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March 17th 2015 11:35 am
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Hello folks! With spring fast approaching, mom & dad decided to move my yearly vet visit forward a bit. So a couple of weeks ago, I visited the friendly vets for a checkup. They said I'm in good health and they updated some of my shots. I also got some bloodwork done to rule out nasty heartworm (I'm free of it!).

But the most important part is that I got chipped! My humans say it's useful in case I get lost, because even if I lose my wallet (er, my collar) I can still be traced back to them.

Of course I'd be able to return home by myself (I did it once and my humans were a bit hysterical about it) but I think it's a good precaution. And despite dad's worries, it didn't hurt a bit! even though they used a big needle.

So now I'm a sort of cyberdog with a serial number, and I'm enjoying the last of the snow before spring arrives. Though there's still a lot of snow on the ground! yay!


Eternity and a day.

February 21st 2015 6:04 am
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A whole month has gone by without my dear Tallulah. Day by day the sadness of her loss has turned into nostalgic remembrance and today recalling our time with her has become more warm memories than painful reminders of her absence. Still, it's not easy. I know we, as a family, will forever miss her.

So, our family has been adapting to new spaces and rhythms. Our comings and goings had obviously adapted to our new reality. In many ways it opens new possibilities: I've been hearing a lot of talk about a doggy trailer for bicycle escapades, but -you see- I've never been an only-dog and I can tell you it is nothing but hard work.

My new responsibilities include being extra attentive of my humans, protect them and bark like crazy at the slightest sound. I mean, before no one would even dream on approaching a house where mighty Tallulah lived, no matter if she was a sweet and kind girl, her size alone would make you think carefully your every move. But now I need to do extra noise to let everyone know I'm in charge and, somehow, Mom is kind of unappreciative of this.

In any case I do have big paws to fill and I am really trying my best to follow the teachings my dear big sis told me: using up to a 70% from the space of a king size bed; drooling over the kitchen table (even if I have to stand only on my hind legs); loud snoring; "purring" when being scratched behind the ears and of course, bringing joy and happiness to my pack. Puff! Though work indeed!

So while we get into the hold of things anew, I'll be sure to keep you Dogster pals posted, and the relentless spirit of Tallullah alive within me.
Be barking you soon!


Tallulah dearest

January 22nd 2015 11:22 am
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Stop all the clocks, cut off the morning walk,
Prevent the cat from meowing with a tuna can,
Silence the passing cars, walk with muffled steps,
For I mourn her so, my Tally, my sister & friend.

Let birds circle chirping sadly overhead,
Scribble in the snow the message 'She is Dead'.
Put crepe black bows round your collars today,
Let the squirrels look for their nuts at ease this day.

She was my North, my South, my East and West,
My morning walk and my lazy-pal rest,
My noon, my midnight, my bark, my howl;
I thought that love would last forever: I was wrong.

The treats are not wanted now; put away every one,
Pack up the mountain and dismantle the woods,
Pour away the lake and the river; no use for them now,
For she can no longer come along, to enjoy them, no more.

After "Funeral blues" by W. H. Auden


My big sister is a hero.

January 3rd 2015 9:53 pm
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2014 was a mixed year for us, as a family. For me personally, it went well. Got a new pet sitter that is extremely gently, nice, responsible and smells so, so nice, which for me is important; I like nice-smelly girls. Got many new balls to play fetch -although by the end of the year they all were missing so I needed new ones. Winter came, so my summer allergies are over and that is nice. Got some treats as a Christmas present, a new bow tie to wear for New Year's & a Season Greetings Card from our pals Riley, Caileigh & Quinn.

On the other paw, for my dear big sis Tallulah it was not an easy year. She turned 9 years old and that is ancient for a Great Dane, so naturally she has old age related problems. But that's not all! Her belly flipped in the inside on June and she had this mayor surgery from which she recovered quite well. But, alas!, the really bad news came in August; she had a small ball in her left paw and after a visit to the vet the very worst word one can hear, the most hated one of them all, was the diagnosis: cancer.

