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Dog days

The new fursib

January 5th 2010 2:48 pm
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It took some doing but, I found the perfect companion for my mama and, my earth fursibs. I searched every where and finally one day I heard a voice coming across the wind. It was so full of hurt,disspare and longing that I just had to follow it. I followed the voice down to a kennel where I saw a young pup folded up lying in a corner with out the slightest comfort of a blanket. Right then I knew what I could not leave him. I sat with him all night with my wings folded around him whispering in his ear to stay strong that help was on the way. The next morning I went to my other mom "the one that was suppose to be my mama in the beginning" and I whispered in her ear about the pup that I had found. She got up and went to her pc and I guided her to his *for sale listing* She made the call and by that afternoon the pup was safe and sound in the arms of his new mama and his new family.

I have to say that it was a heart warming sight to see this forgotten pup come to life and have a chance at life. I feel so good now knowing that I helped to save a life and, that my earth family is safe from monsters once again.

I know that my mama will help this pup get back on his feet again. He's got the best home any pup could ever want.

Woof's and licks


A new beginning

December 16th 2009 5:13 pm
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There have been a lot of changes around my house these last couple of days, the biggest one being my passing. *sigh* Although life goes on for the living, there are day's that just seem to pass with little or no notice of them at all. Recovery is a long and hard road with many stops in between. It's filled all sorts of memories that, either propel us to take another step forward or, just completely stop us in our very tracks. Some of us have been down this road before, it's not a new road just a new path on an old road. We each have to find our own way down the road, weather we want to or not. We either choose to remember or, we remember to forget the reason we are here in the first place.

Sometimes the lines will become blurred and the road will get a bit hazy every now and then. But, there will be many bright spots along the way to remind us of the purpose of our journey. Weather we are accepting of the changes in our lives or not, life will go on with or, with us. Every season has it's time and every time has it season. With only our hearts and emotions to guide us, our journey's are often a very bumpy ride.

Thoughts of a life


The voice

December 10th 2009 7:29 pm
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I heard my master he called me today. But, his voice sounded so far away.

I could here the voice that I knew so well, coming across as clear as a bell.

I knew it was him, I knew it for sure, there was no doubt, not any more.

He called me again and try as I might, I can't leave the bridge to be by his side.

He called me again and this time I knew, He was calling to say I LOVE YOU!


Gods lil' angel

December 10th 2009 2:54 pm
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God called me home this morning, he whispered in my ear, there's something very special waiting for you here.

I have a special plan that only you can do, it's for special lil' angle's, angel's, just like you.

He took my by the paw and, he led me all the way. He took me up to heaven and his kingdom by the gate.

He pat me on the head and said "This is your new place". I looked around and wondered "Why" my mother wasn't there. I looked into his eyes but the answer wasn't there.

He pointed out across the field at all the dogs just lying there. I looked at them and then back at him with a question on my face.

He stoked my fur and politely said "They need an angel to bring them here".

That's when I understood why he called me home today.


Snow daze

December 8th 2009 12:48 pm
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I was just laying here looking out the window at how gray the sky is today and, I started thinking about the snow that we got last year. It was so much and me wuz out in it most of the day. It was my first time being in the snow and, I couldn't get enough of it. I ran around trying to catch the flakes before they fell on me. Mom kept taking me inside and, I kept making her take me back out so we could play before it all went away. Mom said it was a rare treat for us to have snow this far south, that actually stayed and, didn't melt as soon as it hit the ground.

Yup that was a real fine day for us and I'll remember it always.


living with cats

December 3rd 2009 5:38 am
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It's a tough life to live with cats....specially when your bout the same size as them! I use my cuteness as well as sitting up to get my mom to give me stuff...unlike Chloe who just helps her self to what ever she wants on their plates. CAT'S....they can get away with murder! But, my dad thinks I'm just the cutest thing around. I do miss going out for walks with mom, sense the vet said heart worms had affected my heart from where my other mom kept me outdoors all the time. No my vet says that I can't do a lot of stuff that I used to do cause it puts stress on my itty bitty heart.

There have been times in the past six months that I would just fall over and start really scared my mom so bad, she would pick me up and tote me back to the house where she would sit and hold me until I felt better again. Mom took me to the vet the next time it happened and the vet said the reason that was happening to me was cause of the heart worms. The vet put me on some meds for my blood pressure and that's helped me out sooo much!

Sense I've been on my meds I haven't had any more attacks and my mom's real happy about that. My mom limits my activities and keeps me from getting to excited.

So far things are really great and I soooo looking forward to Christmas.

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