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Goodbye dogster!

January 27th 2014 9:25 am
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We were really sad to learn that Dogster's community section, where we've kept our blogs for a long time (Mathias, who is now 4 years old, started his Dogster page at 3 months old) is closing down. Now, as dogs, we can only speculate as to the reasons. Dogster was a place where we could express ourselves to like-minded doggies (and their humans), and that was an important part of our dog-lives.

Hugely important events, such as the adoption of Aullido and Mathias, as well as devastating ones, like the passing of Aullido and Bela, and Talluhah's near-death experiences, were much better when shared with our friends, who gave us tremendous support and were always there to share our joy and ease our burdens.

We now "scramble" to collect contact information for our friends, knowing that friendships will endure and we will keep in touch. So let's leave it at that; social networks may come and go, but friendships will last, so let this be a "see you over there", rather than a "goodbye"!. Be seeing you!

P.S. We'll still check our paw mail in the coming weeks, so if you'd like to stay in touch with us, let us know so we can share contact details.

- Mathias & Tallulah & Family



December 25th 2013 11:57 am
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Hey all! We've been having a lot of fun this winter, with a lot of snow, which is great exercise for me, chasing the ball when I sink almost to my head at every step is challenging but very fun.

Also, part of my humans' family is visiting us here, so I've been very busy being cute but also protective of the new humans who arrived. I'm responsible for them until they leave in a few days. Add to that my usual pair of humans and Tallulah and you can see I've had my paws full lately! But this comes with great rewards, such as being cuddled and petted by more humans, and a lot more food leftovers for me to eat. At least I didn't overeat and throw up like I did last year! I learned my lesson on that one...

Anyway, since it's Christmas I thought I'd drop by to leave season's greetings and my best wishes for a happy and healthy new year.

Be seeing you!


The Pit

June 21st 2013 1:17 pm
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Hello all! So here we are having a nice summer, though hot days are ahead, and those are not so good for us doggies.

We were having a walk the other day when I got ahold of a peach! I was just nibbling on it, so my humans decided to let me have it for a moment. Then when they came to take it from me, I decided "hey, no, it's MY peach" and just swallowed it. That'll teach them!

The humans started panicking and talking a lot, and I learned from their discussion that swallowing an entire peach was not a good idea. Mainly because they have a hard "pit" inside them, that can't be digested and can be very dangerous if lodged in a doggie's intestine.

So they started talking about vomiting and stuff. They called someone on the phone, and gave me some nasty-tasting liquid, which I think was supposed to make me throw up. But hey, when I do throw up they're usually not too happy, so why are they doing it on purpose this time? Anyway, I was a good doggie and held my vomit!

For some strange reason, this prompted mom taking me into a cab and off to an emergency veterinary hospital, where she explained the situation. A vet took me inside, and they poked something into my eye, which made me feel nauseous beyond my ability to control. So I puked and out came the peach, pit and all! Mom was relieved as the vet triumphantly showed her the ejected pit. She was very happy because, she said, if the pit hadn't come out, I would have needed surgery to remove it. Due to my size, the vets said, I would have been unable to pass the pit.

I wonder if being as big as Tallulah would have made this a non-issue, since bigger intestines may mean I could have passed the pit. However, it's not so easy for her to find a taxi, so that's an advantage a smaller dog like me can have!

Have fun and see you soon!



November 8th 2012 9:18 am
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Hi all and thanks so much for the birthday wishes and presents!

We were in a dog hotel for about a week while mom & dad were on vacation. We were somewhat bored but Tallulah and I kept each other company. I really wanted to go out and play; when mom & dad picked us up I started running around like crazy. Tallulah was a bit quieter, and mom says the stay at the hotel helped her with her back and joint problems, since she got a lot of rest and short walks; we're used to pretty long walks which she likes but she does get a bit tired.

We're now ready for winter! I like playing in the snow, hopefully we'll get a lot of it this season.



Scabs and itches!

August 20th 2012 11:31 am
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Hello! So I had to go to the vet last week! Here's what happened, fortunately it wasn't too bad!

A few weeks ago I started getting some scabs which itched; so I'd go licking and scratching them. At first mom & dad thought I was just scratching myself when playing in the park, as there are a lot of twigs and branches. However these things kept appearing, and I'd been mostly playing in grassy, open areas, so no chance I'd get scratches there.

So they decided to send me to the vet; I walked there with mom, and the vet gave me a good check. She said it was not a parasite, rather it was some sort of bacterial infection that was causing my skin to scab. She gave me some antibiotics, and prescribed some fish oil to improve my coat, because she saw my coat was dull and my skin was quite dry. I have pretty coarse fur, so mom & dad thought it was just how I was, but the vet said it wasn't normal.

So now I'm taking all these medicines and I'm already a lot less itchy! hopefully the oil will also help me have a nice and shiny coat, to match Tallulah's, now that she had a bath she's all soft and shiny!

