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The Life of Monster

Proud day!

December 14th 2009 9:21 am
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Momma is so proud of me, I got in my crate all by myself! I was tired so I climbed in my bed. She is so very proud of me!


Day with Junno and Abby

December 7th 2009 10:27 am
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Today it is cold so we aren't doing much today, but yesterday was fun!
We went to visit Juno and Abby. It was a little girl's birthday party and we all got invited. We got her a toy too. All those kids were fun and it was warm outside until it got dark. But oh well. Abby was fun to play with but Juno didn't want to play. She isn't very social. Her parents have to work on that. Well I'm going to take a nap. Later.


Snow Day!

December 4th 2009 10:03 am
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This morning was awesome! There was white powdery went stuff on the ground when Minni and I went out this morning. Momma calls this stuff snow. Snow tastes great! We went for a long walk this morning, Momma had to carry Minni most of the time because even in her sweater she was freezing. I wasn't I was running through and rolling around. It was a blast! I'm sad that it is melting now especially since I had so fun playing in it, but oh well maybe I will see this stuff again. I got to go harass Minni.
Until next time!


Meeting Minni

December 3rd 2009 12:41 pm
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These past few day have been interesting. I am enjoying my new little sister Minni who looks like her nose got smash in with a frying pan. So better to play with than a squeaky toy! She squeaks, runs, and bites back. Yesterday was fun playing with Ranger the pitbull over at Leatha's house. He is a really fun playmate, he is just big. When I get rough, he gets rough and I don't really like that. I like with Minni better. I also met Gracie the schnauzer and she was a mean old broad. Ranger thought me how to dig a whole in the yard, but tell Momma and Daddy I do think they would like that very much. I got in trouble this morning for pottying on the floor and not letting Momma sleep so we had to stay in the bathroom until Momma woke up in better mood. Which is okay because Minni and I cuddled up on the blanket and bathmatts. We are having so much fun playing so long as she doesn't take away my toys or eat my food while I'm eating. Well I think I'm going to take a nap before Daddy comes home, that I will have enough energy to terrorize him.


Rainy and Cold Day

December 1st 2009 1:41 pm
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It's cloudy, cold, and wet so Momma and I are staying inside all day. We go out to potty but the ground is so cold and wet. It 's usually just wet in the bathtub so this is really weird. Momma says I'm getting a sister today, I can't wait to play with her! I also helped Momma clean the house, but I had to run and hide when Momma started up that loud monster called a vacuum cleaner, man that thing is scary. But we had to get the house ready for my new sister tonight. We are going to go get her after Daddy gets off of work, then we are going shopping at Petsmart! Can't wait for tonight or tomorrow!
Yesterday Mom made stockings for us and painted me a Christmas dog house. I helped her put up this thing called a Christmas tree. I didn't know trees could go in the house or taste like plastic. I like to take the plastic balls off and play with them. Momma doesn't like this at all.
Man all this excitement is making me tired. I'm going to take a nap so I can get ready for my sister!

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