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March 25th 2007

January 30th 2007

Stacey Mae wasn't just any dog she was loved from all around the world. She brought so much joy to those in the nursing home and hospitals. Stacey was well know on Facebook ( TBP) with close to 25,000 followers. The summer of 2011 Stacey won the Hero Dog Awards that was presented by the American Humane Association ( She and 8 other dogs were awarded the Hero Dog award for their hard work and dedication. Here's the other finalist ( -finalists/) A film crew flew in from L.A and fallowed us around the nursing home for the day to get a look at what we do. Here's the final product ( it aired on the Hallmark Channel in fall of 2011. We were flown to L.A and stayed 2 nights at the Beverly Hilton. They had a big awards ceremony for all 8 dogs including Stacey Mae. Betty White, Victoria Stilwell and many other celebrities were there. It was a night that we would always remember. October 6th 2012 - The 2012 Hero Dog awards show was just getting ready to start when Stacey Mae Suddenly passed at home. We were suppose to be at the awards show that night in L.A as we were invited back as "celebrity" Judge. News spread fast about Stacey's passing. She was a great dog who left a great legacy. She will forever be loved and missed by everyone who was touched by her.

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The Life of A Dog

February 4th 2010 3:22 pm
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I am here laying on the cold exam table being petted and having my humans saying that they love me. I know what going to happen after this. I fought so hard to stay with them I just can’t fight any longer. In a few minutes I am going to make my journey. While I sit on the table I think back to the time I had with my humans. They gave me many wonderful years and protected me.

I came into this world on a cold November morning. My mom took good care of me when I was young. I was the only one to survive in the litter. I miss my other littermates. I guess the good thing about being the only puppy is that I get the most attention from my mom. Today is my first time trying dry food. Its hard and crunchy I thought to myself I think I like this…I really do. I still like the warmth of my mom’s milk though.

Today I ate that good dry food today. My mom likes it a lot as well. I got my name picked out today the humans call me Dharma. The humans also said I have gotten big. Now I can see some of the things that I wasn’t able to see before. I also noticed my legs got long. They are like bigger then my body. Is that even possible?

My humans said to me that I am going to a new home tomorrow. I thought this was my home. My mom is here and the humans who I have known for the 10 months of my life is here. I can’t leave them. Did I do anything wrong? They keep saying that the new home I am going to like. It’s up in the mountains and there is another dog and horses. Horses what are they? Are they bigger or smaller then me? I guess I will have to wait and find out.

Today my humans woke me up early. They took me outside to go to the bathroom and to have one good play with my mom. They told me to get into this crate in the car and we headed off. I feel like I was in the car for a long time. Then it stopped. I could see a little bit out of the crate not much. All I saw was a bunch of these things called cars. The door opened and my humans were there. They opened the crate door and let me out. There were so many people there. I wanted to say hi to everyone there. They all said I was very cute. Who wouldn’t say I was? I mean look at it this way I am a 10-month-old puppy with long legs.

When we got inside we went to this counter place. They put a tag on the handle of my crate. The people on the other side of the counter took me. I was placed onto this thing that moved. I was very scared. I was no longer with the people I knew. I got pretty tired and fell asleep. I woke up to a jolt. I was being placed into a thing what they called an airplane. I wanted to be with my mom and humans so bad. I was just so scared. I wined for quite a while and then fell asleep.

I opened my eyes and the door to the airplane was opening. They took me and placed me on this cart thing with a lot of luggage. There were no other dogs there. Was I the only one? I was put onto this thing that spun around in circles. Not sure what you called it. When I looked there were a lot of people there. Then someone grabbed my crate and placed me down on the ground. They opened the crate and started to pet me.

I guess this is my new family. They said was I very cute and wiggly. Don’t all puppies wiggle? They said that there is another dog waiting for me at home my ears perked up at the word of dog. There’s another one of me at the house. They loaded me into a red truck. And said we have a long drive a head of us. I wonder how long they meant long was. Who knows I guess I will just wait and see.

I heard the humans voice saying that we are home. I sat up as fast as I can, it didn’t look anything like my home. It’s a whole new place. I saw new creatures they called them horses. They said they could kick hard. So I don’t plan going near them. I saw something running towards the tuck it’s another dog. I wanted to get out so badly and to see the and play with the other dog. The truck stopped and my human got out and opened my door. He said welcome home. I guess this place isn’t all that bad I thought to myself.

I started to play with the other dog. She wasn’t as fast as me. She was an older dog but it was fun to play with her. I went inside and there were cats. We had them back at my old home. They had a little grey and white kitten name Ace. He was so little compared to me. He and I became really good friends. We laid next to each other every day we got the chance to.

Life at this new home was great. I miss my mom though but here I got more friends. Like Ace and Tasha. She is a great playmate for me. My Humans still call me Dharma but call me different names. They said they want to find a name that fit’s me the most.

One day I was running down this little hill and well there was a flower. So I ran down to the flower and smelled it but I forgot to tell my back legs to stop. At one point my legs were in front of me and I tumbled down the rest of the hill. When I got up I looked at my humans and they just started laughing. They said that was graceful and well that’s how I got my name. They called me Gracie. I will never forget the day I got my second name. It’s so important it’s what they call me. I like the name Gracie it fits me so well.

A few weeks later they said someone new was coming. New people are always fun to meet. Who knows they might become your best friend. I didn’t know it at the time but this new person will become my best friend and I will become hers and later in life save hers.
I saw the red truck pull up to the house and started to howl. I saw someone new come out of the back. It was the new person. She was so little compared to me. I went up and jumped because I was happy. She petted me on my head and said good girl. I like to hear that words “good girl”. When we were inside she would sneak me some “ people food” that stuff was good stuff.

