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Leash Your Fitness

August 28th 2012 7:15 am
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Mom signed us up for a new class called Leash Your Fitness. It's an exercice class and an obedience class all at the same time! Our first class was last week and wow, was it ever hard. We jogged, ran back and forth, had to swerve around obstacles and everything. I had to sit/stay, or down/stay, when Mom did push-ups or jumping jacks. It was hard because there were other dogs close and I had to stay focused on Mom. She was proud of me though, she said I did good. One of the teacher's is our friend and she thinks I'll do even better next time!


Brenda Aloff - Get Connected

August 28th 2012 7:11 am
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I am the luckiest girl around! Last spring I got to attend a training seminar with Mom with Brenda Aloff. It was really hard because I had to focus even when other dogs were there (I don't like other dogs if I'm leashed...), but Mom learned lots about helping me get better. We're closer than ever!

Mom here; the seminar was an incredible experience for me. Being a pet owner, and not a trainer, I didn't know if I should attend, but my friend convinced me to go. It was amazing. Brenda Aloff's protocol is exactly what I've been looking for. Positive training but with corrections when needed. By corrections, I don't mean physically hitting or anything; a correction can be as simple as walking into a dogs' space. I was tired of trying to get results with Positive Reinforcement only; sometimes I just wanted to say "Hey, smarten up doggies, you know better!". The Get Connected Protocol is great and I'm still learning about it, but am still very excited to be using it. The main objective is to have a better connection with your dog, teach them to focus on you and that they can trust you 100%. This is going to help with all our dogs: Jagger with his nervousness, Layla with her reactivity and Zeppelin with his anxiety. :)



January 24th 2012 1:31 pm
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Well, as you may know, Zeppelin's been getting super duper meals lately. Can you believe it, he's getting RAW MEAT! I'm still gobbling up my kibble (I do love to eat), but I would really love to get some meat too! Mom told me in secret that she's trying to find a way to get meat for a good price, so we can all have raw! :) Paws crossed!



Could I be super?

November 4th 2011 6:15 am
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So Mommy went to see a neat show a few weeks ago Superdogs.

I guess it was good because she talked about it for days, yeesh. Now she wants ME to be a Superdog! I think that's crazy talk, but she says I'm smart and easy to train. Of course I'm smart, I knew that! Zeppelin's been doing all sorts of activities with her and now it's my turn (yay!). She says her trainer friend is coming over to help me learn to be nice on a leash (I tend to get a little rowdy when I meet other pups and I'm tied up). After that, the sky's the limit!

Wish me luck!

Layla, the next Superdog extraodinaire


May 13th 2011 2:33 pm
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Hey there pup pals!

Just wanted to drop by and tell you that we're still around. Mom's been pretty busy with all sorts of stuff and hasn't had much chance to hang out on Dogster these last months. She misses it though! Hopefully she can fit in a few minutes here and there to keep in touch.

take care and watch out for those squirrels!

Princess Layla


My birthday!!

February 26th 2011 11:38 am
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So today is my birthday! Well it's actually the day I was adopted, so I think it's my adoption birthday. Either way, I'm liking it until now: Mom and Dad are really spoiling me. And I'm lucky because we got a big (BIG) snow storm yesterday and I LOVE snow! We get to go out and play in the snow later. Yay! I've been in my home for 1 year today and I couldn't be happier! Hip Hip Hooray!



The daily routine in my new home

June 26th 2010 6:32 pm
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I've been in my home for several months now and I am really liking it. I'm all settled in and I think Mom and Dad were surprised to see how much energy I really have. Here's why I love my home:
- We get to go for walks and even runs when Mom wears her roller blades!
- We get Kongs or bones or chews every few days.
- I get LOTS of cuddling and sometimes am allowed on the couch. But I don't stay long; it's too warm.
- Zeppelin and I play in the yard every day. And we get to play fetch with Mom or Dad too!
- I have breakfast AND supper every single day, and it's really yummy.
- Mom takes me for walks by myself sometimes and I love it because I get treats just for walking beside her, it's crazy! (Mom here: we have yet to get Layla to walk nicely if the other dogs are there)
- We go for drives all the time: Mom and Dad bring us almost everywhere.
- I'm almost never alone; Jagger and Zeppelin are home wih me when Mom and Dad aren't. I like that.

So, my home is the best! I love it here and plan to stay. I'm so lucky Mom and Dad found me at the SPCA and I think they know it. They keep saying they are sure I am thankful and they are right!

Take care pups!


Oouuhhh that smell!

April 29th 2010 6:55 pm
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Last weekend was my first camping trip. Mom and Dad packed the VW and off we went to visit some family. It was a long drive, but Zeppelin, Jagger and I were pretty comfy in the back of the camper. We had lots of fun running in the field and jumping in the stream. I really like swimming, hehe. So Saturday night Mom let us out of the camper to go pee one last time before we settled in for bed. Zep and I were wandering around the woods, and we spotted something! Off we went!! I think Mom was trying to tell us something, but I admit, I wasn't really listening. C'mon! This thing was running away; we had to catch it. When we got close, it growled at us and then peed on us!! When we got out of the woods, Mom said "Oh my Dog they got skunked!"

Mom and Dad weren't very happy... we had to sleep in the garage because we stank so much. The next day, we had to have a bath outside with funny soap and really cold water because they wouldn't let us in the house. :o( I hope I never meet a skunk again because I still smell stinky! it's terribly unlady like!


whoa! That was yummy!

April 16th 2010 8:44 pm
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Today we got a very special treat, but keep it on the downlow because Mom says Dad doesn't like them. We each got a piece of raw chiken leg! Wow, I can't believe how good that was! Chew chew, crunch crunch and it was gone. But it's ok, Mom said there's more. She feeds us outside when Dad is away because the sound (and idea) of it freaks him out. Oh well, I can't wait til we get to have the rest!


This is the life!

April 16th 2010 8:42 pm
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So, I've been in my home for 9 weeks now and I still LOVE it! Mom bought me this really nice matching collar and leash: it's purple! Jelly Roll

While she was shopping for me (this was several weeks ago), she ended up buying a collar/leash set for Jagger AND Zeppelin. So we all look fantastic! ANYWAY, yesterday Mom came home with ANOTHER collar and leash for me. This one is deep pink and I just love it. Check it out: Plum Blossum

That's not all that's new: I'm learning to follow Mom closely when she takes me on walks (I already do that in the house, so it's not that hard). She uses this "Click" that means I get a treat, and she says I'm getting a lot better at walking on a leash. It's hard to stay focused though, especially with all those smells and so much to discover! C'mon, a girl's gotta have some adventure!

Mom said next week we're starting a "class" together. It's a Foundation Class for flyball and/or agility or just to teach a dog how to think. It sounds like fun to me!

Other than that, I really like the Kongs, oh and bones! Mom and Dad are always trading my bones for hot dogs or something. I don't mind, I get them back sometimes, so it's ok! But I'm still scared the boys will try to steal them, so I get to eat my bones in my home (kennel).

Well, I hope every dog out there finds a home as good as mine! and for all of you dogs that have never been on the street: I hope you know how lucky you are. Love your humans for they love you!

Peace out

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