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The World According to Crissy Edweena

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MAY 25, 2011 I'm At De Bridge......

May 24th 2011 10:49 pm
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Well, I can clearwee see dat I gots to white dis fur my mommy and daddy....(jist don't tell any buddy dat I hang-did awound fur a while since my pawrents are cwyin' and don't blab dat dey are cwyin' eider, K? )

Tuesday, May 24th seemed wike any udder day cept I was pretty tired but Mommy held-did me and snuggled me a watt and on, yowl, I ate-tid some frosted mini wheats and dey tasted good too. Dennnn, I went-tid to sleep. I hab been tired waitwee since my diagnoses of cansir two weeks ago. My wonderfull dogtor told-did my Mommy dat we would know when it was time fur me to go to de bridge....I heard my pawrents say dey would no wet me suffer one inch so I felt preddy good bout dat. Dis afternoon, Mommy was checkin' on me in our bed and she noticed my preddy liddle pink tongue was out a bit.....dat wasn't normal fur a diva wike me. Dennnn, she put on my big girl panties and I dent eben stand up.... (I told ya I was tired). Mommy's antenna went-tid up fast. She called Auntie Mary and Auntie Fwannie, Dixie's Mommy and dey SKYPED and Aunt Marywee sayed I was weady to go to de bridge....My Pawrents called de dogtor...Dr. Alyccia and she came white ober to our haus and checked me. was time fur me to take dat twip....I had wanted to a liddle earlweer but I was stayin' fur my pawrents. My Dogtor sayed I wouldn't wast de night and dat I was such a brave and beautiful girl and dat I was de purrfect pup and you know.... all de stuff dat we alweady know about M E ! ! ! My Mommy held-did me in my baby blankie dat my gwanny gabe me fur Quistmas. (I gets a baby blankie ebery yearah) Oh, I felt so snuggy wid my mommy, daddy and my favorbite dogtor white hereah at my haus. All of a sudden, I gots weally tired and i could hear my pawrents talkin' bout how munch they luffed me and my dogtor sayed she luffed me too....I dwifted off into a luffwee dweam and dennnnnnnn, suddenwee, I sawed a watt of my furiends...Duncan,Cali,Bogie, Buddy,Cisco, Barney, Jakie, Casper, Wosie, Thumper...oh many of my beloved furiends were waitin' fur me. Oh my goshers...hereah comes some moreah furiends!....Oh boy, I hope dare is gonna be a big huge pawty anddddd snacks....wait do I smell gwits?????

Well, I guess you is wonderin' why I am hereah doin' my diarwee when I jist awwived at Wainbow Bridge. De Twuth is, I gots to do it fur my Mommy. Ya see, I hab been my mommy's baby fur thirteen and a half yearahs. I had de huge wesponsibility of takin' care of my mommy when she has twouble wid her walkin' and stuff. Soooo, I felt-tid I should help her out white now and tell you guyzas how munch I luff you and how munch I thank you fur whiting to my Mommy and Daddy and makin' my page all preddy wid stars and wings and tings. Mommy would hab a fit if I told ya dat she cwies when she weads de messages buttttt it is a GOOD kinda cwy, ya know. I know fur a fact dat Mommy has been worryin' ebery single day bout me since de dogtor told her de cansir newz. Now I hope she can wewax a bit but de dogtor sayed, "Momma, it gonna take a while cuz Quissy Edweena and you and daddy are soooo close and bonded fur such a wong time".....soooo tomorrwoe, I mean today...could be a ruff one fur de pawrents.

I may hab to go my de Lil Wed Skool Haus a bit waiter cuz I knowz sum of de studints are cwyin' too. De Ting I want you all to know is dis:
It hurts so munch to lose de ones you luff butttttt would you had rather not had me to luff fur all doze years jist because ya dent want to go through de pain of losin' me waiter on? Quite fwankly, I tink I am worth ebery tear cuz I was de purfect Diva. I twained de pawrents, I held a full time teachin' position; I became a famous psychiatwist and most of all I was and always will be yore furiend. Will you do me a favor dough and kinda wook after my pawrents fur now? Dey kinda need you to help dem thru de tears and sadness. I am hopin' dey will get annuder Tzu at some point to honor me. (Don't worrwee, I plan on teachin' a new baby how to spell and talk cuz, obviously, de pawrents are lousy at dat. Well, I had bedder get my mom to sleep.....I tink she is cwied out fur tonight..... Wemember, how much we luff you ALL and tank you fur ALL de kindnesses and luff you are givin' to de furmily white now and ober de yearahs. Gotta go git sum snacks at de bridge.........................


