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Luv ya! :-)

May 10th 2010 7:08 pm
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Hi!! Its me again,Jebidiah!!! How r u? Good or bad? I hope ur good!!!
:-) I dont even know who u r but i like you, as i am a dog,a very friendly dog!!
Woof! Woof! Even though Gussy died a few months ago I am still loving life!! Don't worry, be happy! Did i say i loved life? Good!!! :-) I Love u 4eva n eva!! Bye 4 now not 4eva!!



January 30th 2010 3:41 pm
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Today and yesterday I was a bit upset because my mum had to go to her friend's place because it was her birthday.I wish I could have gone - Me + cake = bie bie cake! I also got extra upset when I found out gussy my brother was missing! But in the end gussy came back.Yay!


Rufff! I Just Joined Dogster!!!!

January 16th 2010 11:46 am
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Hello my name is Jebidiah.I'm The youngest out of all of my brothers: Gussy, Shmoo-Boo and Corky.I also think i'm the cutes.My hobbies include play with Gussy - Because he's to old to do any thing about it.Playing with Corky and Shmoo (They don't seem to like it infact they play alot harder by using there teeth and claws) Any way back to the hobbies i like to eat.And sleep.And eat.And play.And sleep.I also like to try to swim till' i've just about half drowned so Divina has to come and save me from drowning comletely.I also like to chase chickens and sleep........

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