So, since that day our family and our daily routines have been changing bit by bit in order to help her. Walks have become, little by little, more though and as days go by that gorgeously strong-stubborn-never tiring lady has become a gentle, delicate and even brittle one.
We all try to keep bad thoughts afar, 'this is no time to be sad -mom says-, this is a time to enjoy every day we get to have with her, to pamper her, to make her feel loved and comfortable.'
So when she needs to be left alone to rest I behave nice and let her. When she needs company I'm there by her side. When she needs help and encouragement to eat I give it to her. When she needs to take a walk I walk along and even thou I wanna jump and run and play as we used to I follow her new slow pace as her sick paw won't let her go faster. These days that small golf-size ball has grown into a softball-size one.

She tells me a lot about her younger days. About how much she transformed mom and dad's lives. How she made them better persons, more responsible, no longer self-centred and much more aware of how crucial is to take care of animals and the planet. She taught them change was good and that they could make a difference by keeping themselves congruent.

Just the other day she told me how she made them help stray dogs found homes, back in Mexico, how they rescued them and helped them find their families. How they even have a dog related blog that helps create consciousness on what it means to bring a dog into your life. How she found me on the street and let me stayed until mom and dad realized I already was part of the family.
In the end, the change that Tallulah brought them keeps on happening and, in this search to be congruent Mom became a vegetarian a year ago. Nowadays here in Canada, they support rescue homes and animal associations frequently.

She then told me that more sooner than latter it is going to be my turn to keep mom and dad legit. To keep them in a good track, as she won't be around. It made me very sad, but also proud to know she trusted me, trusted us -the family- to keep on with the work she had done all along her life: bring consciousness and good change to the lives of those around you by preaching by example.

Mom is right, this is no time to be sad. This is the time lo keep on learning from her daily example of courage, good will and spiritual strength. It is time to enjoy her and let my admiration for her show, because I have never been so proud to know that my big sister is a hero; she is my hero no doubt!


Goodbye dogster!

January 27th 2014 9:25 am
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We were really sad to learn that Dogster's community section, where we've kept our blogs for a long time (Mathias, who is now 4 years old, started his Dogster page at 3 months old) is closing down. Now, as dogs, we can only speculate as to the reasons. Dogster was a place where we could express ourselves to like-minded doggies (and their humans), and that was an important part of our dog-lives.

Hugely important events, such as the adoption of Aullido and Mathias, as well as devastating ones, like the passing of Aullido and Bela, and Talluhah's near-death experiences, were much better when shared with our friends, who gave us tremendous support and were always there to share our joy and ease our burdens.

We now "scramble" to collect contact information for our friends, knowing that friendships will endure and we will keep in touch. So let's leave it at that; social networks may come and go, but friendships will last, so let this be a "see you over there", rather than a "goodbye"!. Be seeing you!

P.S. We'll still check our paw mail in the coming weeks, so if you'd like to stay in touch with us, let us know so we can share contact details.

- Mathias & Tallulah & Family



December 25th 2013 11:57 am
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Hey all! We've been having a lot of fun this winter, with a lot of snow, which is great exercise for me, chasing the ball when I sink almost to my head at every step is challenging but very fun.

Also, part of my humans' family is visiting us here, so I've been very busy being cute but also protective of the new humans who arrived. I'm responsible for them until they leave in a few days. Add to that my usual pair of humans and Tallulah and you can see I've had my paws full lately! But this comes with great rewards, such as being cuddled and petted by more humans, and a lot more food leftovers for me to eat. At least I didn't overeat and throw up like I did last year! I learned my lesson on that one...

Anyway, since it's Christmas I thought I'd drop by to leave season's greetings and my best wishes for a happy and healthy new year.

Be seeing you!


The Pit

June 21st 2013 1:17 pm
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Hello all! So here we are having a nice summer, though hot days are ahead, and those are not so good for us doggies.

We were having a walk the other day when I got ahold of a peach! I was just nibbling on it, so my humans decided to let me have it for a moment. Then when they came to take it from me, I decided "hey, no, it's MY peach" and just swallowed it. That'll teach them!