The other cat, Azul had gone missing. He was like a dog, like me. He loved to go on walks and fallow you around. It seamed forever since he was missing. I guess I can try to help them find them. I looked around the house many times no luck. Someone came in and said they found him. Turns out that he had been and killed. We all miss him very much. After that happened Ace got eaten, he was my best friend how could I let that happen to him. I search the house for him hoping I will find him. I looked in the spots were we use to lay with each other and his hiding spots. I can’t find him I miss him so much.

As time went by this got easier I still think about my friend at times. I still got Tasha and the horses. They are good friends. Tasha seams to be slowing down some. It’s harder for her to get up but. My humans were telling me how Tasha had got kicked by a horse and went flying in the air. After I heard that story I never went near a horse again. Afraid that would happen to me.

I was sitting in the sun one day and I saw all these weird legged things with antlers. When they ran they bounced. They could jump over fences and such. It was so cool to see. I got up and started to chase them and I heard my name “ Gracie get back here now” I am in trouble I thought to myself. My human was very mad at me he said, “ you know better then chasing them, and we want to see them. We don’t want them to be scared of us”. After that I didn’t chase them again. I would watch them in the distance. They are fun to watch.

Many years had gone by I grew older and wiser. I knew when to bark and when not to bark. I knew the right from the wrong and my ABC’S… well not really. I did many things for my humans and helped them when I could. My human named Maria and I would do everything together. Okay… not everything but it seamed like it.

She liked when I slept in her bed with her and I would make her smile by licking her face. She still gave me people food like when I was little. It was so good. She would tell me how much I meant to her and how she was lucky to have a dog like me.

One day her friend Jessica came over. We were playing down in the ditches. While they played I lay down and kept my guarded on. All of sudden I herd Maria and her friend Jessica yelling my name. There was a dog on Maria. He was hurting her and her friend. I ran over and got the dog off her and I got between them and protected them. It was my job as a dog and a friend to protect my master.

After I chased the dog away she came running over to me and told me I was a good dog and that she loves me so much. I licked her face multiple times to tell her I love her too. I never left her side after that. She called me her little shadow. It was so cool I was her shadow.

One of the things I hated when she had to go back home. I never knew when the next time I would see her again. When she called I would talk to her on the phone. When I heard her voice I would lick the phone. I missed her so much.

She came out over the summers for two months. This one summer could have been my last. We were getting work done on the house. And the humans opened the barn door. I went inside and saw this box on the floor. I wasn’t sure what it was but it tasted good. Then someone came in and ran over to me pulled the box from me and called my humans. They said I ate poison and they need to come as fast as they could. When they got there they gave me this stuff to make me vomit. I felt better after that. The people at the house saved my life. I was having a bad day that day. I had seizures in the morning but I mostly felt bad for my humans I worried them so much.

I worried them the most of Christmas of 2007. I had many seizures and was unable to get up. They rushed me to the vet. I was unable to be there on Christmas. They missed me so much I knew they did. I know Maria did she loved spending Christmas with me next Christmas I will be with her I thought at the time.

I knew I was getting old I wasn’t able to get up like I use to. Going up the stairs with Maria was getting harder but she helped me. She gave me my pills for my seizures in the morning and night. She sat outside with me to make sure I ate. She helped me so much threw my final years.

The summer of 2008 would be my last time with her. We spent two wonderful months together. She took me on walks and gave me biscuits and took many photos of me. I think she knew this would be the last time. I stayed strong for her and still made her smile and laugh. When we went on walks she would pack food for us and we would eat and she would tell me that I was very special to her. I still remember the last time I saw her. She petted me and told me that she loved me and I licked her face.

She also said that she would be coming out for Christmas to see me since she loved me. I am not able to be there for Christmas. She will be upset; I hope she remembers all the good times we had together. My human said that he was going to go see her and her school. I wish I could of gone like the time I did when she was little.

Before he left he said that he loved me and said goodbye. I think he knew there was a chance that he wouldn’t be seeing me again. He had a friend of his come and takes care of my pack and me. I started to have seizures again and they wouldn’t stop I knew this was it. It’s going to get the best of me. I was rushed to the vets and they said I was very lucky because I almost didn’t come out of them. I got better threw the days. My back legs were weak I needed assistance to walk around. They found if they placed my food onto the other side of the room I would get up and eat it. Who wouldn’t get up and eat their food.

They told me my humans called to check on me. That made me feel good since I knew the loved me. I spent a good week in the vets and went home on a October 26th it felt so good to be home. I still needed some assistance but was able to get around.

One morning I was eating and I guess I ate to fast. My stomach had twisted it hurt so bad. I went inside and my human realized something was wrong since my stomach was bigger then normal. They took me down to the vet and I had to have emergency surgery. That surgery saved my life the next day I was able to come home. I was uncomfortable lying down was hard for me.

November 2 I got better I felt like I did. My humans said I was getting better. Those made me feel good. My pack knew I was sick so they left me alone most of the time witch was good. Then today I didn’t feel good I wondered off and laid under a tree. My humans called my name and looked for me then they found me. They put me on a blanket and laid me in the truck. They told me how good I was to them and that I was there for them. I knew that this, I would be making the journey today. They brought me inside and I found out I had an infection and that my blood pressure was too low to do anything. So here I am here laying on the cold exam table being petted and having my humans saying that they love me. They said Maria would miss me very much. I lifted up my head and licked their hand multiple times.

I knew Maria would want to be here at this time. Things just didn’t work out that way. I knew she loved me thought she told me every day. Here comes the vet my humans gave one last kiss and hug and left the room. I understand it was hard for them to stay. The vet told me that I am going to be okay. She placed the needle into me I could feel the drugs go into my vein. My eyes are getting heavier and heavier then I close them knowing that I am going to the bridge and that everyone loved me.

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