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April 21st 2010 8:17 am
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Hey all! I'm just a 5-month-old puppy but already I'm faced with one of dogkind's most important tasks: to cheer my humans up during hard times.

My grandpa (mom's dad, human of course) is at the hospital and is not doing so well. All the family is extremely worried; as I said I try to cheer them up, but honestly I'm more concerned about mom, since she's the one I spend most of my time with. So I'm trying to play with her and be friendly. Sometimes I overdo it and they get mad at me! but hey you can't blame me for trying too hard :P

I think us doggies should be allowed to go to the hospital; grandpa likes to play with me, and I'm sure he'd feel better if I could give him a couple of friendly licks and let him pet me. But I can't go there. Sometimes humans are so strange!

So in the meantime, Tallulah and I are doing our best to be with our humans and give them our best vibes. And we're hoping grandpa does get better!

See you soon!



March 18th 2010 1:12 pm
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My human mom's dad has been feeling ill. They tell me he is 84 years old. I'm 4 months and a half so 84 years seems really, really, really a lot!

A couple of weeks ago I got to spend 3 whole days with him at his home in the country. I like him a lot, he plays soccer with me, even thou he has to use a walking cane. He also likes to give me and Tally treats and food when ma & pops are unaware. He's sneaky in a good sense which only makes me like him even more.

Well, he got sick last Saturday, his face paralyzed for a whole day long and the human veterinary tells that he has a concuc, conssic, concuz, I mean concussion after a fall he had some time before, and some nasty blood clot near his brain which was he cause of his injury. He was hospitalized for 4 days and is now in our home. He will have to stay with us, just resting, for 2 weeks, then have some x-rays taken and then the human veterinary will decide if he should stay a bit longer with us.

I don't mind at all, I like his company. He smiles whenever I take a shoe to him so he can play fetch with me. And grandma also pampers me, she likes my hugs. I know how to spread the love and so I do in time of need. If my family needs a lick, a laugh or the tickles from my spiky whiskers, then I'm more than happy to oblige.

I also got my last puppy shot last week! So I won't be seeing the vet for a long time I hope. Puppy class has also been going well, with puppy friends and treats. The only thing a bit nasty for me is the heat. I get so tired after my afternoon walk and need to drink lots of water to cool down.

Other than this, I have noting more to report but I really wanted to stop by and say hello to you all.
Back to taking care of Grandpa.


The watery pit!

March 3rd 2010 2:42 pm
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Hey all! I'm just getting the hang of my new life with this family, but here I am to tell you about an adventure we had about 2 weeks ago!

It turns out it was my adoptive grandma's birthday. So we all went to this house grand-aunt has about 100 kilometers from where we live (Mexico City). This is a place called Cocoyoc, and it was mostly really fun. It's lower and closer to the sea, so the weather is more humid and hotter. This is not good for a black, coarse-haired doggie such as myself, but I tried to make the best of it anyway.

What's nice is that great-aunt has a HUGE garden with soft grass, lots of plants and places for a dog to run and explore. Tallulah showed me around and soon I was running around the garden and house. It was really fun!

The only thing I was unsure about was a "pool". This is like a small pond or lake, but man-built (they are crazy I tell ya!). I failed to see the point, it was big and one could easily fall in, but the water can't be drunk.

So there I was, basically ignoring the pool, when suddenly daddy came out of the house and went inside the pool. Honest, just walked right down some steps that led from the edge into the water! I was beside myself with fear! is he going to drown? is he crazy?

Suddenly he submerged! oh dear, I thought maybe he drowned! I went to Tallulah to see if she knew what to do, but she was nervous too, pacing up and down.

All of a sudden dad came out of the water and started yelling "it's cold!" he tried to see if I was interested in getting in. Like hell I was! maybe he's crazy now! After 2 days of games and hot weather this was too much for me, I ran inside the house and hid in a corner.

After a while dad returned, this time dressed normally. I was glad to see he hadn't drowned. Tallulah explained that sometimes humans go inside pools just for fun, although she confessed she didn't really understand it either; she says she fell in the pool once before and it wasn't so fun.

Anyway, although our stay there was fun, I was glad when we finally packed up and came back home, away from that dreadful pool.

See ya'll!


Be my Valentines

February 10th 2010 12:12 pm
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If love is meant to mend,
then your hearts I will save.
I know of your loss,
as two furry angels who shined
like the stars from the sky
up above so high, told me so.

I know that you grieve
and so, I’m here to retrieve
all pain, all hurt and even despair
with some slurping & nice tricks
I’ll make them vanish, just go away.

A mission I have:
Take good care of your hearts
Pamper ’em, make ’em shine again
with some joy and some laughter.
some cuddling and kisses,
with tickles from my spiky,
and pointy little whiskers.

Dear Mom and Dad,
I love you so much
so I kindly ask, with all my might
Would you care to be my sweet Valentines?


Bonding with the pack

January 31st 2010 6:24 pm
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Wow! How quickly time goes by.
I have just reached one month with my pack. So much has happened and I'm learning more and more each day. From being a good pup with Tally (that is not biting her), getting puppy shots (which I hate, last time I puked all over the vet, je je) and going to puppy class.

Yes, I'm gonna be an educated dog. Dad says I'm all wit so he wants me to learn all kinds of stuff. Good part is he uses yummy treats and a funny noise-making thingy he calls a clicker. So far he does a happy face when I sit and give paw and I get my treat so I'm happy to oblige.

About the puppy class, wow! So many friends, so much play time and also I get to do "exercises" after which I get some more treats so count me in! I will gladly go every day but they are only weekly.

I have been having fun and I also feel safe and pampered with my pack. I feel a strong bond is growing between us. This weekend I'm visiting Grandpa & Grandma, they have a huge garden where I can run and play, everyone's nice to me so I really like being there. Mom tells me we'ĺl spend the night there. It is going to be my first night out of my house so I'm nervous about it, Tally says it's not a big deal but as long as I have my pack with me I know there'll be nothing to fear.

More adventures to come. Woof!


Hello to you all!

January 23rd 2010 6:58 pm
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Let me introduce myself. My name is Mathias and today was the day that changed my life.

My life story, short as it is, goes like this: I am a Giant Schnauzer mutt who was roaming the streets of Mexico City just by myself at only 2 months old. I can't really recall how was it that I lost my mom and siblings, all that I know is that some person put a leash on me and left me tied up to a tree.

So I spent the whole morning there, a bit scared, a bit lonely when suddenly there they were: a nice man and the biggest hound I had ever seen. They passed me by and about 10 minutes latter they came back, but they weren't alone. A woman was also with them.

She came to me, petted me, untied me and then held me in her arms. Off we all went to their home. There I learned their names: Dad, Mom & Tallulah.

I have been with them for 24 days now. I have been taught how to sit, come & give paw. I have been taken to the vet to get some shots. I have been on walks, have played, have eaten and taken baths. All the while learning to live with this pack and falling in love with each of them.

Do they love me back? you might ask. It wasn't easy for them, Tally tells me that the pack had lost 2 members -Bela & Aullido- not so long ago and that they were gloomy & heart broken.
I know I'm no replacement and that I have big shoes to fill. But you know what? I now know they love me too!

Today mom and dad came to me, they told me a huge decision was made, that this was not a temporary home for me anymore. Today for the first time I was reassured they were my pack, that they were my family forever more and that this was finally my home. Our home.

When they told me this there was no gloominess anymore, but remembrance and hope for the future.
I am a lucky puppy as I know two angels, up in the sky -Bela & Aullido- brought us together.

I'll be sharing my adventures with you.
Now, it's time for me to go and make some puppy pals!

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