Ummmm, Tings aren't so gweat here..

May 13th 2011 12:33 pm
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To all my dearah furiends, welp, I am havin' to type dis my Mommy and Daddy are a weck. I can tell dey are twyin' to fake dare emotions in front of me.. dey tink I am dumb??? Here's de deal: I gots terminal cancer...dare, I said it.. I gots terminal cancer...dare I said it agin. I don't know when I will go to Wainbow Bridge cuz dat Is GOD'S call but I do know dat my pawrents luff me and won't wet me suffer. NO WAY. My Mommy had noticed dat I was sleepin' a lot more and den I was skippin' meals and losin' weight. I told-did her I jist wanted to wear a skimpy bikini fur summer.. (fooled her, dent I?) Two days ago I started not walkin' to munch and Mommy took me to de vet white after I went-tid to de beauty shop. Mommy eben talked to de beauty shop lady about my weight. She had de nerve to tell Mommy I was an "older doggie" HUMPF!
Well, off we went-tid to de Vet, Dr. Alycia and I had lost almost three pounds since I went-tid to see Miss Dixie in March. I weigh nine pounds. How come my Mommy dent notice???? Well, I gots weal fluffy fur for one ting dat poofs out and also my mommy has had a viral infection fur six weeks sooo we hab been lazin' awound togedder in bed. No buddy could tell how munch weight I had wost. Anyway, de dogtor took-tid Xways and did some blood work. De Xways showed dat de cancer is in my pancreas, my lympf nodes and now in my lungs. Dare were at weast nine tumors in my lungs dat we could see. White now, I am sleepin more dan usual,and guess what? I can eat anyting I want....ha ha ha I ated some barbequed pork steak wast night. I made my daddy carry out some fur me. Denn, dis mornin', I ate-tid some shredded wheat (de sugah coated kind)..yummy..den Mommy brushed me and held me and den we napped togedder. De dogtor told us dat we will know when it is "time"anddd I won't hab to go to de dogtor's office.. Huh-uh, She is gonna come to our home when I go to de bridge. I will keep you posted. Mommy is twyin' to be brave..yowl come I sawed boff my pawrents cwyin???? De Dogtor sayed my pawrents will know when it is time. In de mean time, I have some pain killers which I hab NOT taken yet and some more pills to keep me more comfy. Ummmmm, I want you all to know white now, how munch you mean to me. Your pawrayers, your calls, your know.. all de stuff dat you do fur us cuz it weally helps us. Yore furiendship over de years hab been such a blessing wid watts of laffs and fun. Oh, I told my pawrents dat dey MUST get annuder Tzu cuz it would be a way to honor me......Well, I see dat Mom's cwyin' agin....geesh...Humans...watt are we gonna do wid dem? Don't dey know dat GOD takes care of all us furs and dem too and dat we will meet agin? I bedder go wemind Mommy bout dat now. I luff you all and I will white agin to keep you posted. Sending you All so munch luff, wet shih tzu kissies, (((HUGGIES)))) and some grits too.
I luff YOU, Miss Crissy Edweena GED (Grit eatin' doggie) and Psychiatwist andddddd Instwuctor at de Lil Red Skool Haus in Dixieland.


Goin' To De Hospital..

