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I'm not just a brown dog

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January 23rd 2012 2:18 pm
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Sorry it's been so long! It seems all I do these days is work and walk the dogs! I have so little time to play on Dogster anymore...

I am doing the next DDPC5 contest (under groups) if anyone else is interested in joining. It's a photography contest here on Dogster and is SO FUN! I did it with Gunner last round, this round I'm going to focus on Pixie. :) I'm excited to see what shots I take and for the challenges to start.

It's been calm lately, thank DOG. I think, too, giving our foster dog back to PAWS and quitting rescue was hard for me. It broke my heart and made looking at these pages tough. I hope she has gotten a forever home.

Pixie is doing wonderfully! House training is 100 proof! She hasn't had an accident since last July (unless she is scared/excited, even then it's a rarity!). She is also rocking at agility, starts her novice class (with Gunner) next month. She is very handler focused and works well as my side-kick (she doesn't ever leave my side anyway...).

Gunner and Paisley are doing well too. Paisley went into a sort of anxiety after Peggy left and created a total wake of destruction in her path for nearly a month. I eventually put her on Prozac (no, really). We're off the medication for the last week and she has been wonderful. I think she just freaked out when Peggy left. She is so sensitive to my moods (and Velcro to boot! She doesn't even like it when I'm in the bath-tub and tries to dry me off with her tongue! LOL!) I'm sure she picked up on how sad I was and took it out on the house. I'm trying something new with her, since she prefers simplicity to the rigor of Rally-O and Agility, and she is starting to pull. If she takes to those beginning steps, I'm going to invest in a scooter. I'm taking it slow, we're just working on commands for now, and when her harness comes in we'll be working on pulling a tire down our dirt road. Maybe this will be simple, something she can use to run out some energy, and fun for both of us. It would be nice for her to enjoy something.

Gunner is doing awesome. He has proved himself to the local hunters as a serious tracker, and has a reputation of being "the best I've ever seen." I wish they all knew how much work I put into that dog. It seems they chalk it all up to natural ability and don't give any credit to the person who taught him to behave, even on a trail. I'm the dog-obsessed girl with the amazing spoiled dog who can kill a blood trail... it drives me crazy! He is also excelling in agility, we start the novice class next month, by the end I hope to start competing with him and Pixie!

Anyway, there is an update on whats happening with my fuzzies! Have a great week!


Hey ya'll!

July 11th 2011 9:24 pm
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It's been awhile, I know I've been neglectin' my diary, but ya know what? I've been a little neglected too.

This summer, Mom's been gone more'n I ever thought possible.

First, she left us at home fur a week while she went to that place called Coolerado.

Then, she left us ta go ta Austin fur a weekend. She claims she had ta go fur her job--somethin' bout UIL...

NOW, she is at my cousin Parker's house, stuck, she says, fur three weeks! She says she'll be home with us Fridays, Saturdays, an part 'a Sundays...but she has ta be in that other town Monday thru Thursday 'cause she has ta go ta "Summer Institute" fur her teachin' certification.

I'd harp on 'er summore, but I think she already feels perty guilty bout it. Cause a'fore she left yesterday she gave me a kiss on my nose an' said, "I'm so sorry, Hunny. I'll be home soon to play and train, I swear. I don't want to be gone. I love you." An' then she told Paisley the same thing. Even Pixie got a few extra seconds of lovin'.

So, I gotta ask that ya say a prayer fur Momma. She keeps sayin' "three weeks and two tests, three weeks and two tests, three weeks and two tests..."

I think she's kinda overwhelmed.

Till I talk to ya later!



Somethin' big's bout ta go down...

June 3rd 2011 7:38 pm
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Well, Momma came home today with a spring in 'er step. She got all busy cleanin' an stuff. An' yesterday Dad finished all the laundry.

Mom started packin' ta go somewheres too.

"Where we goin'?" I asked 'er.

Well, she don't always understand doggie language, so she thought it meant "We gonna gofer a walk?"

So we went fer a walk, not that I'm complainin'...

Anyway, she 'ventually told me that her an' Dad, and JUST her an' Dad, were goin' to a family reunion in some place called Colorado. She said she'd take us if she could, but she ain't frum a family a dog lovers...

She did say that if she wins the HGTV Green Home that she'd bring us along. She said it even has a doggie bathtub in the garage with a whole basket of toys an' treats an stuff! Well, I ain't a fan 'a baths, but I'll take most treats if ya stick 'em in my face...

I asked Momma if we were gonna win. She said the chances ain't real great, but that SOMEONE has ta win. So I told 'er I'd keep my paws crossed...

Anywoof, she's leavin' us with a teenager human person. Evidently, this is one of Momma's students frum her English class (she got outa school today! She said it's her furst year ta teach and she ain't dead... I don't get it...Bol).

We meet this chick on Sunday, an' she's gonna hang out with us fur a week! Oh my furs! Wish us luck!!!



