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Trying to be good!

Missing everyone!

January 29th 2012 6:04 am
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Im missing all my friends so much! I havent been here in so long because mom doesnt have internet except on her phone!! She says she had trouble getting to my page... So, she will be getting the "net" soon and we will be back to fill you in on all the details of our past year! Hope all my pup pals are doing well and havent forgotten me. I will talk to you all soon!!!


I have been sooooo sick!!

August 5th 2010 4:08 am
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Friday (7-30) was my birthday! I got so many nice gifts from my friends on Dogster!! Thank you so much!I had a wonderful birthday, daddy made me my own special goodie burger on the grill! Then..Monday night I got into mommy's purse and got mommy's ibuprofin bottle out. I got it open while mommy was on the phone. Then daddy saw the pills on the floor!! I got so sick. Mommy put me outside and when she came out, i felt really bad. I had foam coming out of my mouth. Mommy was so scared. She called my vet dr. and she told mommy to try to get me to drink lots of water. But i kept getting sick. Then i got so so sleepy! So i wanted to sleep, and mommy was laying beside me crying. I felt bad for her and tried to raise my head, but i was sleepy! Daddy went to get me some Pepcid because the dr. told mommy that would help my belly. Mommy was afraid I wouldn't wake up. She said she shouldn't have left her purse on the floor. All night I was sick and pooped and pooped!! So the next day mommy got me goodies. She got me some stuff called Pedialite and chicken broth and soft food and even Gatorade! My Uncle drinks that!!Mommy got me some! So on Wenesday I began to feel better and mommy was so happy! She hugs me all the time! I just dont like it when she puts the Pepcid pill in my throat! Uck! Im still having some poopy issues but mommy isnt mad at me. She said she loves me soooo much and she is happy I am still with her and that she didnt want me to go to heaven. I am never getting in mommy's purse ever, ever again! Mommy say's she will never leave her purse on the floor again!


I love vanilla ice cream!!

April 24th 2010 1:38 pm
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Last weekend daddy, mommy and I went to the gas station where they have all these different flavors of ice cream!! Mommy brought me out a cup of vanilla and it was good!! I never had icecream before, it was so cold! Then today daddy went to the auction while mommy was working and got me a whole box of stuffed animals!! He said he isnt buying anymore expensive toys from Wal-Mart, because I chew them up too fast. I love the auction toys just as much! Then... tomorrow mommy says since she doesnt have to work, that we are all going to Petsmart to get me some new chewies!! I love walking down the aisles where the bones are because I can pick my own!! Sometimes when we have company come over with their puppies, I will share my chewies with them. Mommy and daddy are so happy with me when they come home from work because i dont make pee messes on the floor!! No poop either, and that makes daddy very happy because when he sees poop, he makes this funny noise with his tounge hanging out!! I think mommy says gagging! We laugh at daddy. I guess i am spoiled, thats what dad says, but they love me so much! Daddy said i got my tail cut off by a lawnmower and mommy says someone bit it off and put it in a hotdog bun?? They think my little nubby is cute.


It pays to be good!!

March 19th 2010 2:58 pm
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Mommy started a new job this week! She is gone all day! From dark in the morning untill the school busses let those noisy kids out! She was so worried that if she and daddy were both gone during the day that I would use the floor as my toilet. She told daddy that she couldnt put me in my cage for 8 hours after being in there all night. Daddy and her blocked off the laundry room and put all my chewies and toys in there. So they went to work, I didnt know where they went!! Mommy was so worried because she told daddy that I was doing so good learning not to pee in the house, they didnt want me to start going in the house again. But mommy was so happy when she came home and found the floor totally clean!! Oh my gosh! Here we go with the kisses and squeezes!! She wouldnt let me go!! I held it all day and she wants to squeeze me??????? Silly silly mommy!! She is so lucky I am getting good at holding it!! So after she let me out, she gave me all kinds of treats! Then when daddy came home, she told him I was a good boy!! I think,,, she may be planning to get me a small dish of ice cream from the gas station!! It pays to be good!! Mommy and daddy are so proud of me!!!


It's Friday!!

March 12th 2010 4:54 am
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Today is a good day because yesterday my moms friend brought her a bag of Dingo flavored dog chews! She said her dog loves them and mommy had never heard of them yet so she suprised mommy with a bag of assorted flavors for me!! She is so nice! So I tried one, and they are so good! They are little so I can flip it around in the air! Mommy really is leary of giving me anything that she can't read the label. She recently read Rosies (RIP) story about how she was poisoned and died from contaminated treats from China!! Rosie's mommy is very sad and it made my mommy cry!! Now mommy is so mad at Wal Mart because when they sold contaminated treats from China, they tried to brush it under the "rug", mom calls it that, I dont understand what they are putting under a rug? She says Wal Mart sells alot of stuff made in China and that they even sold contaminated childrens toys from China which got recalled. Mommy says Wal Mart doesnt care, And it's all about money! She goes on a web sight called Wake up Wal Mart, and has now boycotted the store. BUT, I saw her go in there the other day because she said coffee was on sale! Hmmm? But Wal Mart makes mom cuss because she says people talk and block the aisles. lol Anyway, now her and dad go buy me treats and she told daddy not to get me stuff from China and told him about Rosie and the thousands of dogs that died. So they are in the store forever reading labels and I wait in the car. Cmon, getting tierd of waiting here! Daddy tells mommy when they go to the store that Jackie boy doesn't need any more treats or chewies?? He says I have bunches now! I guess I am a little spoiled. You know what though? Right after daddy says that,,, he buys me a toy or chewies!! Mommy laughs at daddy. She gives me treats because i havent peed on the carpet!! She is funny! When she sees me pee outside, she yells Good job Jackie!! She picks me up and kisses the side of my face! We have to go get a new leash today as my mom and dad lost my leash after we went to the auction the other day. They take me to these auctions and people fuss over me and say Im cute. I dont really like these auctions as a guy stands up yelling and talking loud! Have a good weekend everyone!! If you want to read Rosies story, she is in my corral!!


