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Duncan's Diary

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Sad Times

December 27th 2015 10:14 am
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It is with a very heavy heart that I have to tell my friends that my First Mom has gone to the bridge. She was very ill and I stayed with her everyday right on the bed. We had a very special bond, even though she would come in and out of my life depending on where she was working. It is also very difficult for my mom and brother Hammy. We are all very sad, missing her. She gave the best belly rubs and picked my sleep boogies every day. We all hope she is now free from pain and enjoying a reunion with her first Scottie Mitchell and bunny Skid. Hoping our hearts start healing soon.



September 6th 2013 12:31 pm
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Wow I got a package in the mail. I haven’t gotten any mail since Santa paws time last year. This is exciting. Mum who is it from? Duncan it is from Canada, your pal Zaidie. See it has maple leaves all over the package. Oooooh, quick open it, open it I want to see! Me too, me too! Don’t push Hammy, it’s addressed to me. Back up boys or nobody will get to see anything. Sorry Mum, back up Hammy she has the scissors out. I lost enough fur last week at the groomer. Wow two more packages to open and what is that? Duncan you should know what that is, it’s a Tam. Something from the country of your origin, Scotland. It’s a hat that they wear. Not sure exactly how it will fit with your ears, maybe if you lowered them to the sides a bit it would fit better. Mum I don’t want that on my head, give that to Hammy. He wears hats and there are pictures to prove it. Okay Hammy we’ll try that on a little later, alright with you? Mum please get to the big package with my name on it. Calm down Duncan I’m opening it. See the nice paper with the dogs all over it. It’s a squirrel! A big stuffed squirrel. Mum can I have it now. I want to play with it. Sure but don’t go far it is a supervised toy. I know how you like to de-stuff toys and this one is too nice to ruin in one session. There is a note on the package telling you this is your prize for winning the First Ever Z-pup Contest. Remember when you barked about the big grease spot on Zaidie’s back from under the car/truck? Oh look, this other package says it is for the brother of the winner. Hammy this is for you. What is it Mum? Let’s see, it is a skunk, but not a smelly one. In fact this one is very special, it has a squeaker that I can’t hear but you can. So you can take this and run around and squeak all you can it won’t bother me a bit. That is a great present. Mum this is wonderfur. Can we get more stuff in the mail tomorrow? Mum will put a picture up soon of our goodies.


Summer Catch-up Barking

August 4th 2013 12:19 pm
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Hi Pals,
It's been forever since either of us had a chance to bark. Mum got a new one of those job things. The first week or two were great, she left later in the morning and got home earlier. Then she said it got "busy". That meant she still left somewhat later but got home at the old time or later. And to add to that imposition on our new schedule, she had to do the work thing a few hours here at home on the weekends. That never happened at the "old" job. But she says she likes this work better, it's closer to home, more treat money and makes her use her brain again. She had the old job down so well she had time to take our dictation and put our thoughts down fur all to read. So we have had to wait, and wait and wait. It finally has slowed down. Today we get to bark or I will get to bark. Hammy, His Honor, will get the next opportunity.

I guess I had better go back to Spring to bring you all up to date. My first Mom had gotten a new job and was going to move about 45 minutes away. The commute to that job was just too far from our house. I was very sad. I had lost her once fur 2 years and now she was going to leave me again. I would still have Mum & Hammy but it's especially nice when the thunder boomers hit to have 2 peeps so each have someone to cuddle. Can't have them scared and shaking after all. But her new job wasn't working out. (I think she just couldn't stand the thought of leaving us.) So she left and came home. That same day in early May Mum heard from the place she had interviewed at 3 weeks before. They offered her the job. Mum gave notice 2 days later and her old job asked her to reconsider. But the way she sees it, If I get to the point of looking, something isn't right and why would I stay knowing that isn't going to change. So she said no and they let her go that day. We had a week + 2 days together before she started the new job early. Meanwhile my first Mom has been looking for work. She has been home with us fur a few of months now. The job market is starting to open up here and she has interviews scheduled for this coming week. Plus the place she left in April wants her back, but that is just contractor work and she really wants a fulltime "real" job. So we will see. That's all the peep news.

