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My Secrets!

The Seven Secrets of Cirrus

June 11th 2007 6:49 pm
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Hi Dogster Pals! I recently got tagged twice with Pawmail, and it said I was supposed to write a diary entry with seven things that nobody knows about me! Well, there are some things a lil boxer just can't tell, but I will tell you that:

1. I was born in Arkansas.
2. My original family bought me in a Pet Shop! I know, shocking, but I turned out alright in spite of that.
3. I once bought a dead racoon into the house. Mom wasn't happy when she found it on the loveseat, with it's lil head on a pillow ("why won't you wake up and play with me, lil buddy??) : (
4. I never, ever touch the garbage or trash. Not even if it's left unattended in the middle of the room. Not even if Mom leaves the house. Never...ever.
5. I'm not really thrilled with going into the lake, but I LOVE going to the dog beach. However, I can be tempted to take a dip if I see another dog run in first.
6. My bestest buddy in the whole world is my cousin Griffon. He's a Jack Russell Terror and he'll be one on 6/20/07.
7. I can't actually type on the computer. Mom does it for me. She reads the pawmail to me too. Yep, I can't read either. Not because I haven't tried. Just can't do it.

Well, that's all for now. Seven secrets! But not anymore!

Waggz, Wigglez and WooWooz!


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