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Noah's at the bridge now

January 2nd 2010 2:37 pm
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We had to have Noah put to sleep 12/29/09. He had started to go down hill a couple of months ago. Christmas Eve, he started coughing non stop and it just wore him out. I took him to our Vet and while we were there, he had a Grand Mal siezure. From there, we went to the hospital where they kept him overnight and run several tests on him.
His glucose level was down to 19 which is what caused the seizure. The tests showed that he had developed Cushings Disease and that threw his insulin level off. Normal liver enzymes in a dog are around 300. Noah's was 2200. He also, had arthritis, he was blind, he was losing weight and had become more and more confused. He wouldn't have gotten any better and if we had brought him home, he would have kept going down hill and had more seizures.
I know, it was the right thing to do, but it hurts so much. My heart is truly broken in a million pieces.
A big thanks to those who have been sending thoughts and prayers our way. It's much appreciated.
My baby is an angel now and I know that he's not suffering anymore. He'll be in my heart forever and I'll never stop loving him.


To the Vet Again

February 21st 2009 2:55 pm
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The last entry wuz frum last Thursday but Momma jest getted round to writin' it....
Anyhoo, I had to go see Dr. Ken again today. Last nite I keeped momma up most of the nite. I gots truble wif my trachea an I cudn't stop coffin'.....Momma fot I wuz hafin' truble breafin' too. My Dogtur gifed me sum pills to hep stop that nasty ole' coff....Him checked me ofur an sayed udder fings wuz fine.....Sheesh....twice in one week!!!!!!!
Momma's sooooooo worried bout' me.....I fink her mite need to see her Doctur soon.....BOL.....


It Weren't a Stroke

February 21st 2009 2:52 pm
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I had to go see the Vet an him telled momma that I din't haf a stroke last weekend. It's sumthin' called Canine Idiopathic Vestubular Syndrome......Wowzers, that's a mouf-ful.....It's caused from breaked off calcifications an them gets in the inner ear. That's why I had my punkin head tipped to one side and wuz goin' round in circkles....Him sayed it's vewy common in older doggies like me....Him also sayed it wuz reely nuttin to worry bout'.....try tellin' my momma not to worry!!!!!!!! Impossible.....Bol......


February 17th 2009 4:04 pm
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Hi all....
Momma finks I had a mini stroke ofur the weekend. Saturday and Sunday, I had my head tipped to the rite and wasn't walkin' to good.
I wuz actin' reel confused.
Yesterday wuz better and today I's almost back to normal. Well, as normal as an ole' man like me gets. I eated, drinked and efun goed on a short walkie today.
I had this happen one other time too.
I fink, momma is in worser shape than me....Bol.....


I's still on the mend

January 26th 2008 4:05 pm
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Well, I's doin' a liddel betterer. Momma taked me to my very own Dr. Ken and him taked a x-ray. Him sayed I don't gots anything wrong wif my spine but it cud be my shoulder. I limp sumtimes an kinda favor my rite leg.
Ya see, I wuz abused when I wuz jest a liddel puppy afore momma and daddy finded me. When they first getted me, the Vet checked me out an took pichurs of my bones. Him sayed that I had a fraktured shoulder that nefur heeled rite cuz nobuddy taked me to the dogtor. Him sayed the onliest thing that cud cause that kinda injery wuz either sumbuddy kickin' me reely hard or they throwed me up against a wall. I'd been wanderin' on my own fur a long time before I was finded. I hadn't eaten in awhile and wuz purdy skinny.
Momma taked me home, gived me a haircut and a baf. Then her gived me lots a yummy food.
Anyhoo, Dr. Ken thinks I's hafin' truble from that old injery to my shoulder.
Him cut me way back on the steroids. In fact, I's almost done wif em'.
I's movin' round more but I's still purdy slow. Momma still makes me rest alot, but I don't reely mind that. I's jest glad the pain ain't as bad as it was.
One thing tho....I sure is gettin' lotsa I luff that!!!!!!


I Don't feel too purdy good

January 20th 2008 1:06 pm
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Momma an Daddy had to take me to the Mergency Vet last nite. Bout' 4:00 I started yelpin' an cryin'. I skeered the bejeebers outta bof of em'...Momma gifed me a aspren an I kinda settled down. Bout' 2 hours later I started reely cryin', so off we goed....They sayed they thot I did sumthin' to my neck cuz I cried if'n they touched it....Gifed me a pain shotty in my muskle an that HURT!!! They sended me home wif muskle relaxers and steriods....Momma don't like that cuz I's a diabetic an steroids can make yur sugar lefels go crazy. I's unstable anyhoo.....We's hopin' it don't meen surgury cuz I don't do good wif that. I haf a hard time comin' out frum under and they don't like to do it cuz of my diabetes....Momma is gunna take me to see my very own Dr. Ken tomorrow. Her wants a secont pinion...Ya know what???? At the mergency place...they din't efun take a x-ray....seems kinda strange....
Today, I's eated some and I's drinkin' my water but I's still not back to normal. Don't gots much engerny....Momma layed on the floor wif me all nite last nite an I don't fink her getted any sleep. Her eyes wuz leekin' sumthin' awful. Her sayed her can't help it cuz her luffs me soooooo much....I's a lucky dawg. Reckon, I'll go take a nappy now.....Hope tomorrow is lots betterer. I sure don't like feelin' like this an I don't like pain..........


I've been tagged

October 21st 2007 5:26 pm
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I've been tagged by Odie
This is such a fun game!

If you have been tagged by me, here are your directions:

If you have been tagged, write 7 pawsome facts about yourself in your diary! Once you have finished, pmail seven of your pals to play along!

l. I am 11 years old
2. I luff chicken
3. I luff to go fur walks
4. I luff all my furiends on Dogster
5. I hate takin' Bafs
6. Maggie is my girliefuriend
7. Clay is my big brudder

l. Maxi
2. Dickens
3. Buddy
4. Doey
5. Maggie
6. Molly
7. Murphy


Let's Play Tag

May 23rd 2007 6:11 pm
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I was tagged by Murphy, Buddy Koops, Lady Chadie Bear and Lil' Sassy...

Here's the rules:
Each player will list 7 random facts about themselves. Dogs who are tagged need to post in their diary, "the rules and their 7 pawsome facts."
Then choose 7 other dogs to tag and list their names. Don't forget to bark them a p-mail that they have been tagged and to read your diary .

Here's some facts about me.......
1. I'm blind
2. I luff goin' fur walkies
3. I don't shed
4. My favorite food is chikin
5. I gots diabetes
6. I luff to cuddle wif momma
7. and best of all.....I LOVE MAGGIE!!!!!!!!

I's gunna tag.......
Miss Dixie
Princess Mia

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