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Back again

February 4th 2013 4:07 pm
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It has been almost a year since I wrote in my diary. It has been a busy year for us doggies chewing bones and having backyard races. The little grey cat who believed he was Orry's papa disappeared last June and was never seen again. Some weeks later mom adopted a colorpoint shorthaired kitty from a rescue. The next month she 'dopted a tiny kitten from the shelter, Miz Abby. In September she 'dopted Pyewacket from the shelter but the tiny little guy died. At the end of September mom 'dopted two Siamese from Second Hand Siamese, a boy and a girl. In January mom 'dopted a tiny colorpoint shorthaired kitty from the shelter, Miz Priscilla. That makes six kitters, four girls and two guys, which she says is equal to having two dogs like us. Oh, and she feeds an outdoor feral, Smokey Sam, who turned up one day and hangs around.

I think my mom is a crazy cat lady. She says she hopes so.


Spring has sprung

April 9th 2012 1:13 pm
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We didn't really have a winter this year. It was more like a long autumn followed by spring. Mommy gets the "Green Acres" bug this time every year and digs lots of holes out front and plants stuff in them and waters them. She swears she will never plant in the back yard 'cause I 'retrieved' all the 'sticks' she planted and the sticks died. I planted a bone in a hole and watered it but it didn't grow a bone tree. Guess I gotta try again! Our dad turned 80 today. I wonder how old in dog years he'd be?


I got beated up....

February 12th 2012 10:06 pm
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Mom has had us doggies inside from early evening on as it's cold outdoors and we's delicate and don't like to get our paws cold. Orry picked up a bone from the floor I thought should be mine so I growled and Orry's cat, the grey one, jumped in my face hissing and spitting and then the big black cat jumped on my back growling and then jumped on Orry. But the grey cat believes he's Orry's dad (He helped rear Orry) and went after the black cat and then both cats went after both of us doggies. Orry, all 89 pounds of him, jumped on his dad's lap and then pushed him off the sofa trying to hide behind him from those ferocious kitters. I headed for tall timber but so did the black cat and him pulled out some of my fur. Now I has to grow it all over again! Mom eventually chased the black cat into a bedroom and gave him a time out for an hour. The grey cat went to sleep. We doggies were saved.

When our new porch was built last year mom put up a brass plaque which warns that the house is protected by an attack cat.

She wasn't kidding

Make that two attack cats!


Strange mens

January 7th 2012 6:05 pm
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Strange mens are working in MY backyard and they didn't ask my permission. My unfailing instinct telled me that mommy was ok with them being there so I didn't bark at 'ems. Me and Orry had to stay inside all day to keep outta the way and we has to do the same tomorrow. Theys putting up a big building mom says is for John's deer. Y'mean I gots to live wif a deer? I is insulted I thinks. What if this deer wants my bones and my outdoor cot? I let mom know that if that happens John had better come get his deer. Orry said not to worry 'cause it's the same John Deere that always lived in the little shed out back and not a NEW Deere at all. We'll see....


C'mas trees

December 3rd 2011 3:16 pm
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My mommie hung up a wall tree and decorated a fake tree in the front yard. She says she does it so the cats can't wreck it as they aren't allowed outside. We dogs aren't allowed out front either unless we're on a leash. Now, how we gonna have target practice with the trees? Actually, it's just Orry who 'targets' trees and fence posts. I tried to imitate him when I was about six months but I wobbled and, after three days, gave it up for sitting. Sitting was good enough for my mama-dog and it's good enough for me even if I is a guy.


Three for the vet....

November 1st 2011 12:48 pm
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Today Orry and the two kitters went to the vet's for their shots. I stayed home and listened to the radio 'cause my shots are current. The kitters didn't want to go and made mom chase them to get 'em into crates but Orry was ready and willing. The vet tech helped mom carry the cats and Orry out to the car and load them while dad stayed behind to talk. And talk. And when dad talks...well, dad talks a LOT. Orry got restless so mom left the car doors open for the cats and took Orry to a nearby field to meet a horse. Orry immediately fell in love (again) and this time with the horse. The horse was less gregarious than Orry. He told me he also met a gorgeous sheltie and fell for her. There were lots of pretty trees changing colors along the way and cool fresh air. And Or got Bourbon chicken in the car for being good and we LOVES Bourbon chicken! I'm jealous, I think. I gots three year shots so I gots two years and 4 month to go before I go back to the vet. Maybe I can meet a horse, too. And a lovely lady dog or two.....

All I got was a big bone for staying home....


It's been a loooooog HOT summer

September 3rd 2011 5:19 pm
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....and it's still very hot. Hopefully tropical depression Lee will bring much-needed rain and cooler weather. We's so glad that summer will end soon! I hasn't been able to play in my backyard today 'cause mens are working on the roof and building an extension and puting gutters on the back. Mom always wanted an overhang because rain would come in around windows. It was fine when it was dry, tho. Maybe tomorrow they'll finish and I can stay outside and play! Mom walks us every three hours but neither of us wants to do our bizness wif mom right there. We's GUYS and we don't potty in front of females.


Mommy's room.......

July 6th 2011 6:53 pm
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I loves sleeping in mommy's room wif Orry. (Orry ALWAYS slept next to mommy's bed even b'fore I wuz borned.) I likes it in there and pretends its my very own wolf cave.

It's nice to have a family and I wishes every doggie and kitty had a good one where they are loved and cherished!


Scary storm.......

June 20th 2011 10:16 am
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Last Wednesday night we had a scary storm. Every day since April it has been in the high nineties with almost no rain and we had a really bad wind that night. A branch from an oak in the woods nearby came down on one fence and a large pine in the backyard snapped off at about six feet and crushed the fence on the other side. Mommy only let us out one at a time on a leash until the fence men came and fixed things on Friday. Were we ever glad! I don't want any more big winds like that. It sounded like howling and screaming outside. Saturday night wuz the same thing only it didn't last as long or do damage here.


Orry's first humans are OK

May 25th 2011 2:01 pm
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Orry's old house in Joplin was right in the path of the tornado and is lost but his humans are all right. His first human mom lost her sister who was near the hospital when the tornado hit. We still don't know about whether Orry's doggie mom survived.

Mommie is going to plant a Missouri wildflower, salvia azurea, in memory of all those who died last Sunday.

I even fetched for the first time yesterday. I fetched several times and I don't do fetch but I wanted mom to laugh and she did. I'm a good boy.

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