October 12th 2010 10:16 am
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I can't beweave it. Hereah I was jist mindin' my own business, sleepin' while Mommy bwushed me and all of a sudden she sayed, Hey, Quiss, ya wanna go bye bye?? Well, of course I wanted to go. De ownwee ting is, she dent tell me where we were goin' HUMPF No sooner den I had packed my suitcase wid my Princess Quissy pillow case and a few udder articles, I was whisked away and I found my self at my doggie hospital. Double HUMPF Dat's all I hab been doin' de past few months is goin to de dogtor. Well, I put on a brave weast, braver dan my Momma and den I heard doze famous wast words from Mommy. "Quissy, I will be white back"....She had de audacity to leave me. Tank goodness I know all de peoples at de hospital and dey kiss me and hug on me so I did feel comfortable UNTIL I oberheard de nurse say, Quissy's gonna hab surgerwee on her bladdah dis afternoon. YIKES....I can understand a tummy tuck or someting wike dat but surgerwee on my bladdah????? Now dat's embearassin' and ewwwww, it could be painful. I wondered why Mommy kept takin' me to de dogtor all de time and twyin' to hide pills in different types of snacks. She dent hab a clue dat I can smell a zillion times bedder dan she can and I can eat awound doze snacks and NOT swallow de pills. Sooo, as I white hereah in de hospital, I am waitin fur my surgerwee dis afternoon. I wonderful if my Mommy and Daddy are a weck? I bet dey are. I tink de gang are comin' on de magic cawpet to stay wid me ober nite. I habn't been widout my pawrents since my Histoewecktoeme when I was six months old and dat is a way wong time cuz in December I will be 13 yearahs young. Maybe de pawrents will buy me a pressie or someting while I am in hereah. Hurrwee, ebery buddy...come on ober to de hospital cuz I don't wanna be awone tonight. MUAH to all my furiends, Quissy Edweena - teechur of de Lil Wed Skool Haus in Dixieland - K 9 Skool Distwick


My Gotcha Day is TODAY! Happy Valentine's Day to ALL!!!

February 14th 2010 2:54 pm
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Deer Diarwee, Today is my 12th Gotcha Day. I is so happy dat my pawrents gotted me on dis day 12 years ago...!!! My pawrents sayed dey hab neber wegwetted one second of gettin' me! (Dat's cuz I is such a good gurl and I is so luffin' to dem) I seed where I share a gotcha day wid watts of my furiends such as Lord Pippen too. We shore are lucky pups to be luffed so munch by our pawrents but dey say DEY are de lucky ones!!! Daddy sent-ted me a dozen wong stemmed wed woses fur my day...MOMMY, I told ya doze are MY FLOWERS!! (otey, we can share dem) Okay, My daddy sent-tid me 1/2 dozen wong stemmed wed woses fur my day!) - Herah Mommy you can hab de udder 1/2 dozen from Daddy. This is a special day fur me cuz of two tings: I gotted a gweat health weport from de dogtor on Saturday after I hab been so thick for six months andddd I am N-gaged to my YUJI andddddddd I gots so many wonderful carwing furiends. How wucky can a gurl be??? I is wishin' all of you a Berry Berry Happy Balentine's Day and many many yearahs of good health and happiness to YOU and YORE FURMILES!! Gotta run now, cuz today de pawrents feel it necessary to tell me each detail of my doption so many yearahs ago and of course, we will be havin' a special meal tonite too.....OH boy, I hungwee now dat my mouff is all bedder!!! Woo Hoo.......I luff YOU ALL...HAPPY BALENTINE'S DAY FROM MY HOUSE TO YORES!!!


I Went-ted to de Dogtor Today and....

February 13th 2010 7:58 pm
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We gots de bestest newz bout my health issue. Wemember when I was so thick deez past few months and de dogtor sayed it might be cancer? Well, HA HA HA...I hab put on weight (tanks to all you guyzas dat hab sent-tid me food to my page, to my house, and to my Lil Red Skool Haus at Dixiewand. I gotted a blood test today and HA HA HA, my liver results were all in a normal wange! HA HA HA Soooo, watt was wong wid me???

