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Age: 9 Years   Sex: Female   Weight: 26-50 lbs

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Doggie Dynamics:
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Quick Bio:
-mutt-dog rescue

December 1st 2007

Eating!!! and snuggling!!! and playing!!! Mom started letting me sleep in her bed - I love that too!

Cats getting near my food, and then me getting scolded for growling. I don't like other dogs very much, and am afraid of many men.

Favorite Toy:
Anything Mom throws across the room for me to fetch!

Favorite Food:
Mmm, tripe, chicken, beef, lamb, really anything raw!

Favorite Walk:
I like the park behind a nearby school. Mom lets me off-leash.

Best Tricks:
I'm really good about waiting to eat until Mom says ok. I also put my head on her arm when she's lying on the sofa, which always gets me a pat.

Arrival Story:
I'm a really small German Shepherd mix, only 25 or 30 pounds. People think I'm a puppy, but I'll always look this way! I was found wandering as a stray after having been hit by a car. My injuries were very serious and it has taken me some time to heal. Now (Dec '09) I still have some stiffness in the hind legs and a minor incontinence problem that is expected to resolve. I am really grateful to the Broad Shoulders Animal Rescue for taking me in. I got great care in foster homes and didn't have to live in a cage! My new mom found me on PetFinder after putting my new bridge-brother Byron to sleep. Byron had been looking at all the listings really hard and put mine near the top so Mom would be sure to find me!

April '10 - My stiffness is gone, and so is most of my anxiety and seriousness. All I needed was some TLC, and my puppy personality is coming out! I love to play now and spend lots of time trying to get the cats to play with me. It's fun to hear them hiss.

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Little Big Dog

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December 6th 2009 More than 7 years!

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Good Karma

Different Dog?

April 15th 2010 1:07 pm
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Mom says I'm like a different dog after four months at home. I'm confused - I still feel like me, only more so! I love to play and romp around, and watch for opportunities to get Mom to play with me. The other day she was leaning over the garden, doing something with one hand, so I grabbed the other hand and made her jump. She grabbed me and rolled me over to give me a belly rub. It was fun.

I'm really good on walks - of course it helps that I actually GET to go on walks now that the weather's better, *ahem*. Mom often lets me off-leash and I never run away. If I go too far ahead, she calls me back and I run just as fast as I can to get back to her! Sometimes on leash I jump on her unexpectedly and we pause for a little rub-down. I've even been known to potty occasionally. Mom gets so excited. Weird. She's teaching me to heel. I do better at it when I'm on leash, but even off I'm learning.

I like people a lot better. Yesterday on our walk we came across three little girls playing. Mom said I could go up to them, so I did. I was a little nervous when they all decended at once on me, kind of like vultures, but I let them. They petted me a lot. I even lay down for them so they could pet my belly. Kids are nice and so are women. I still have a problem with some men though. There are some that I can tell right away are gentle and like dogs, but some just seem too big or have loud voices. Mom says I'll get over it in time.

I've started talking to Mom and she loves it. Awr-awr-awr. I do it when she's ignoring me and sometimes just to do it. She calls it singing and tries to get me to do it on cue, but often I just don't have anything else to say. She does it back to me, but she doesn't speak dog and it sounds like gibberish to me. But she tries, and I appreciate that.

And guess what - I can sleep in bed now! I didn't wet my crate for over two months, so Mom finally let me up in bed. Lurch doesn't like it, but we either work out the space or he finally leaves. I'm so happy. Really all I want in life is to be close to my mom. Well, and to eat and play and chase the cats around and surf the litter boxes...

I tell you, this business of having a home rocks. Mom's promised it's until death do us part. I sure hope that's not anytime soon.


Mom's first vacation

February 22nd 2010 2:45 pm
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Mom abandoned me! For two whole days! I didn't know what she was doing at first - she bagged up all this food but didn't give it to me, put my toys in a bag, and folded up my crate. That was really confusing since she never moves my crate. We went for a car ride and stopped at a house. There were three women in the house (good 'cause I don't usually like men), who were very nice. No other dogs or cats, so I wasn't nervous. But then Mom left and didn't take me! I thought maybe this was just a new foster home and I had to leave my new family. I was sad and afraid. But it worked out all right after all. Mom came back and took me back to MY home. She says I'll always get to come back to MY home, even if I have to stay with someone else once in awhile.

I got to sleep with one of the women over the weekend. Mom doesn't let me sleep with her. Last night I was in my crate and had to go outside, so I woke Mom up and she let me out. When we got back in, I refused to go in my crate and wanted to come up in bed. But she won. Lurch was already in the bed, and he doesn't like me. So he got dibs and I had to go back to my crate.

