a long drive from us - to do more clearing out and Alfie Cheeky Boy and I stayed home and didn't get into ANY mischief. Anyway we are all really tired so that is it for now.




More news

February 12th 2013 2:17 pm
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We have been super busy since the last time I posted - 'cos mummy's mum - that's our Nana got very sick so we moved into her house so mummy could look after Nana's cat. Cheeky and I are still getting to know each other - 'cos he thinks HE is the boss Hee Hee But it's only been four months - this morning we are on the lounge - me to mummy's left and Cheeky to mummy's right and Alfie at her feet. When she has time mummy will add a photo of Cheeky - our new fur bro LOL

Anyway all this typing is hard work so cya Woof.


So sorry for the lack of posts

August 10th 2012 10:49 pm
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2012 has been a bad year for Mummy

She has been sick, her car has been sick and I had tooth problems - I had to have 4 teeth out and I'm supposed to get them brushed but I hate that so instead I get Kangaroo Tail to munch on. Then a close friend of Mummy's died - so she has been busy and distracted with all that stuff but I'm doing well - Alfie and I now sleep on her bed all night - me at the head of her bed snuggling into Mummy's chest and Alfie at the foot of her bed which keeps her feet warm.

Most of the time we are good but then some times I forget that it's Alfie on the bed wif me and Mummy so I growl - then he growls then it's on.

It's fun for me and Alfie; who eventually jumps off MY bed then I chase him - and we start all over again.

Other then that we are perfect angels - just ask Mummy Heehee

And soon it will be time for our needles and dental check again - Alfie first then me closer to Christmas - we crossing our paws that the Greenies and Dentastix Mummy gives us plus my Kangaroo Tail means we don't have to have any teeth out.

Anyway it's super windy today, that's Winter for ya hey Heehee

Hope everyone else is doing OK




I'm a movie star!!

June 4th 2011 7:16 pm
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This is just a quick message to let my pals know that mummy added 2 videos - one is me breaking my toy on X'mas morning and the other is Alfie & I sharing an ice block over summer - there are more of these 'cos mummy took movies every time we had a different colour so she will upload another time but enjoy these for starters




sorry it's been sooooo long

June 3rd 2011 8:08 pm
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Mummy has just added some new pix including one from Christmas morning wif my new toy which I proceeded to break, well it wouldn't stop barking so I grabbed him, shook him (which broke him) but at least he stopped barking at me - mummy has a video somewhere of me shaking it - which she will add later

In the mean time hope you like my photos - including Alfie and I in our new coats

*whispering* mummy seems to have forgotten we already have coats of our own LOL

Now I'm going back to sleep - such is a dog's life



I have a dogster plus page - at last - yay

November 6th 2010 5:38 pm
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Mummy just added more pix but it's a shame she can't add more of Alfie on his own, oh well - maybe he will get a page of his own OR we will just get lotsa photos together - when we stay still LOL

Enjoy my photos pals




A quick hello

August 1st 2010 4:43 pm
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and thank you for my gifts... mummy and my fur bro Alfie haven't been well so no diary entries over our Winter - they are both feeling much better now and soon I will have a new Dogster account with lots more photos.

That's it for today - it's chilly and we are all snuggling under a blanket on mummy's chair as she types this message - so I better go




How is everyone?

May 6th 2010 9:09 pm
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Alfie, mummy and I have been good. Today mummy thought it was time to update my photos - I still try and get as many cuddles as I can - even laying on her computer's keys to get her attention and because winter is almost here she bought Alfie a waterproof coat - it has a faux fur trimmed hood but Alfie didn't like that so luckily mummy was able to detach it and she has ordered me a pink sweater too - so we will all be warm and dry this winter.


What's everyone else been up to?

I think it's time for another sleep now I have my tummy full with egg on toast, that mummy shared with Alfie and I, for lunch.

So that's all for now




New Photo

April 6th 2010 3:27 pm
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Mummy has added the photo of Alfie and I sharing her chair...well almost sharing, he isn't asleep by the way he is just bored with having his photo taken - whereas I could never get bored of that plus I wanted y'all to see how I look without my stitches Yay *Woof*

Now it's breakfast time so cya


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