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I'm not fat! I just need a haircut !

March 24th 2005 3:03 pm
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My Grandpa says I'm getting a little "thick in the middle" . I admit, I haven't exercised much lately and I do love my treats. Maybe even watched a little too much Animal Planet. I might be a pound or so heavier than last year ..but "THICK"? Mom says I just need a haircut. Yeah...thats it! Hair COULD add a pound or so. I'll get a grooming and be back in my speedo in no time. Wait, I dont wear speedo's.... nobody wears speedo's do they?


I love Golf!

March 8th 2005 8:54 pm
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Oh boy! Mom and Dad are taking up golf ! They practice in the backyard with plastic balls and I get to fetch them and bring em back! Dont tell mom, but I dont always bring em back. I got a few stashed here and there in case there's a ball shortage. It's great ! I cant wait to hit the golf courses ! Mom thinks I'm going to let her go without me. Just wait....


Poodles can be boys too !

January 20th 2005 8:00 pm
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Is there some rule that says poodles are always girls? Why do strangers refer to me as a she ? I just don't get it. Yes, I had "the operation" when I was younger...but I'm still 100% boy even though I'm missing a couple parts. In fact... I dont even miss them! All I ask is for humans to take a closer look before they make this mistake. Dog's never make this who's smarter eh???? Hmmmm????


Must Destroy Playstation 2

October 15th 2004 1:32 pm
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Mom and dad have this thing called a Playstation 2. Whatever it is, it seems to put them into some sort of hypnotic trance where all external distractions like cute poodles disappear. They only play for about half an hour, but thats far too long in my book. Poodles require undivided attention. I've tried all the cute tricks and faces...I even ran around and got my legs all tangled in the cords and unplugged the controller things in their hands. Nothing works. Now I must destroy the competing Playstation. Any one else out there willing to join this cause, please contact me. We will secretly plan a covert operation to rid our houses of any and all Playstations. My mom doesnt suspect a thing. She doesnt even know that I've learned to type and I'm using her computer when she's playing that stupid game. Never underestimate a Poodle... We're not just another pretty face.



September 24th 2004 3:58 pm
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Mom took me to work today. I did pretty well for my first day. I Checked the perimeter of the office for any suspicious activity and made frequent rounds about every 10 minutes. I successfully acquired a little bit of a donut, some pistachios and some tuna fish sandwich for lunch. After lunch....well...after lunch I mostly slept but barked occasionally so the boss wouldn't think I'm sleepin' on the job. was a good day. Is it 5 yet?


Barked in the Park

September 18th 2004 1:13 pm
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Today my mom took me to Bark in the Park. It's a Humane Society sponsored event where I can go to check out the ladies and make new friends. My funky haircut is growing out , so I dont look so silly. I'll tell ya though, I didnt look half as silly as some of the other dogs. Their mommy's dress them up in ridiculous clothing with hats, shoes, name it. I even saw another dog dressed as a CAT ! How humiliating! If my mom did that to me, a lousy haircut would be the least of my worries.


Flat Top

September 14th 2004 1:55 pm
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Dad cut my hair and gave me a crew cut. Mom laughed and told me thats how grandpa wore his hair when he was a young man. I have to admit it looked cool on him...but that was 50 years ago! I'm a modern poodle! What about my image? What are the ladies going to think?

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