Lurch is pretty mean to me, actually. The other cats hiss if I come too close, but Lurch actually spits at me. I jump out of my skin every time. I think he's just scared because my bridge-bro Byron used to step on him and he doesn't want me to hurt him. Since he can't run away, he just won't let me near him. I understand. But I would like to play with him. I try sometimes to get him to play, barking and going into a play bow, but he doesn't get it. I think he's more scared when I bark at him.

I've realized I really hate swimming. I thought I liked it the first time, but not anymore. I feel better and stronger because of it, but it's no fun. They put that lifejacket on me and pick me up to put me in the pool. I'm so nervous when they pick me up that I poop every time. It's gotten to where one of them comes over with a wastebasket before the other one picks me up. And then it's embarrassing because they keep looking under my tail to see if I'm done! Where's the dignity? It would help if I'd just poop on my walk beforehand, but pottying is for the yard, not for walks. I never potty on a walk.

Mom has a new friend who comes over sometimes. I don't like him. He's tall and intimidating even though he wants to be my friend. But Mom scolds me when I growl at him, so I just keep a watchful eye on him. I'm always happier when he leaves and I don't have to keep guard on Mom.

Gee, I sound like I'm complaining a lot. I'm really very happy here - Mom plays fetch with me, wrestles with me, and gives me lots of love and attention. I'm learning to play different games, like tug-of-war. I've gotten much stronger. Mom's also teaching me to roll over. I get so wild when she rolls me over! I just have to get up and zoom around every time! It makes the lessons go slowly, but we both laugh a lot so it's ok. I don't know what the next trick will be. I know come, sit, down, stay (from sit or down), wait for my food, and sort of know paw and other paw. I also know out, which she uses to send me away when I'm begging or something. I don't like out. Mom's really happy because I didn't know any tricks when I first came home.

Oh, and she's starting to take me to daycare once a week, for a couple hours on Saturdays. I'm adjusting to it. They only put me together with calm dogs, and I'm not as nervous as I was the first time. Maybe soon I'll try to play with them. Mom promises it will be lots of fun once I break out of my shell. She's brought a couple of friends' dogs over too, hoping we can be playmates. Maybe one day, we'll see. It would be fun to have someone to play with, but I'm not sure how to yet.


Getting healthier!

January 12th 2010 9:49 pm
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I thought I was healthy before, but Mom really has me on a regimen now! She's feeding me raw, for one thing. Let's see, in the last month I've had chicken, turkey, beef, pork, lamb, salmon, and quail. (And half a mouse. Mom keeps encouraging me to eat it, but I don't really like it. She only really wants me to eat it because I stole it from Lurch.) All that stuff is supposed to make me really strong and help me continue to heal. Unfortunately I'm gaining weight, so she only feeds me a little eensy bit, not nearly enough for my taste. But it's good.

I'm also learning to swim! I have a swim lesson every week! They call it hydrotherapy. They put a life jacket on me, and help me get around the pool. Partly I swim and partly they drag. It works. Tomorrow will be my second lesson. I was really scared last week, but by the end it was fun!

Unfortunately I'm learning something else, too. Mom got me a personal trainer. Not the kind you work out with, but the kind who makes you do stuff like Sit, Down and Stay. I'd rather swim. Although I didn't know any commands and needed help housebreaking, Mom wasn't in too big a rush to get a trainer - until I had problems with the foster kitten, Chance. It wasn't my fault. That darned kitten was all over me and always coming up to check out my food. So I'd growl at her, and lunge, and then started growling at all the cats. I even growled at Mom a couple times when she tried to take something from me.

I am a very smart dog, and have learned that there is a causal link between my showing aggression and Mom taking actions that I'd rather she didn't, like hiring a drill sergeant. Fortunately Chance found her forever home (I'm happy for her!), so it's been safe for me to settle down. Hopefully now that I'm not growling at everyone, it won't be necessary to do too much work on being submissive when someone takes something from me. I just don't like it. Mom knows I was a stray for a long time and can't help being possessive. She says the training is to build trust and authority and blah blah blah. I know it's to order me around and give me things just to take them away. We'll work it out; I just hope my victory comes quickly.

Otherwise I'm very happy. I have a crate right next to Mom's bed that I sleep in at night. She says "go to jail" and I get to be safe and happy all night. I also have beds all over the house. Technically I only have a couple, but the cats have some that are only a little too small for me, so... I now have beds everywhere! I get bully sticks and stuff to chew on, and I'm learning to play with squeak toys. I'm glad I'm not on the streets anymore!

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