Dis is watt I weally want you to wead, dear diarwee:

I had a horribull infection from my toofies! YIP, You mite wemember I had four toofies pulled a month ago. I had wost a watt of weight wike almost three pounds in a yearah. Duhhhh, Diarwee, My mouff was hurtin'; I had a weally weally bad infection dat had gone-did through out my body. I laid awound and dent eben greet my pawrents or waise my head. I was one sick pup and my pawrents were prepared fur de worst. WELL, I want all you pups to tell yore pawrents to get yore TOOFIES CLEANED! Yes, dey DO put you under but my dogtor uses stuff dat is pretty safe and you aren't under fur wong eider. Ya see, I gots to be honest bout dis. My MOMMY was a skeerdee kat to hab me put under and dat is why she delayed my toofie cleaning. So the bottom line is dis, If you want to save yore self from becomin' very very thick and also save a whole bunches of money dat you will haff to spend at de dogtor IF you are thick....GET YORE TOOFIES CLEANED ONCE A YEARAH!!! When I tink about how thick I was, how worrweed my pawents were and watt dey were goin' through worryin' not to mention all de tweats and snacks I coulda bought wid de money dat dey spent-ed a de vet....IT AIN'T WORTH NOT GETTIN' YORE TOOFIES CLEANED !!!
Tank you to all my dogster and catster furiends fur ALL de prayers dat you sent-tid to me durin' deez past few longgggg months. One morah ting, dear diarwee.....I hope dat ebery doggie and kittie will take de time each and ebery day to say a pawrayer fur all de doggies and kitties all ober de world askin' fur safe homes, good food, good health care, and best of all a loving furmily. Please include de pawrents of yore dogster and catster furiends in yore pawrayers too. One more final final ting: Ya jist don't wealize until you go through yucky stuff yoreself, how munch a kind word, message, rosette, email, pawmail or telephone means to de furmily of de sick furs....Wet's all wemember to support one another fur it weally weally helps us git well and sustains our pawrents through de ruff times. Tank you to all my furiends. I luff YOU! God Bless You!
Miss Quissy Edweena (minus four toofies but wid NO infection)


Me and Yuji gots a Sirprise......

January 4th 2010 5:24 pm
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Oh watt a December it was fur me. Furst I gotted de H1N8 puppy flu and was weally sick. Tanks to all my furiend's pawrayers, I gotted well ANDDDD annuder ting (dis is H U G E) dat pulled me through de flu was MY YUJI. Ya See we met at Duncan's and Bailey's wedding wast year and Yuji was a gwoomsman and I was a bridesmaid. He wrote to me and when I sawed his pixshure.....Oh My Dog....Watt a dweamboat he was. He is a Llhasa Apsa from New Yawk. Of course, I is from Missouri and considered a Southern Gal. Well, we stwuck up a welationship....furst we went-ted berry berry slowly and dennnnnn he took me to a dance after he passed my pawrent's inspection.....DENNNNNN, while I was soooo sick, he sented me an ENGAGEMENT WING......Hurry, go wook on my page.....It is so beeuteaful. Well, Mommy dent tell me bout de wing until my fever was down and dennnnn I sawed it and my heart jumped out of my night gown.....He sented me a message and it sayed, "Will you marry me?????" ........I dent stop fur a second to tink.....I sayed, "YES"!!! I is so cited bout Me and my Yuji. Ya know he is a famous song whiter from New Yawk. In fact Rodgers and Hammerstein copied some of his wurk. UH HUH!!! He is so handsome dat my paws curl when I see him and my hairs fly outta my head and ears! We haben't talked bout when we is gettin' married yet but I tink my students at de Furs N Fluffs Lil Red Skool Haus in Dixieland will wanna be in de weddin'. Jist tink, If Bailey and Duncan hadn't gotten marrweed, I woulda neber met my YUJI!!! I haff been busy gettin my truesew togedder dis past week. Also I haff been gettin' my dowelwee togedder too....wike all my wubber toys, my blankies, my pillow, my snacks and tweats, my dwesses and sweaters and coats and also I is throwin' in my Mommy and Daddy fur good measure.

Fur doze of you who hab neber met my YUJI, here is his page numbah:

You jist gotta see how cute, debenare, dahling, precious, handsome, brilliant, sweet, kind, humorous and special he is...... Why Yuji makes Rhett Butler and Ashley Wilkes wook wike icky boyz!

