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Duncan's Diary

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Road Trip!

June 13th 2011 10:58 am
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Yesterday started out like almost every Sunday morning. We had our long walk before everybody else gets up. It's so nice out then, just the birds singing, the outside kitties are all heading home, the sun is starting to come up and there isn't much traffic to bark at. The temperature is nice then too! So we are having a normal lazy morning and then Mum gets up and asks us if we want to go for a ride in the car. Is she crazy! Of course we want to go for a ride in the car.
So we all pile into the back of the car and off we go. After a bit I ask if we are there yet, seems like a long ride. No just a little further, she says. So then an hour or couple of minutes or weeks or what ever late we stop. We get out and I have no idea where we are. It's just a parking lot and Hamish & I both are looking for a place with a lawn or a tree. So we all head over to the next building where there is a lawn and bushes and all the sorts of stuff we were looking to find. After our "Privacy Please" break we head back over to where the car is and head into the building.
I remember this place. When I was a wee puppy I used to come here with my first Mom. We would get toys and food and treats and chew bones and more toys here. So Mum picks us up and puts us both in the cart. She said something about hooligans. I've never heard or met them but they must be on the floor since she didn't want us there. So she picks out some things and we go to the front counter where they have heavenly things to nibble on. We can only have certain ones because of Hamish and his allergies. So I get the kind he can eat. But they were tasty. Then Mum loads the car up and we get back in and head off again.
Now where are we going Mum? Someplace you've been before she says. So another forever passes and we pull up to a house. She gets out and brings us and there is a family in the yard. Oh I remember these people. I stayed here a few days about a year or month or decade ago. They were very nice when I was here and we had a lot of fun. So I introduced Hamish and we all played for a while. Then Mum and Mrs G were talking about times and days and that sort of stuff and then it was time to go home.
On the way home Mum explained that Hamish and I are going to spend a few days there and she wanted us all to get to know each other so it wouldn't be a difficult time for us.
So it sounds like we'll be getting another road trip soon!


Diary Pick

April 27th 2011 6:33 am
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Guess who is a diary pick today? That's right, it's me! I may not write often but I do a good job when I get my chance. Thanks, Dogster!


Big doings

April 20th 2011 10:01 am
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Well, it's been a long time since I got to say anything. The little brother gets all the typist time and she doesn't give us much. Something about work and 2 guys that take up all her time. Wonder who they are, oh, it's us, BOL BOL.
Anyfur, unfortunately my kitty sisfur passed to the bridge a couple of weeks ago. That has made all sorts of different things happen. We (Hamish & me) weren't allowed in her part of the house. Something about our prey drives being too high and Miss Sissy pants wouldn't be able to get away. So we have a gate in the hall. Boys on one side and Nora on the other. The Peeps get to be in both worlds. Starting about a week ago Mum let me through the gate. (Don't tell her but my first Mom was sneaking me up to her room when Mum went out for the evening.) I was then allowed on the bed. I remember being on the bed as a pup but once I moved here with Mum I didn't even see a bed. As a youngster I didn't understand how wonderfur beds are, and that you can spend time with your Mum all night long. So I have decided that as long as I'm asked, I will go upstairs and sleep on the bed.
Another fun thing we discovered is zoomies up and down the stairs chasing each other. Mum says it sounds like a herd of elephants up there. But Hamish is ruining the fun times. Mum's one slipper was at the bottom of the steps last night instead of at the side of the bed and the other one was in the hall. I told her, he's still a puppy. These things happen, he didn't know any better and I'll talk to him about it. So we'll all work it out. But it is just great having double the inside space. I still miss barking at Nora, but I love her old turf!


Leaky eyes

April 5th 2011 11:21 am
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It is a sad day here, not just because of the rainy weather. My fursis, Nora, the kitty went to the bridge last night. She and Mum had been together for a long time. Even though Nora and I weren't good buddies I will miss her. We used to play a game at the gate that separated our territories. I would bark and she would hiss back at me.
Mum says one of both the good and bad things about us furkids is that because our lifespans are shorter than the families we live with, they get to share both all the joy we bring but also the deep sorrow when we leave. We are all so different but never replacable. Each leaves footprints on you heart. It will take some time, but Mum will feel better. She knows Nora is at a wonderfur place where she can romp and play forever.