Well, off to take some more fish oil! See you!


Losing weight!

August 3rd 2012 7:50 am
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Hello! I've been very busy doing lots and lots of excercise! Yes, even in the crazy summer heat.

in April we went for our annual health check, booster shots and flea prevention refill. As part of the process we get weighed, and usually the vet gives an assessment on whether we need to lose some weight.

This time my humans didn't need to wait for the vet; the moment they saw my weight (57 pounds) they said "PIG!". Maybe they thought I didn't understand! but I did. It's not my fault! I do a lot of exercise so if I'm overweight it's because I'm being overfed. Remember we doggies just eat what's available.

Anyway, mom & dad decided to put me on a diet. I started eating less and kept exercising. However they were sneaky about it so I didn't really feel like they were starving me to death.

A few weeks later we went back to the vet because Tallulah had hurt her paw (it was all infected and swollen), and I got weighed again. I'd lost 4 pounds already! So the diet is working! And it even helped with some digestive problems I'd been having.

Being lighter is great, I can run faster and jump higher, which really helps when I'm playing fetch. Plus it's better for my joints and tummy. So it's a win for everyone!

See ya'll soon!



October 3rd 2011 8:19 am
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Hey all! So fall is here, and I'm kinda glad summer is over. Even if fall hit with a cold spell and lots of rain! I was cold inside the house so mom put my sweater on. I don't like wearing clothes! but after a while I realized it was warm and cozy so I now tolerate it just fine :)

So the reason I'm happy summer is over, is because we won't get as many parasites now! see, during summer we get fleas, both Tallulah and I got ticks, and mosquitoes which eat both Tallulah (short haired) and our humans alive! argh! Not to mention nasties like snakes and spiders.

But now that it's getting colder all those critters will just go away. But I did get one last nasty surprise!

I had a white bump on my nose, and I kept staring at it. Luckily dad saw it too, for it was a tick! a really tiny one, but it was really attached to my nose.

So dad took it out with tweezers, but it was so burrowed in that I have a small bump on my nose now :( Mom & dad said they'd be monitoring it and if it doesn't get smaller I'll have to go see the vet. I'd rather avoid that! but anyway, hopefully it will be the last tick I'll get in a long time!

Stay warm everybody, see you around!


Ode to Spring

June 14th 2011 10:17 am
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beauty, warmth, exuberance
Come make my heart pound
with lovely flowers, new life
and love all 'round

I run, I jump, I roll over
green, tall grass &
look a the bright blue sky.

I feel the whispers of Spring:
wake up from long dreams,
be alive, enjoy life!


Spring is here!

May 16th 2011 12:09 pm
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Hey all! so yes, winter is over and it's given way to a green and flowery, if very wet, spring!

After all the snow melted, the grass and tress started blooming like crazy! All the bare spots are now covered with crazy herbs that grew out of nowhere, and almost overnight, the trees sprouted leaves! there were also many pretty flowers, some that grew with all the rain and thaw water, and some that people planted so their gardens would look nice!

For me, the bad thing about spring is that I have allergies :( it's something that didn't happen in Mexico because the spring there is very different. In here, all the plants want to grow so they start launching pollen and stuff. So I started sneezing about 4 weeks ago. Mom & dad thought it was a transient thing, but as my sneezing worsened, they worried and took me to the vet. The vet prescribed some benadryl, which is something humans use to control allergies. It seems to have worked as I no longer feel the tingling in my nose that makes me sneeze.

I recovered enough from the sneezing to be left in a kennel for a week, while mom & dad went away on a trip. I was very worried that they'd leave us there forever, but I took it as my responsibility to reassure Tallulah, who was very sad about the whole kennel thing. Eventually, after a week, mom & dad came to get us, and I gave them a lot of licks and kisses!

Now we are all together, and ready to begin enjoying the spring (yeah, as soon as this devilish rain clears up, it's been raining for 4 days). So now I'm going because I need to put on my doggie raincoat to go for a walk!

See ya!


The Sled

February 27th 2011 11:01 am
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Hey all! I've been quite busy with winter sports which are soo fun!

I've tried ice skating, snowshoeing, some hockey with rubber balls and a puck, and chasing my ball in the snow.

But my greatest adventure was when I went sledding!

Mom & dad got a sled to try sliding down the snowy slopes of Mount Royal. So one night we went out to try the new sled. Mom would slide down while dad took care of us doggies.

I was scared and worried because sledding looks dangerous! so I'd bark and jump around trying to go after mom & seeing if she was ok.

So they decided to invite me to show me it wasn't that dangerous. Dad got on the sled, put me there with him, and off we went, down the slope!

I got off the sled and was nervous and excited. Still, dad saw I wasn't outright scared so we tried again, and again, and several times we went down the slope on the sled.

It was a lot of fun! I eventually realised it wasn't too scary. But since it was very cold we had to go back home. Still, that's one more winter sport I've tried!

See ya in the slopes!

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