Oh, so ya wanna know some of my Yuji's most wecent songs he has whitten??? Otey. Go to Yuji's page and wook at his diarwee. He has sum of his mostest famous songs in de diarwee and he wroted dem about ME, his Feeonsay!!!!! I is de happiest Gurl in de Wurld.....bein' Ngaged to My Yuji. I tink I will keep on teechin' at Dixiewand in de Lil Red Skool Haus if Yuji approves cuz den he will haff time to white more famous songs!! Goodnite, Dearah Diarwee.....I will be dweaming of my YUJI!!!!!

Ohhhh, Herah is one of My Yuji's famous hits:

I can't give you anything but love-miss crissie

October 6th 2009 5:00 am
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We dont have a lot in common, do we crissy?
I say shalom and you say amen, crissy
Cards and Yanks
Just get in the way
But the way you make me feel
I want THAT to stay!
I cant give you anything but love, crissy
Thats the only thing that i have plenty of, crissy
So wag your tail and be my southern belle, missy
Cause i cant give you anything but lllloooovvvveeee!!!

Andddd Yet annuder famous song by my Yuji:

Crissy Poo
I love you
With a love so doggone true
My crissy, my crissy poo ooo ooo
You're my favorite tzu and i love you crissy poo.

Crissy poo
missin' you
just stop playin' peek a boo
my crissy, my crissy poo ooo ooo
lhasas are so true and i love you crissy poo!


I IS Berry Sick....

December 22nd 2009 10:17 am
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Deer Diarwee, I is in de hospital white now and I knowz my mommy and my daddy or worrweed sooo munch. I jist turned 12 on December 20th and to be honest, I dent feel good. I was shaking and I dent eat my birthday dinner or nothin'. Anddd you KNOW how munch I luff to eat my snacks!! Mommy was gonna take pixshures of me and all my pressies but I told-did her I dent feel good so she sayed we could wait. Yesterday I thunk-tid dat I was doin' a liddle bedder but what does a Shih-tzu know bout medicine? We knowz about our furiends, fashion, food and fun. Well, I laid awound most of de dey and den I tings gotted worse. I threw up seberal times. I just shook and laid awound and I dent say pawrayers wid de furmily as usual or play wid dem neider. I could tell Momma and Daddy were worrweed. Well, dis mornin' Mommy rushed me to de hospital cause I went outtide to potty and I couldn't climb de stairs at all. Mommy had to come and git me and carry me to de car and off we went-ted to de hospital. We dent eben haff an appointment but Mommy dent care. We gots dare white when dey opened. I haff to stay in de hospital fur white now and de dogtor sayed I had 104.2 fever and had to haff an IV and a cathutur (is dat a cat?) and gits a bunch of shots of antibiotic cause I gots a bad bacterial infection. My white blood cells are sky high and someting else was too but I furgets what it is. I can't tell ya how munch I preciate all of de wosettes and pawrayers cuz I kinda need dem and Mommy has tears dwippin' down her face when she reads de messages. Daddy has called from de office to see how I is and will keep on callin. De Dogtor asked if my pawrents had had de flu or someting wike dat dat I could catch. Mommy had de tummy flu but dat don't count. Dey haben't had no flu and had both kinds of flu wegular kind and de H1N1 kind. I haven't been wid no doggies or sick peoples so we don't know where I gots dis. I was on dat wong twip wid my pawrents at Thanksgiving but dat's been wong time so dat don't count.
Anyway, dear Diarwee, I wanted all my beloved furiends to know how much your pawrayers mean to our furmily. All my pawrents want fur Christmas is me to git well and ummm, dat's watt I want too cuz I gots my teechin' to do at de Furs N Fluff Lil Red Skool Haus in Dixieland. I miss all my onederfull studints and my furiends at Dixieland, PDPC, Tiny Paws and Fancy Pants and all de west of de luffly puppy gwoups. While I is westing at de hospital I is gonna say pawrayers fur all de udder sick puppy and kitties and also sick Mommies and daddies too. I gonna say a pawrayer fur my furiend Buttercup and also fur Vern and Chloe's Mommy who had her hips weplaced yesterday. She is doin' good tanks to yore pawrayers. I hurd de dogtor tell Mommy dat she should wait fur updates on me. Maybe if I wespond well to all de tings dey are doin' to me today, I can come home to be wid my Mommy and Daddy. I ownwee been widout dem fur one night in 12 years and dat's when I had my historwecktomee. (Dey don't do berry well widout me cuz i is dare BABY!!! I'll catch up waiter, dear diarwee....I shore am wucky to haff such onederful furiends dat care so munch and I would wike to especially tank Miss Dixie Monroe and Maxi fur askin' fur pawrayers. Tank you my dear furiends. I tink I will west now...Hey, dis cathatur makes me not haff to outtide to potty...Now dare is a pwan!!! Maybe I gots dis bacterial infection from not eatin'enuff gwits.......goin' to take a nappie nowwwwww.........luff you alllllllll!!!