Hammy & I have been enjoying having a fulltime door person to let us come & go to the yard and dispense treats on our return. The weather this summer has been unusual. Way too wet and often too hot. This is the wettest summer on record for the Philadelphia area and it's only August 4th. We have the rest of this month to go. So having a door person has been very important. Neither of us are fond of getting soaking wet for privacy please, Though I am much more stoic about it.

There are a lot of new pups in our neighborhood this summer. Some of their peeps are not good about picking up after them. That has caused some of the neighbors that don't have pups to ask Mum to make sure she is picking up after us. Which she always does. There are even some signs on lawns asking you to not even let your dog even pause to sniff. Doesn't seem fair that these new pup people ruin it fur all of us.

We got new harnesses this past week. They are Gooby Freedom Harnesses. Mine is light blue and Hammy's is green. He was to have the blue one fur a change, but the green one is a little smaller and it fits him better than me. So I'm still in blue. They are nice and make Mum feel more confident we can't wiggle out of them. I have done that a total of 3 times.

All the wet weather has made fur a bad allergy season fur Hammy. Mum resorted to putting him in pajamas to keep him from scratching and chewing on his legs. So we call him Hammy Jammy now, BOL.

Bark at you again soon!


What a wonderfur day!

March 18th 2013 9:36 am
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Hi Pals,
Just want to fill you in on all the fun I had fur my Barkday. It was pawtastic. Plenty of my favorite foods, steak, peanut butter, mashed potaoes, ground beef, sweet potato and cheese! I got a ride in the car, a long Sunday morning walk and I got to set the pace fur the evening walk. I could sniff as long as I wantd. And then the presents and well wishes. I want to thank MR Jack O'Freckles for the nifty picture. And I got cheese and hats and steak and a cuppy cake. Thanks in no particular order to Fizzy, Scooter, Misty, Mr Cutter, Pepper, Austin, Doo, Sophie Clare, HD, Whitley, Finley, Riley, Zoe and Zaidie. It was a great day made so much better thanks to all my pals.


Happy Barkday to me!

March 17th 2013 8:12 am
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Today I am six! It's a wonderfur day. I had my long Sunday morning walk all through town. Fur some reason Mum brought Hammy along too. Can't figure out why, it's my day not his, anypaw it was wonderfur. We got a tiny bit of snow over night and I love to eat snow. So I had a few quick nibbles on the way. When I got home I got a peanut butter sandwich for breakfast. I love peanut butter and I only get a sandwich on my barkday. I heard there will be steak in my honor this evening and Mum will even light the grill to make it. There is also a rumor that I and only me get to ride in the car to Petco to pick out a new toy. How's that for a special day!


Saturday Night

March 4th 2013 10:01 am
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So we started the weekend just like normal, early walk, back to bed, Mum get’s up and goes to the store, everybody else sleeps in. The regular Saturday stuff. Then in the afternoon we get our walk and dinner and are getting ready to enjoy the evening camping out on the peeps when they start doing weird stuff. They both go up to their rooms and change into going out clothes. What is this? They haven’t left us alone on a Saturday night in months. Hammy and I are left home alone with a plain old dog food dinner. At least they left the TV on fur us.
They return after an unacceptable period of time. Mum hooks us up for a privacy please stretch of the legs. We all then settle in to watch a bit of TV. Mum was holding me like she always does cradled in her arm with my head braced on the back of the recliner. All of a sudden I’m making these strange noises and then a burst of urka gurkas. Like a fountain I was, gushing forth some unpleasant discharge all over my belly and Mum’s shirt and pants. Luckily the chair was spared. My first mom ran and got some towels so she could take me and Mum went and got out of those smelly, wet clothes. I got a bath and was banished from sleeping with my first mom like I do every night. So much fur sympathy fur the poor pup that wasn’t feeling well. Mum let me sleep in her room, but not on the bed. I was fine once I got whatever it was out. I think I was just upset about my Saturday evening routine being broken. What do you think?


Heroic Barking!

