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"The show days Diary"

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A bridge out isn't always good

August 26th 2011 5:23 pm
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Except for this year. We have one show that is more than close to us which I love attending every year, and knew no matter what I was going to finally enter this year, until the bad news hit. During some major flooding earlier in the spring, the entire road entering the park where this show is held was washed completely away, and several areas of the park were heavily damaged. Needless to say, their annual match show was canceled, I thought our closest and one or our most favorite shows was too. Luckily, they found a new site, although I was very sad about not showing in the wonderful park I was happy it was only just a short few miles more further down the road.

The day finally came for our first of two entered shows, Friday, and I wasn't quite sure what to expect of the new show grounds especially after Google mapping it and seeing no trees. As we got there the parking was excellent, but even more so were all the nice buildings shading the grounds, and a plus, this place had restrooms right at the end of the show grounds! Although, my nightmare come true, seems doors were to much to ask for, the fabric of the curtains was nice but, curtains?!

So our time in the ring for the first day was actually better than I had expected, Enda did for the first judge of the weekend get a bit overzealous and sat during her going over, but other than that, she behaved spectacular! Which is far less than I can say for a few others, as while we were getting things together after parking the people in the tiny vehicle next to us let their Mastiff out while we were just about done to be off, and the dog flew in at Poor Enda with a pure intent to harm. It was quite scary, but thank heavens the owner was able to put the brakes on and pull her dog away off to the side and I shuffled us off to our ring. Our very first of such an experience at a show, hopefully one which wont be repeated.

The weather was completely strange that day though, we decided to leave and go home for an hour to get lunch, rest a bit, then head back, since we were so close by. We noticed on the way home that it had rained half way between us and the show, it was nice there and at home. As we left to go back for group it was still nice at home, but once we hit the beginning of that halfway mark the sky darkened, lightning could be seen flashing in the distance with the rumbling of thunder, and as we got further along the clouds opened up, not just to rain but hail! Then as we were just about two thirds the way back to the show it was over. You could still see behind us the dark clouds and hear the thunder but as we got the the show site it was sunny and warm.

So we ended the day as usual, some more pretty BOB ribbons, with no points, and a warm welcome in the group ring by the judge but not even a nod. We couldn't do Saturday, but this is one of my favorite shows so you bet I entered for Sunday as well.

Sunday comes and unfortunately the rain finally caught up with the show site. It wasn't to bad however, I thought it was quite pleasant and I'd say Enda did too, she generally loves the rain. It wasn't too good in the breed ring though, as the wet grass at the end of a very heavy traffic weekend was very slick, but thankfully we managed to both stay upright. Showing a bit later in breed on Sunday we decided to stay in place till group. We joked with friends about the weather and by the time group arrived it had cleared and was perfectly sunny. Of coarse, one more nice round in the ring, and another pass over for us.

So another show weekend come and gone. I have entered us in another AKC show weekend and it will probably be our last AKC shows till next year. It is our areas biggest, that may not mean we will finally have the competition for points, but who knows, time will tell.


A "pointless" month

July 31st 2011 1:35 pm
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So ends July. We hit up 2 shows, and as per usual we knew we were alone for the AKC ring. Another nice BOB ribbon, another wash out in the group ring, and another long trip home with nothing more, oh, except an awesome new door mat! We love vendors, a little to much. And some bad news, think we will be a wash out come next year in the AKC ring all together, the only other area females have packed their bags and flown back to the south! We never even got a chance to compete with them before they were here and gone, and we are alone again. It just isn't worth it to even bother entering if we don't have competition. So, you may find this Blog changing over next year from "showing" to...HERDING!

Anyway, so we anxiously await the arrival of the next UKC show knowing that just one more competition win will nab us our official, UKC Ch title! And so that comes crashing down with the extremely hot record setting temperatures. Our friends emailed us to say they couldn't make it, we showed up for both shows anyway. Then as we get to breed judging, the White Shepherd doesn't show up either, only two of us for the group ring, and that Aussie boy was drop dead handsome! So, two more pretty red group 2nds to add to our started collection of two from last year. But, no points there either! There are still a couple more shows in the UKC till the end of the year and we can't wait, let's just hope the weather holds out.


First show away from home

June 24th 2011 9:10 am
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It was bound to happen sooner of later, a show where we would stay in a hotel! We survived, but the hotel was sadly just barely livable, not only being hot and humid but as we turned on the AC to cool off, found that someone had let their dog or child pee in it! So we propped the door open. Enda did okay, she was GREAT in the room, but didn't like the outside area and it almost took all day for her to #2.