What a 12th Barkday I had

December 21st 2009 5:58 am
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Deer Diarwee, I gots to start whitin' in my diarwee cuz my Yuji (he my boy furied and a Yankee and a famous song whiter sayed I needed to start whitin' so I am). Yesterday was my birfday and boy did I git spoiled by my furiends and furmily! De day started out wid a nice massage while I was lazin' round in my king sized bed. Dennnnn, Daddy served Mommy and me breakfast in bed. Yip, De breakfast in bed was weally fur ME, of course!!! My pawrents sung me Happy Birfday and den dey kissed on me!! I dent git no spankins dough. Watts a spankin'? I hab neber had one. Dennn, we WERE gonna take a bunches of pixsures after I got all foo-foo-ed up wid a baff and blow dwy butttt my Mommy den wemembered dat I was goin to de beauty shop and spa today so dat's where I is on Monday (today). Mommy sayed we would take de pixshures today. After all, a gurl wants her hairs to wook jist purrfect and to haff her nails done too. Tonight will be de pixsure takin' session. Oh, I hope de pawrents wait til my after dinner nap is ober! I gots watts and watts of pressies from my furiends from all ober de United States. I gots beeuteaful dwesses, coat, my berry own pillow case wid MY NAME on it sayin' ",Princess Crissy", toys, snacks (I luff snacks) andddd a weally cute warm fluffy sleepin' mat which rolls up to take anywhere. When you roll it up, it wooks jist wike a bone. Oh dear, I gotted sooo many luffly wosettes, stars and special gifts on my page too!!! I luff doze cuz dey duckerwate my page so preddy. I gots to go to de beauty shop now but will weport in tomorrow. Yuji, dahling, I will start whiting in my diarwee more. Wid my teechin' at de Furs N Fluffs Lil Red Skool Haus at Dixieland I gots my hands full. I is sendin' luff to all my furiends and a BIG BIG Tank you fur all of yore pressies and good wishes!!! I am also hopin' dat every buddy has a berry Merry Quistmas and a Happy Hanukkah dis year!!! Off to de spa and beauty shop....Bye bye, Diarwee....Kisses to all and a huge one to my YUJI!!!!!! (white on de lips too) Shhhhhh, don't tell Mommy!!!Luff, Quissy Edweena


I be tagged by Sedona!!!

October 19th 2009 10:34 am
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Hewo cutie pie teacho Miss Cwissy!!!

Yew been TAGGED! :)) (I hope dats OK efen dtho yewr my teacho!

I've been tagged by my furiend Hershey!

Here are the RULES of the game:

Answer all questions, post them in your diary, then tag 6 friends by sending a rosette or PawMail (I put my answers here to save you some time!)

1. What color is your collar? Wed
2. What kind of food do you eat? - ARGH - medicine dog food fur my liver -Hill's L/D canned and dwy food

3. What are your favorite treats? anyting I can lay my mouff on!

4. Do you have a Valentine or significant other? Ohhh, My Yuji, from New Yawk (eben dough he is a Yankee, I luffs dat boy)

5. Do you get table scraps?- ummm, carrots, gween beans, peas cuz dey won't hurt-ted my liver

6. What is your favorite toy? My pawrents are my favorbite toy. I kinda out grew Mr. Snoopy.

7. When is your Birthday? - My Birfday is Dec. 20th. Dis year I will be 12 years young.

8. How many times a day do you get to eat? - Wheneber I want I haff de Hill's L/D dwy food but de canned food I eats at night.

