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Duncan's Diary

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August 16th 2010 9:50 am
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It was Friday evening, Mum just took Hammy into the kitchen for his nighty nighty time. I had all the toys to myself. So I grabbed the last piece of my favorite former leather ball to chew on and then it happened. Mum thought I had it too far in my mouth and was asking me to give it back to her. As I adjusted my bite it went down my throat. I swallowed and it was gone. She was upset, but nearly as upset as I was. That was the last piece. It is all gone! I didn't feel so great Saturday morning and Mum called the Dogtor to see if we needed to come over. He said if things are going in and things are going out Duncan should be okay. We'll have to wait and see. So we are still waiting and things are still coming and going but not my piece of leather yet. I get a bit uncomfortable at times, but as soon as there is something to bark at or chase, aka: Hamish, I'm right there doing it. So Mum says we'll wait and see yet today. If it goes later than that we may need to do something. I don't know what that means. Hope it's something good. Bark at you later!


New Rules

July 21st 2010 9:54 am
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The kid went to the Dogtor on Monday and now it is going to impact what I eat! I asked Mum, how is this fair? I was here first, and I want to eat the things I love, when I'm in the mood. She says I can still have them but I have to eat them at the time she gives them to me or she will take them away. That little brother can't eat these things and he always seems to take them from me. He has some sort of allergies and the Dogtor thinks it might be food so we have to eliminate all sorts of things. I did try his new food and, don't tell Mum, but it's not bad. So I guess I'll make another adjustment and see how this all plays out.
On a better note, he seems to finally understand that some times I don't want to play. That I also enjoy a good nap and he has started to learn when I don't want him climbing all over me then.
Mum & I still have our special time in the morning. We take our walk together while Hamish has his breakfast. So I am no longer lonely, I still get time with Mum, the food is different but tasty, so it all seems to be working out. Oops, time to go out for the extra mid-day break. BOL


Life with the Hampster

July 14th 2010 10:16 am
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Hi Pals,

Life sure has changed for me. I was the King, the one guy in Mum's life. Now I am sharing her and even worse, my first Mom comes over and she gives him attention too! I am as cute as I can be, doing everything right and I still have to share the spotlight with this puppy. Yes, he is cute but he has some habits to break and many things to learn. I am trying to teach him, but he just doesn't listen. He steals my toys and treats, pushes me out of the water bowl and today he tried to immitate me roughing up a frisbee. He stole it from me and then starts pawing at it.
My evening walk now has the "little man" at my side, so we don't go as far and I don't get to sniff everything to see what changed since the morning. Thank goodness Mum still only takes me in the morning!
But, I'm not bored anymore and we get to go outside twice during the day to play and do our business. We do zoomies morning and night. It is much better chasing/being chased by Hammy than Mum. He is much faster and makes much sharper turns. So there are some good things.
BOL the neighbors are here for the lunchtime outing. Bark out you later!


The Baby Brother

July 6th 2010 9:43 am
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Well, it has been over a week now since the little squirt arrived.I call him that because he is still learning about house breaking and that we are not to do those things in the house. I keep telling him and he'll be good for a day and then he forgets.
I had a good weekend except for the nibbling all over me. Hammy/Hammer thinks that if he starts to chew on my beard or leg or ear that I will chase him and it's a big game. Sometimes I do and sometimes we wrestle. He has gained some weight in a week and is much stronger than he was last week. We had a real discussion about my frisbee and that there is no way he is to ever touch it. So far I haven't had to bring that topic up again.
My first Mom came for the long weekend. It was great to see her and I got extra attention since there were 2 people and 2 dogs. We did a little grilling and I, of course, was on guard duty. I got some steak for my hard work. But now it is back to the work week grind. Can't wait until Saturday comes back again!


The new pup

July 2nd 2010 9:23 am
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Well, I am adjusting. My new brother is just full of energy. He steals everything away from me. If he has toy #1 and I touch my chew bone, he wants the chew bone. If I want a drink from bowl A he wants a drink from bowl A and pushes right in and me out. Seems like he just wants to copy everything his big brother does. Mum says imitation is the greatest form of flattery.I think it is just annoying. But he is cute and it is fun to run laps around the back yard with him and to race with him doing zoomies. So I guess I'll give it some more time to see how it is working.


My Brother - Hamish McDuff

June 27th 2010 2:43 pm
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My brother arrived this afternoon. We'll see how this all works out. At first it was fun, but now he is trying to tackle me. I know he is a baby but I'm top dog so I will have to tell him how it is going to be.
Bark at you later. I talked the typist into a walk just for me!


My Baby Brother is coming!

June 26th 2010 6:19 pm
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He is arriving tomorrow afternoon. We'll have pictures for you later tomorrow.
Such a happy occasion for us with such sad news for one of our favorite pals Ernie George and his family. Please send your love to them during this difficult time.


No Fursibling yet

June 20th 2010 12:21 pm
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Hi Pals,

Mum was disappointed when the dog she was to meet didn't show up on Thursday, but she did find out that this dog was a bit more of a project than either of us wanted.
So we try again. Today she went to meet a 4 month old black Scottie named MacDuff. He was cute, but Mum says not nearly as cute as I was at that age. Boy do I have her under my control or what! BOL. Anyfur, they called back and said that there are 2 new Wheaten youngsters coming in next week if we would be interested. Doesn't sound like we are getting a shot at MacDuff, but that is okay. At least there is another possibility. We'll keep you posted!


Big News - Maybe

June 17th 2010 5:50 am
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Hi Pals,

Mum tells me that she will be getting home very late tonight. She is going to meet a 3 year old black Scottie that may be joining our family. I am excited but a bit nervous. I will be sharing the house and Mum with this dog so I will have to give up a bit of my special time, but I will have someone to play with and to keep me company while Mum is at that thing called work. I'll keep you posted. Maybe there will be a big announcement tomorrow!


Local news

June 9th 2010 9:56 am
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Hi Pals,

The weekend was very hot here so we didn't spend much time outside or have extra long walks. There was grilling, and I did my job guarding the meatz! But Mum did spend a lot of time on Saturday working on the application for a new brother or sister for me. We are both hoping I will still like the idea when somebody comes to live here and stays.
I have been trying to talk Mum in to staying home with me instead of going to that place called work. This morning I tried to grab her hand (I do it very gently). It didn't work. I also asked if I could go too, but she said they don't let doggies there. So I have to stay home. Oh well, we are half way to the weekend so things will be looking up!
I'll let you know when we hear something or if I get into any adventures or find new jobs or whatever! Bark at you soon.

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