So after arriving the evening before we woke up and got ready early for our super early show time. Of coarse, yet another disappointing weekend of going Best of Breed simply for having no competition. After going back to the hot hotel to laze away the afternoon till group time we decided to leave a bit early not able to stand the stuffy ex-smoking box. Thankfully the show site was great and had a couple jumbo sized fans and the fair ground buildings were nice and cool.

So our first ring of two up, the special of the weekend, a "Best Amateur Owner Handler" competition, 4 dogs in the herding group and thankfully Enda had finally wiggled her hotel jail energy out, where we walked away with second in group! Of coarse I already knew we were going to get dumped in the real group, She was doing great till our down and back when she decided on the back she was going to try and walk out of the ring, pulling to the left and standing crooked.

It was a long weekend and we are more than relieved to be home, maybe some year we might stay in a hotel again, but we will try to budget next time for a much newer building however.


Beautiful spring day for a UKC show

May 15th 2011 6:12 am
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We entered in for both Saturday shows this weekend, and had a great time. The weather was a bit cloudy with a couple passing showers, but it was warm and we were showing indoors. We met up with friends and competed again with their male in the ring too, once again passing placements one for one. But I was really happy with Enda, as she performed nice all day in the ring! Fidgety for win pictures, but she stacked and trotted and tried her best to schmooze the judges with kisses. First show we were Best of breed, but no group placements, it was an excellent group this time though! Less breeds than last fall but they were all great dogs. And then we swapped places for the second show with our friends male going BOB. All in all, a great day for a show, wonderful people, lunch on site, and best of all the new building now has indoor restrooms! And to think, this building was pretty much all made possible by the dog shows, and they are now even talking of adding obedience and rally competition to the yearly calendar as well! We can't wait, we are having so much fun in UKC we already can't wait for the next conformation show in July.


Our first big AKC show weekend

April 15th 2011 6:54 am
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Sorry this is late, but we survived. It was pretty half and half, the good part we got to meet a lot of Beauceron fans, a family getting ready to pick up one of Enda's new baby brothers, a very nice lady who was looking to change breeds and very excited to see us, and someone who already had one! She tried by could only find puppy pictures of her boy on her phone, got to love that little puppy face that says "terror? me? naw, never".

On Thursday we had a less than thrilling judge, we were more than happy by the time the experience was over and he handed us our ribbons. We ended the day however with a very nice run in the group ring. Enda showed like a pro, well maybe not that good, we are still working out our newbie bugs. She loved the judge and trotted beautifully without distraction.

Saturday was okay. It was more than crowded, noisy and busy. Enda did well in the breed ring, another best for us and this time I really liked the judge, he was even very thorough going over her bite which I'm sad that many judges don't do with this breed as they should. She however then started to fall apart after that, just before we went in to the ring for our first "win shot". She was done, I knew I shouldn't have but I made her stay for group, she wasn't about to trot or stand still, she just wanted to go home and run it off. Even though I decided to give her a days break between shows it was still a bit much for her to be cooped up that long.

Hopefully we will be starting some more exciting ventures for her this summer, something with a little more activity to suit her "gotta go" nature. With the thaw of winter, sadly our lawn is mud, so bad you sink in, but I have started to put out...the Agility equipment!


First match of the season

March 22nd 2011 6:31 pm
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Not a huge deal. It was at a new location this year, it was okay but could have used more crate space, but we managed to find a spot. The weather was great and the local dog food shop set up was grand this year.

No placement in "adult handling" for me, it was good competition and at least our good friend did place, they later won the entire show! Later was breed, she did okay, stacked and trotted, she was a bit off because we know the judge well from classes and End always has to get her licks in on friends. And like always, another first place and best of breed ribbon, for being the only one of her breed. But no placement in the group, again as usual for the AKC.

Our first big real AKC show is coming up the 31st, I hope she is together and ready for it, she has been off in the rear since coming out of season in Feb. As long as we have at least one other dog to compete against I'll be over the moon anyway win or loose! But we know that is a long shot.

I have also found a new set of obedience classes for her for the new year, maybe that CGC isn't to far off, she has been getting to be an over excited greeter again.


We are half way there!