9. Do you have a favorite color? - I luff dem all!!

10. Do you hope all your pals put this in their diary? - Oh Yowl!!!

Hope to see your answers soon!

I gonna tag:

Pippey aka LP
Bailwee aka Bailey


I Gots TwoubleWhite Here in River City....

September 28th 2009 7:27 am
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Hellwoo, Diarwee. I haven't written in a while but Mommy sayed maybe I would feel bedder if I wrote a liddle entree in my diarwee.
Bout six weeks ago I gots a bad tummy ache. It was so bad dat my pawrents actually called de Vet at 1:30 AM cuz I was moanin' and whimperin'.....someting I had neber done before. Den I threw up. Dat did it. Mommy sayed she wasn't gonna take any chances and called de Vet. I gotted a blood test and it showed dat my liver had an infection in it and I don't eben dwink awcohall. I wented in to de Vet's office and take took some blood from my paw. I was brave and dent eben move at all. De test showed my liver enzymes were off and raised up. Sooo de doctor sayed I had to go on some new dogfood dat had medicine in it. It was ruff not gettin' nuthin' but my special medicine dog food. After all, I AM a Shih-tzu princess diva and I deserve de best snacks. Well, no more snackies fur me. Mommy and Daddy followed de doctor's structions zactly and den on Fwiday I went-ted back to de doctor. Mommy was not prepared fur anyting but gweat wesults. Well, de doctor sent us home and den called wid de results.My liber had gotten worse instead of bedder. Now I is on a pill called Denosyl as well as de yucky medicine dogfood. I haff to take de pill one hour before I can eat de yucky food.
The blood wesults were quite a bit higher den before so we were shocked! De Vet is going to call us today to check on me. She knowz how munch Mommy and Daddy luff me and worrwee bout me. I had been weally lucky fur all of my eleven years and now dis is gonna be a life long ting. Fortunately, I haffa furiend, Cali who has been so helpful in sharing information wid me cuz she gots liver problems too. Tank you, Miss Cali fur all yore phone calls and emails. I gots watts of furiends pawrayin' fur me. I gots to get well cuz I haff to be with my pawrents cuz dey need and luff me so munch. I shore would preciate pawrayers and my furiend Maxi is stompin; fur me and so is Georgie and Duffy and Toby de kitty cat and Wosie. Miss Dixie is helpin' pep me up too and so is Lord Pippen and Chloe de Teach. Ya see I teach a quass on Dixieland ebery day. It's called de Furs N Fluffs Lil Red Skool Dixieland. We gots homework ebery day and den we gots watts of studints who come and study anddd, ummm, well, dey kinda act up but I luff dem all. It's a watt of fun cuz we haff so many brilliant pups and kitties. I gots to get well so I can keep on teachin'. Oh, I founded out dat Shih-tzus haff a smaller liber den udder doggies. (Dat's cuz we gots such big hearts, I betcha) sooo dis can be a problum fur us. I shore do tank all of my furiends fur pawrayin' fur me and sturf. I gots to keep my Mommy and Daddy's spirits up white now cuz I can tell dat dey are so worrweed and I saw tears in my Mommy's eyes on seberal occasions. I will keep you informed, dear diarwee...I haven't told my Yuji bout dis yet. He is a song whiter ya know and I hate to bodder him when he is a Broadway whiter of song and lyric. I am keepin' all of de dear doggies and kitties in my pawrayers ebery nite...all of dem!! I will twy to start whitin' in my diarwee more. In de meantime, I will twy ti keep up my teachin' and my shrinkin' in my West and East Coast Psychiatwick offices too. Just hope my furiends know how munch I luff dem!!! More later....Quissy Edweena, GED (Grit Eatin' Dog)

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