Thanks for my Barkday Presents and wishes

March 22nd 2011 11:23 am
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Thanks Pals for making this one of the best Barkdays ever. I loved the steaks and the cuppycake and the St Paddy's Day hats and shamrocks. I had a peanut butter sandwich for my dinner because I LOVE peanut butter. (and Hammy didn't get any cause he can't have bread!)Then we had Dogster treat (it's like frosty paws but peanut butter and cheese flavor, YUM). And I got to pick the evening walk, I sniffed as long as I wanted with nobody suggesting that we move along. When we got home my first Mom gave me a good rub down and spoiled me with affection. It was just wonderfur. Then I woke up on Friday and everything was back to normal. But I remember, and thanks to all my pals it was a wonderfur day!


It's my Barkday and I'll bark if I want to!

March 17th 2011 10:03 am
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I am 4 today. Seems like time has flown. I remember that first trip in the car with my first Mom in the tiny carrier. I cried all the way to the house. Once I got there it was great, a huge yard on a dead end lane, tons of stuff to sniff and explore. Oh I met Mum that evening too!
Now I have a smaller yard but it's all fenced in so I can wander and I have a little brother to play with and Spring is just around the corner. So life is pretty good for me. And both Mum and my first Mom are here so there is plenty of attention and ear scratches, all the good stuff. So I'm very happy to be celebrating my Barkday on St Patrick's Day and hope all my pals & their furamilies have a wonderfur celebration. I plan to bark at every car and truck that go by the house when I'm outside to let everybody know it's my Barkday!


Diary pick today!

January 18th 2011 4:07 am
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Guess who's a diary pick today? That's right it's me! Now maybe I can get the typist to work a little more often.


Mighty Hunter!

January 10th 2011 10:04 am
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Hi Pals,

Friday was an exciting day at our house. It started snowing just as Mum left for work. So my first Mom decided she would work from home. So that meant we could be outside playing while the snow was falling. It was great fun, I love plowing through it and running through it and Hammy is a quick learner. We were having a great time. We even worked together to get a bird that had landed in the yard. My first Mom then called us to come in. She decided the roads weren't so bad and she would go into work for the afternoon. While silly Hammy goes right in. He is such a Momma's boy, always hogging attention and doing everything he can to get everyone to watch and play with him. Anyway I had the bird and I wasn't going anywhere. First Mom hadn't seen it yet and I knew I would lose the prize if I came inside. She was so funny trying all my favorite things to tempt me, but nothing worked. I would let her get close and then turn tail and run around to the other side of the house. She did finally sneak up and surprise me and I lost my prize but I still wasn't going in the house. First Mom called Mum and she called the nice neighbor lady that lives next door. She works at night so she is home during the day and I just adore her. She speaks so sweetly and is so nice I will follow her anywhere. First Mom leaves for work and the sweet neighbor comes over twice and I finally decided since I lost the prize that I would go in for a nap in the warm house on the sofa. It was a great day!


Big doings here!

November 5th 2010 10:23 am
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Wow, I can't believe it! After 2 and half years I am going to be reunited with my first Mom. She has visited with us many times but Mum says that she is now going to move in, at least for a while. This is fantastic news. I love my first mom so much. If it weren't for her I wouldn't be here. She has a new job starting in a week or so and it is much closer to us than where she lives now. This will be a great. Two people and two dogs. Both Hammy and I can get undivided attention at the same time. We can play tricks and get double treats, double walks, maybe even double dinner. What, oh, Mum said she is still going to be the one to feed us, so no double meals.
Did you notice it takes something this earth shattering to get the typist to work? I'll try hard to keep you posted!


Everything came out okay!

August 25th 2010 9:58 am
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Hi Pals,
My typist has been slacking lately. Something about her being busy with us and that work thing. Anyway I am now fine. My last piece of leather toy made it through my system. Mum did take me to see the Dogtor last Tuesday with Hamish. We had a good time together barking up a storm every time someone new would come in the waiting room. The Dogtor did some rude things to my hinder but everything was okay. Hamish finally got his shot. His skin was cleared up enough that they weren't afraid to give it to him.
Oh, it time to head out in the yard for our privacy please break and some play time. Bark at you later if I can get the typist to work.

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