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The life of a Queen

It's My Birthday!!

March 17th 2007 11:53 am
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I'm so excited because it is my birthday today!! Mom sang me Happy Birthday as soon as I woke up!! Mom and Baylee gave me a new mauve harness and leash and two new toys!! I love them!! Mom also bought my sucky sister some presents too because Mom knew she would be upset if she didn't get anything!!
I am in the best group called Minpin Manchester Mania and they have a birthday club that we ( me and my sister, because mom didn't want her to feel left out) joined! So for all the pups birthdays we send out birthday gifts!! It's so much fun to celebrate all these pups birthdays!!
Well today was my turn!! I openned gifts from my friends Gibbon, Endo, Chaz, Bella, Peyton, Denali, Kiki, and Ravan this morning!! It was much fun!!! I will have to tell you what I got later because I don't want to ruin the surprize tonight for my MPMM birthday pawty!!
I can't wait for the gifts from my other friends too!! I just feel so special!! Thanks everyone!!


Mom's Sick

March 8th 2005 5:18 pm
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Well Mom was sick today. I love when she is sick (sorry mom). It just means more cuddle time for me. Under the covers and in bed all day. This is the life! I don't really get why she has to go to work everyday anyway. I don't think she even wants to leave us every day. So why go? She keeps telling me about how she has to pay bills, what ever they are. She did mention that if she didn't work that she would not have the money to get me all the treats, clothes and toys that I am so accustom to. So only work long enough for that stuff. That's the important stuff. Forget the bills their not important. Anyway, time for more cuddles. Talk to you soon.


Snow =(

January 22nd 2005 9:15 pm
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Well it snowed again today. I don't know what Baylee sees in that stuff, but I don't even want to go in long enough to...(well you know). Baylee looked like she was having so much fun that I thought I would give it a try. It was fun for all of 10 seconds. After that I couldn't even feel my nose. It was practically over my head! All Baylee wanted to do was play, even though she could clearly see that I was turning into an ice cube! How inconsiderate! I was even too cold to eat my breakfast when I came in. I just wanted to curl in that nice warm bed. Finally Mom wrapped me up in a blanket and cuddled me until the chill went away. I'll have to repay her some how. Maybe I can get rid of some of those bills that she is always complaining about.
On top of the snow being so cold it also took my mom away. She had to go out and shovel all that cold stuff away. Boy a double whammy. I can't wait until it is summer again that way all the no good snow will be gone and Mom will be home all the time. Hurry July!


Why does there have to be kids?

January 20th 2005 7:42 pm
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I was at Grandma's and Grandpa's with Mom and Baylee waiting for Grandpa to come home so I could give him his daily face wash (what did he do before me?) . He finally comes home at 4:30 but in behind him comes one of those "kids" . At least it was just the big one though. I don't know what Baylee sees in those little humans but they scare the fur off of me. Of course what does he want to do when he comes in, touch me !! ugh I kissed his hand thinking that it would make him happy and he would go away. The kid took that as a sign that I liked him and tried to hug me. Finally my mom stepped in (far to late as far as I'm concerned) and told him to just pet me under my chin and to let me get use to him. I don't know if I can ever get used to those fast moving smaller ones but I guess because mom wants me to I can try to used to this bigger one. I just wish he didn't try to hug me I 've got an image to upkeep here. Finally he left and I was able to sit on mom's lap peacefully. At least Baylee kept him occupied for part of the visit. She actually likes to play with him and listens to him. What a disgrace!

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