One Month

February 18th 2010 5:58 pm
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Well today the 17th of Feb. marks one month i've been with mommy and daddy. So far, I think alls going pretty well. Its adapting on both parts. On their part, they have to accept that accidents happen, that mom has to look before turning around, as I may be under her feet, also when its cold outside, I still need to go out, and that when they are drinking that blessed first cup of coffee and trying to wake up, that I hear them talking and miss them! I want them to come get me right now!! So I let them know, LOUDLY. But they dont care, and ive done better, I let them get that first cup down now before I bark, sometimes two cups. Ive adapted to some things also, change is not easy. I mean, Id really rather just pee on the carpet cause its cold outside. Im trying to work on that. I need to remember that dad gets up early in the morning, so I need to settle down at night just a little more. Gosh at the breeders, when me and my buds were in our cages, we would bark at each other all night! They didnt care about sleeping, cause we napped thru the day. Dad says he cant do that or he will loose his job, then no more treats for me! I know they love me. Mommy told me today, that she loves me bunches..then squeezed me real hard!! uummph. I thought for sure one of us would have an accident if she didnt let me go! I know daddy loves to see me when he comes home! He thinks it is funny that I run in circles. I think we will be ok!


Moms gonna make me goodies!!

February 17th 2010 7:57 pm
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Boy! Mom has been on dogster all the time! She is making friends with Howards mom who is giving her all these totally yummy recipes!! She even gave mom ideas on a frame to put my picture in! The treats probably wont get made soon as she is always on the computer!! Maybe this weekend?? The frame, well I love mommy,,, but.. she isnt very good at crafts, or measuring or tools of any sort really. Dad will surely have to help her. She is doing better today with her ideas for Kong treats! She put away the yogurt and apples, which I hated!! Today she put some bologna and cheese in it!! I thinks she was a little dissapointed as I got it out pretty quickly and she thought she had stuffed it pretty good. Silly mom.. I also had a couple of accidents today while my moms friend was visiting. I came right out to the kitchen in front of them and ooopppsss before I knew it, there was pee and mom was getting up with that look on her face. Jack! No! UH OH. I know she had just let me in from my pee break outside, but gosh she yells my name so loud!! Then there was the other incident on the living room carpet....I think she is upset because she had told everyone that i had'nt had an accident in so long, and then 2 in a row.. So I got some time out in my cage, which is where some of my cool toys are!!! Mommy is funny, maybe next time i am on lock down she should take the toys out first. But tomorow is a new day and I know when she gets up in the morning she will give me hugs and kisses!!


Mommy and my Kong!! Ughhh

February 16th 2010 4:22 am
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Mommy read about other moms buying Kongs for their puppies. She went right out, bought me a Kong. She went to the store and bought all kinds of fruit and yogurt and couldnt wait to get home to mix up a concoction of yumminess to fill my toy with. She put penut butter with some yogurt, a little bit of apple and some banana and was so happy filling my Kong, you'd think she was going to eat it!! So with great anticipation..she put it down in frount of me. I think she wanted me to devour it! But ummm... yech!!! Smells funny! :( Then she put some on the end of my lip, trying to make me taste it!!! Still yech!! I could see she was so dissapointed as dad told her, "he doesnt like it". So mommy, determined to get me to love my new Kong, went and washed all the yech out of it, then filled it with my favorite treats! Well that was ok as long as the treat was easy to get to, but once the treat got harder to reach, well, I have better things to do!! So today she read a note from Howards mom suggesting putting cheese in it!! Uh Oh, she's looking for the Kong!! Maybe I will try the cheese, poor Mommy...


Trying to be good

February 8th 2010 5:29 am
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I lived in a kennel most all the time before mom and dad came to get me, so things are much different now!! They want me to change all the stuff I used to do!! For example, I used to be allowed to poop and pee in my cage if I want to, I mean it's my cage right? Mom and dad say I make the house stink when I do this! Pop gags when he takes me out in the morning, so mom usually has to clean my blanket! Pop washes my paws with soap and water and a potato brush because he doesnt want me tracking poo through the carpet! I think they are a little uptight but I dont know! They really get upset when i use the floor for the toilet!! Mom cleans it with Pinesol so I wont smell where I went! They even swatted my butt! Not hard, but it hurt my feelings! Then when i peed outside, I got kisses and hugs and treats!! I still have accidents, but mom and dad love me and they will help me learn!

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