Mom started a blog!

May 30th 2011 1:27 pm
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Hey Dogster furriends!

Momma wanted me ter tell ya that she just started a blog 'bout all kinda doggie stuffs. It's pretty new, just 'bout three posts, but she said ya'll may wanna check it out.

Here's the link...

Easy, huh? Yeah, I think she's kinda proud of it, or somthin...



May 22nd 2011 1:05 pm
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I have a foster sister who needs to find a forever home. She is really great, go check out her page and read about her! Mom swears she has better pictures somewhere...she promises to take some better ones and post them soon!


Paisley's thinks I took 'er squirrel. I didn't.

May 9th 2011 6:15 pm
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Now Dogsters, tell me how this makes sense. Ya find somethin' good an dead. Then ya do what with it?

A. Roll in it as much as possible, cause it smells grrrrate!
B. Dig a hole an bury it, dead stuff neads ta be preserved.
C. Leave it be, ya ain't into kinked up stuff.
Or D. Pick it up (maggots, ants an all) and trot around like a complete idiot.

Paisley is the letter D. She held it high all around me like I wanted the thing.

Psh... I'da rolled in it.


Thanks for the Birthday Wishes!

February 19th 2011 10:58 am
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What a great bunch of friends I have! Thanks y'all for pmailin' me all the great birthday wishes, it's been a crazy year with my new family!

So here's whats happened in the last year:

1. I got my balls cut off...
2. I got a furever home.
3. I got 2 new pupster sisfurs and a kitty sisfur...(that's all, no more. Promise!)
4. I got a fence!
5. I got to go on trips with my furmily.
6. I got lotsa great furiends on Dogster.
7. I got to know what love is =)

There are lots more fun stuffs that happen everyday... but that's all the most important stuff. Thank y'all for the wonderful birthday wishes!



Pixie's page

January 31st 2011 12:02 pm
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Mom made a page for Pixie. Go see how cute she is. Maybe you even want to adopt her?


The mystery of the rat, solved.

January 28th 2011 12:41 pm
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Message from my Momma:

So as some of you know from reading Paisley's entry, we have a new "visitor". She is in the form of a 3 month old rat terrier puppy we have dubbed "Pixie".

Now, Paisley made it seem like the people pulled into our yard, but indeed they did not. We took the new puppy to my husband's family home yesterday and, lo and behold, his cousin's 3 year old let the cat out of the bag by saying, "it's Tinker-Bell!"

Sigh. Yes, indeed Dogster friends, this poor puppy was dropped off at our home by a distant family (in law) member.

So, I will give her a new page when I can get pictures. Until then I'll give you the story I received yesterday.

As you have heard (from the three year old) her name was Tinker-Bell. She was born on October 13, 2010 making her 3 months old.

Anyway, the very distant family member got her from a back yard breeder who couldn't find homes for his (unregistered) pure-bred "hunting" rat terriers. Evidently, she knew the 'breeder' and he 'gave' her the puppy for 'free'. The girl just had a baby, lives in an apartment, and has little income. She quickly realized that a newborn and no money didn't make for the 'right home' for the puppy.

So she posted a "free-to-good-home" ad and tried to find someone to take it. She also took her to the local shelter, except they asked for a "fee of $100" (which is THE MOST RIDICULOUS THING I'VE EVER HEARD, they euthanize ALL ANIMALS every Friday). Of course, she didn't have $100 to give the crappy shelter. She found out from her sister (who is married to my husband's cousin) that I volunteered for Pineywoods Animal Welfare Society (PAWS).

Anywho, rather than place a phone call for me to help her out, she decided that she wouldn't give me a choice. "The fairest option for the dog," she said, "was to drop it off where it had a chance of finding a new home. And in my defense, I didn't even drop it off at your house, I put her by the cattle guard down the road."

So, this THREE MONTH OLD PUPPY, made it's little way down the road to where Gunner was barking, and appeared on our front porch. Should ANYONE ELSE have picked her up...well, lets just say it wouldn't have been good. At all.

Say a prayer for us and her as we decide whether to keep her sweet little self, or rehome her through PAWS.


Merry Christmas from the Kennels...

December 25th 2010 5:42 pm
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Mom ended up boardin' us anyway. It ain't so bad tho. There are lotsa dogs here ta play with. It was a little scary at first, not knowin' who the lady with the lead was, but then it got better when we got to play in one of the play yards with ZuLu the Afgan Hound! I can't believe how much hair she has!!!

Mom brought our giant bed, 2 blankets, our favorite toys, and our coats. She is coming for us tomorrow...

For Christmas she gave me a Carheart Jacket! Dad was really excited! See, I ain't no prissy pants like Paisley!

She took me in the store ta get it. I got lots a complements on how good lookin' I am. They also said I was very well behaved. But of course I am?! Didn't they know I am No-bill-ity? The Texas state dog?!

People amaze me.

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