January 11th 2013 10:00 am
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Yesterday afternoon I heard some strange noises outside the house. Being head of security here I was up to the job. Seems someone we don’t know was roaming around in our yard and peering in the windows in the basement and at the back door. I told Hammy to snap too and we proceeded to bark the alarm! Chased that guy out of here. I think we should get a reward from Mum. What do you think?
Mum here: Seems there have been a rash of break ins around town. The boys did a great job of sounding the alarm and our neighbor across the street came out on his porch and told the stranger to get out of there before those Dobermans get out and attack you. Scotties really do sound like much larger dogs.


Morning Walk

January 9th 2013 11:54 am
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Every morning, before the sun comes up, Mum gets up and takes us out fur our morning walk. We go up our block to the end and turn right, then down two blocks and turn right again. After this we can add a little variety. Sometimes we just turn right and stay on the same side of the street, and sometimes we cross the street! Wow, what a thrilling life we lead here in South Jersey. After that we proceed down 3 blocks, turn right, go one block, another right fur one block and then the last right turn on our street to head home. Along the way we stop and sniff and do privacy please. Sometimes we find little treasures on our way. If Hammy is sniffing over there and pulling a little, Mum will turn away from me fur just long enough, and I can snag something good. Being a handsome Scottie I have a very nice, full beard. And as a wheaten it is a light tan color. So if I find something the same color and it is small enough to fit under my beard I can on occasion pick up something I want to bring home fur later. This is what happened yesterday. I found the perfect treat, a large pizza crust, no tomato left on it, so no tell tale color on me or it. We had gone to the point on our walk where variety sets in and I opted to take the shorter route. No big deal, sometimes I need to freshen up my marking on that side of the street. Everything was moving along as I had hoped. We get to the end of our street, normally we continue to get to that last block with the open lot. Great sniffing there. Well I decided I wanted to get home with my prize, so I turned up our block. Mum was very surprised, you see I will normally walk until I drop if you let me. So she said something about maybe I wasn’t feeling well. Any who, we get in the house on the sun porch and this is the tricky part. The leash and harness come off here. The leash is easy, now I have to have this pizza crust in exactly the right spot so Mum can get the harness over my head. Oh NO! She discovered my prize. All that work lost. It was just too big this time. I’ll have to look for a piece that is just a little bit shorter next time so I can get that harness past it. She threw it out and said something about not knowing what had chewed on it before I got it and getting sick and some other stuff. But I wasn’t listening anymore, just too disappointed. So I ate my breakfast and sulked.


Great Thanksgiving weekend

November 26th 2012 6:29 am
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Wow, it was wonderfur. We had 4 whole days in a row with Mum and my first Mom. They both would come and go a bit but no lockdown. We had free run of the whole house all the time.
The weather was great on Thursday and Friday and we had plenty of time out in the yard on patrol. Friday afternoon Mum made us put on our new ties fur our holiday pictures. They were quite pleased with the results. How could the pictures be bad when you have 2 handsome Scottish lads as the subject? BOL!
On Saturday Mum baked a turkey breast. It smelled terrific in here, when it was done, we each got a taste. Boy was that good. It was so good I didn’t eat my dinner that night because I was holding out fur turkey. Got a tiny taste but not the amount I was hoping fur. So I broke down and ate breakfast with no turkey, boo.
Got some great yard patrol work done yesterday. Our neighbor called and told Mum there were 3 turkeys walking up the driveway next door. What he didn’t know was there were 3 turkeys in our back yard! Mum told us to get to work and out we went. I went to the left toward the 3 in the driveway and Hammy took the 3 in our yard on the right. I barked mine really well. They went all the way to the far side of that yard and eventually took off flying. Hammy got those 3 out of our yard real fast. They flew up in the tree and hung out there fur a while. Then they took off too, all heading back to the river a block and a half over to the North. I wish we could have caught one then we could have had our own turkey dinner.



November 8th 2012 10:41 am
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We have managed to survive that nasty Sandy lady last week and then there was snow yesterday. But it was just a little too warm here to stay around. That’s a shame cause I love snow. I’m still waiting fur my snow delivery from last winter. I ordered it but it never showed up. I didn’t know who to call to complain about the missing snow, so I just continued to wait. It finally comes and the temperature is too warm. It just all melted. I’m so disappointed.

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