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Little Black Puppy Made IT!!!!

May 11th 2010 4:50 pm
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Dear Pup Pals

We just wanted to let you know the wonderful news!

Several months ago you remember my plea for help regarding Little Black Puppy and how he had been severely neglected. Two weeks ago after a rainstorm he managed to break away from a loose fence board. Hmmm I wonder how it got loose?
We searched for him and after 24 hours we discovered that someone had found him and posted signs! We called the lady and asked her NOT to give the dog back to its original owner, explaining his neglect. We picked up all remaining signs and contacted the Pup Squad here in Cypress who gladly took him in and immediately found a loving family to foster him.

That very night he had a wonderful meal and slept in the arms of his new foster daddy who has fallen in love with him and so far has had a very loving life!
IF he is adopted out I can assure you he will go to a loving and caring family. My prayer is that his Foster family will not want to give him up because they really loved on him.

Thanks to everyone on Dogster who sent us advice and prayed for Little Black Puppy who's new name is Spike. And thank you to the Pup Squad for helping us immediately during the critical time of need!

Bentley Bell & Mom


Little Black Puppy....more stuff

April 8th 2010 9:05 am
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Good news - we were able to convince the mom of my friends (Mya and Spencer) to send a complaint letter re: (LBP) Little Black Puppy to the Homeownder Assoc. too.

So hopefully now LBP will have a chance.

Last night's rain was held off - we were expecting severe thunderstorms. However it did bring colder and very windy weather. LBP is curled up in the tall grass and weeds trying to stay dry and warm today.

His abuser did come home late last night. Lights were on but he was left outside and food was not put out until this morning.

One good thing through all this....I'm getting new friends on my page. I'm still learning out to use Dogster, so its nice having friends!



Little Black Puppy

April 7th 2010 7:36 am
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Good morning everyone,

This morning maman and I took pictures of LBP. Since 4 am we looked out the window to see if he was okay because we never saw him sleeping on the wet blankets their owners have thrown out for him. For 4 hours we thought he just might be inside and we were a little happy.

But then, Maman looked closer. Way out in the yard, in the tall weeds there was a black spot with some movement.
Oh Dear God, please don't let it be. But it was.

Little Black Puppy has made a home in the tall weeds of his owners back yard. He was curled up there trying to sleep.

We cried.

We took the pictures and are making a timed report. Many kind people have written us through Dogster and have sadly reported that if the dog has food, water and shelter then there is nothing anyone can do about it. No one can make another person love or care for a pet.

Our only defense will be to take pictures and keep a close log of the feedings.

We'll keep pushing - eventually we'll find someone who will help.

Love your animals humans. Go out today and give them a hug! Please don't neglect them.

The Benster.


It's Abuse and Maman is so sad . . .

April 6th 2010 9:25 pm
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I am so loved. Every day maman loves me and cares for me.

But today she is very sad because of the little black puppy that lives behind us.
The woman there does not love him the way maman loves me.

Maman has taught me what NEGLECT means. My heart is breaking too.
Little Black Puppy is always left alone. He's very sad because no one ever talks to him, or plays with him or takes him on a walk. They hardly feed him. They only throw food to him and leave him alone for days and many nights. If it is cold or rains, he has no shelter. He moans even louder and his owner never comes to the door even though she is home. He scratches the door and cries.

Maman counts the days he has not been feed or attended to. Somedays we sneak food to him to save him. He used to bark, but now he just moans.
We've called the SPCA and our neighborhood association, but no one can do anything.

We are saying prayers tonight.

We are very sad.

If you can help, please let us know.

Thank you,
Maman and Bentley


The Buzzzzzz.....

January 30th 2010 12:45 pm
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Oh the shame of it all. Maman took me to the groomers today and they shaved me!! I was too matted is what they said.
It's not maman's fault...she tries daily to brush me but I won't let her.

All was cool until I came home and my cat sister didnt recognize me. She raised her back and arched....i barked at her.


Let me out every now and then....

January 29th 2010 8:12 am
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Bonjour My Human & Pawsome Friends,

Last night, Mamon was so good to me and let me go "bye-bye" with her in the car! I did not know this, but she was going to Daddy's office to pick him up from work.

What a surprise for me and Daddy when we saw each other! It was nice being able to walk about his building and leave my mark. I even peed with excitement right in front of the revolving glass doors!!!

Not many dogs live I thought!!! I was wrong. Across the street are some very nice condos and there are good humans who walk their dogs daily. Oh the scents I smelled!!! Yes, they live in a cement world with buildings all around but even those dogs need daily walks...especially if they've been crated all day.

I realized how fortunate I am living in the suburbs. I have a huge back yard, my doggy door to come in and go as I please. But even I get bored at home at times doing the same ole thing. It feels wonderful to get out and stretch any time I want.

I kind of feel sorry for some dogs if they are crated for more than 4 hours. I know some have to be crated for good reasons like having their own space or rest from other dogs. But please remember they have needs too and no one likes being couped up for too long.

My Beef Tip of the day..."please dont crate us for too long. We need exercise and the ability to really stretch out and we want to spend time with YOU."


It wouldn't matter...

January 28th 2010 6:56 pm
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I was just thinking today.... that even if Maman (Mommy in Fr) bought me 100 acres of land to romp and play the end of the day, I'd want to be right on her lap, licking her face and being right there with her. I love her. I really do! I love sleeping next to Maman and Papa and I cant imagine how sad I would feel if they threw me outside.


I'm on a Mission

January 28th 2010 1:42 pm
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Maman and I love animals of all kinds. We are on a mission to promote the highest quality of love and care for ALL pets but most of all to STAMP OUT cruelty and neglect (which is the highest form of abuse). We want to help inform ALL pet owners to be pet smart and pet wise at all times.

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