November 7th 2010 12:20 pm
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We have shown at our second UKC show! It was a 2 show Saturday, and to our surprise it was a big weekend. Our first show went great, after winning BOB over another Beauceron, Enda took a 2nd place group win out of 8 other dogs! Our sencond show wasn't as good as after sitting for so long she was ready to run. So the judge picked the champion male, which was great for our friends to go one for one at the show. She is half way to her UKC champion title, we are so excited.


Our first big show debut!

July 26th 2010 12:44 pm
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Sunday we made the long drive up to our first UKC show! It was an excellent day and the show was held inside a nice new building. It has been hot as of late, so the cloudy sky with light sprinkles felt lovely. Unfortunately, Enda has also officially hit that age! That blasted month of "every noise is scary" and "what did you want me to do again?" Oh, how I do not love this time of puppyhood, the awkwardness, and having to retrain everything we learned at puppy class, each and every day like a new dog. She is slowly, very slowly coming out of it, thankfully, but I still didn't know how we would do yesterday. She started by clinging to the van, and only made herself comfy after I finally hauled her up to the building. She then seemed to have an "Oh" moment after seeing people, and everything was fine (see I told you, you would like this trip!).

After we got our chair set up ringside, took several trips outside to potty, and chatted, it was nearing our turn in the ring. I really didn't gussy myself up much at all not figuring she would actually perform at all in the ring, mostly given UKC does not allow bait or treats. And gee, guess who finally showed up? Our show girl has arrived I think, ignoring she still wants to stack like a GSD and refuses stacking help, but she trots like a queen! And, no falling over for the judge even! Sure, we wiggled butt as she moved her hands down that way, but we remained standing at the least.

Of coarse, more ribbons for being, the best of only ourselves. And at group we got second, of only two dogs. The GSD did act out in the breed ring compared to Enda (who this time was on PERFECT behavior, for once), but they have been at it much longer, and Enda is far from filled out yet, very immature despite her great gait already, and is well, just plain a puppy still. I can at least hope, one day she will grow up, lol.

But it was a great show! She was settled in the whole time we were inside, managed to finally potty before entering the ring (although we do have yet for an accident), behaved BEAUTIFULLY in the ring, even without treats! and we had fun seeing all the other rare breeds. And as usually, everyone fell in love with her, she does nothing to make people unattractive to her, which may or may not be a good thing (if only they know the handful at home she really is! It really isn't the dog for everyone).


Memorial day weekend shows!

June 1st 2010 5:28 am
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Spring show handling classes are over, and it was back in the ring this weekend! These were just fun matches, but very much needed experience. Unfortunately, the days were a bit long and hot. On Sunday, we started by entering the Pre-Novice obedience ring after being talked into it by the judge. She got, 4th place out of 4 dogs. She was board by it, and by far not ready (as I very much expected). Then we hopped off after lunch into the breed ring. She won a ribbon for being the best Beauceron, out of the only one there, no placement in group.

Monday, we entered Adult handling and breed again. No placement in Handling, as the winner has been a pro for years (why? They don't need the "practice", so why do it?). In breed, again we won all by our lonesome pair, we were given two ribbons though for being best bitch, and best of breed. And again, no placement in group as they took so long by the time we got in the ring Enda was done with the world. I almost couldn't get her up from a nap to get into the ring, she was being grumpy about not wanting to share the small shady space under the tiny tent (first time I've ever seen her growl!), and she dragged her feet the rest of the way.

Hopefully, next weekend wont be as long and drawn out, she's just turning 9 months and is still more a puppy than most other comparable breeds. At least she stacks MUCH nicer now than she did at the last show at 6 months and doesn't start the wiggle dance till the judge is hands on, although it would be preferred if that stopped soon to.


Our first show! Just a Match

March 22nd 2010 3:45 pm
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We arrived at our first match show yesterday! It was nice, indoors and on a wonderful spring day. Although she was full of it for the first hour, she had a lot of fun. She got to play with her best Whippet friend she made at Petco some time back, and meet lots of people. We had one draw back, she never would "go" while we were out! Although, we weren't the only ones, it must have be to much fun for everyone else also.

When our time came up for the ring we only had one major mistake, whoever was in charge of the papers screwed us up (didn't add us) along with another, but we got in. Enda actually did much better this time than we had before in handling classes, she never rolled around on the floor! Although, she still waved her butt around like there was no tomorrow at the judge! We still have some puppy to work out of her yet, but I was happy with how she did, and with a few more classes and learning to settle around new people hopefully she'll do really well at the next match. But, I must say, I don't think even with good training we could have beat the little Welsh terrier that day, what an absolutely BEAUTIFUL dog she was.

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