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Diary of a Squeaky Toy Killer


August 2nd 2010 8:19 am
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Some of my person's friends came to visit from Texas. Not only did they bring me fascinating smells from their puppies, they took me to the mountains to play!

Soooooo many interesting aromas. Sooooo many new puppies to meet. Sooooo may kewl things to roll in.

We should have visitors more often!


Rules Schmools

June 28th 2010 4:06 pm
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It seems that I have selected the pickiest individual in the UNIVERSE to be my person.

All I hear is "four on the floor" when I greet people or when I get comfy on the furniture; "not for puppy" when I find anything that smells interesting; and "that is not cute" when I wrap myself in a blanket on the bed.

Will this torment never end?


I Didn't Know I Was Broken

March 22nd 2010 6:52 pm
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My person keeps taking me to a vet and it never seems to be a pleasant experience. Each time I get poked with needles and sometimes organs are removed. And, IMHO, they are WAY to fascinated with my backside.

My person is threatening to get a bumper sticker that says, "I ♠ MY DOG". I suppose it is better than "I ♣ MY DOG", but not by much.

It took me a whole 36 hours to be back to my bouncy self after the surgery. The cone collar was annoying but quite handy for throwing snow into the air. I had to wear booties made from IV bags to keep my dewclaw incisions dry. My person said that I looked like Daffy at the end of the "Duck Amuck" cartoon. (


Snow! Snow! Snow!

February 16th 2010 9:00 pm
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It snowed in Texas!

This would have been a decent accumulation at home. It was record setting in Dallas.

What could be better that an enthusiastic romp in the snow with friends? Have I mentioned lately how much I LOVE the snow?


Bored now

January 22nd 2010 3:44 pm
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I got to take a road trip of almost a thousand miles. Way cool! I have my own crate in the car. My person stopped every few hours for me to check out a new place to mark ... so many wonderful options.

At our destination I got to meet so many wonderful puppies ... most of whom wanted to play. YEA!!! There is so much to do here. So may new friends and smells life is good ...

Except for the fact that my person is, once again, focusing on her job. There are much more amusing things to do ... like playing with a puppy!


Redecorator Extraordinaire

January 8th 2010 9:15 pm
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My person seems to suffer from "object fixedness." She sees items as having a specific or limited number of uses. Sure you can use tissue to blow your nose, but why limit your options? It looks great shredded into little bits and festooned throughout the house. This can be accented by pulling pillows off furniture and removing a pesky bit of trim from a coffee table.

She seems so unappreciative of my efforts.


Failure to Communicate

January 4th 2010 3:47 pm
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What is work and why does my person have to do it?

I am right here. My person tells me that I am cute as a button. I keep bringing her toys. Yet I am shooed away. How important can this job thingy be? She spends all day at it.

The winter wind howls.
My person tends to her job.
I am desolate.

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