The humans started panicking and talking a lot, and I learned from their discussion that swallowing an entire peach was not a good idea. Mainly because they have a hard "pit" inside them, that can't be digested and can be very dangerous if lodged in a doggie's intestine.

So they started talking about vomiting and stuff. They called someone on the phone, and gave me some nasty-tasting liquid, which I think was supposed to make me throw up. But hey, when I do throw up they're usually not too happy, so why are they doing it on purpose this time? Anyway, I was a good doggie and held my vomit!

For some strange reason, this prompted mom taking me into a cab and off to an emergency veterinary hospital, where she explained the situation. A vet took me inside, and they poked something into my eye, which made me feel nauseous beyond my ability to control. So I puked and out came the peach, pit and all! Mom was relieved as the vet triumphantly showed her the ejected pit. She was very happy because, she said, if the pit hadn't come out, I would have needed surgery to remove it. Due to my size, the vets said, I would have been unable to pass the pit.

I wonder if being as big as Tallulah would have made this a non-issue, since bigger intestines may mean I could have passed the pit. However, it's not so easy for her to find a taxi, so that's an advantage a smaller dog like me can have!

Have fun and see you soon!



November 8th 2012 9:18 am
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Hi all and thanks so much for the birthday wishes and presents!

We were in a dog hotel for about a week while mom & dad were on vacation. We were somewhat bored but Tallulah and I kept each other company. I really wanted to go out and play; when mom & dad picked us up I started running around like crazy. Tallulah was a bit quieter, and mom says the stay at the hotel helped her with her back and joint problems, since she got a lot of rest and short walks; we're used to pretty long walks which she likes but she does get a bit tired.

We're now ready for winter! I like playing in the snow, hopefully we'll get a lot of it this season.



Scabs and itches!

August 20th 2012 11:31 am
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Hello! So I had to go to the vet last week! Here's what happened, fortunately it wasn't too bad!

A few weeks ago I started getting some scabs which itched; so I'd go licking and scratching them. At first mom & dad thought I was just scratching myself when playing in the park, as there are a lot of twigs and branches. However these things kept appearing, and I'd been mostly playing in grassy, open areas, so no chance I'd get scratches there.

So they decided to send me to the vet; I walked there with mom, and the vet gave me a good check. She said it was not a parasite, rather it was some sort of bacterial infection that was causing my skin to scab. She gave me some antibiotics, and prescribed some fish oil to improve my coat, because she saw my coat was dull and my skin was quite dry. I have pretty coarse fur, so mom & dad thought it was just how I was, but the vet said it wasn't normal.

So now I'm taking all these medicines and I'm already a lot less itchy! hopefully the oil will also help me have a nice and shiny coat, to match Tallulah's, now that she had a bath she's all soft and shiny!

Well, off to take some more fish oil! See you!


Losing weight!

August 3rd 2012 7:50 am
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Hello! I've been very busy doing lots and lots of excercise! Yes, even in the crazy summer heat.

in April we went for our annual health check, booster shots and flea prevention refill. As part of the process we get weighed, and usually the vet gives an assessment on whether we need to lose some weight.

This time my humans didn't need to wait for the vet; the moment they saw my weight (57 pounds) they said "PIG!". Maybe they thought I didn't understand! but I did. It's not my fault! I do a lot of exercise so if I'm overweight it's because I'm being overfed. Remember we doggies just eat what's available.

Anyway, mom & dad decided to put me on a diet. I started eating less and kept exercising. However they were sneaky about it so I didn't really feel like they were starving me to death.

A few weeks later we went back to the vet because Tallulah had hurt her paw (it was all infected and swollen), and I got weighed again. I'd lost 4 pounds already! So the diet is working! And it even helped with some digestive problems I'd been having.

Being lighter is great, I can run faster and jump higher, which really helps when I'm playing fetch. Plus it's better for my joints and tummy. So it's a win for everyone!

See ya'll soon!

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