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florida vacation

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April 27th 2012 7:14 am
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Well pups the weekend is apon us. Mom said ?rain. Thats OK, as long as its not a down pour. Got to see lots of my friends for the past few days. The puppy in our building was really sweet yesterday, didn't bark at me just was rolling letting me smell her. I think she likes me now. My mom gave her mom a peanut butter cookie for her. She enjoyed that.
So wishing everyone a wonderful weekend regardless of the weather..


Chucky Soup

April 26th 2012 12:55 pm
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Well my friends, I had the most delicious dinner last night. Mom had Chucky Soup Sirloin Steak and Vegatables. It was the GREAT. Mom mixesd some with my kibble and I went to town on it. Even tried to pretend I was done and went to mom to see if I could get more. I DID. She even gave me some bread with butter dipped in the gravy Then when Mom was done I went back to my dog food and finished it. Mom said I'm a ________! I don't care what Mom calls me, it was good.



April 23rd 2012 8:30 am
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Had a OK weekend Mom made Bacon yesterday she gave me a few slices, and a slice crunched uped in my kibble which I licked my bowl clean. Yesterday it rained and by nite time it rained really hard. I got soaked. After getting walked I ran like a mad woman up and down the halls, then ran inside the apartment too. Mom tried to grab me so she could towel dry me, I eventually gave up and let Mom win. Got to see my friend LUNA, got very excited. Looked for rabbits this morning but didn't see any, but I sure can smell them. Mom says 'm tooo smart for my own good. WHAT IS THAT SUPPOSE TO MEAN!!!!


Afternoon Delight

April 19th 2012 5:25 am
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When Mom got home from work we went for a walk. a short time later I saw Luna with her Mom and human sister. I had a ball. I ate the baby's cereal. BOL. Then a woman from our complex came out with a puppy she just got. I bark and snapped telling this new doggie the rules. She barked non stop at me telling me she's new and pretty cute and not to inform her of all these rules. We rode up the elevator together, and she was talking up a storm. My mom and her mom were laughing. She's fiesty. This morning I saw rabbits across the street of course Mom said we can't play now. Rotton mommie but during our walk I saw two sparrows in the high grass, pretended to ignore them then when I was a foot away I pounced, but they flew away. Maybe next time....



April 18th 2012 6:52 am
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When I got out this morning I saw my BFF Luna, It been about a week since I saw her. We jumped on each other, bowed, and ate her human sister's cheerios. I love Luna. Hope to see her after 4pm when my mom and her mom come home from work. Got to take a nap now so everyone have a good day.


Its getting HOT

April 17th 2012 11:50 am
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Yesterday when mom got home at lunch she left the AC on for me. I really think she did it for herself. The place was cool since it was about 90 degrees outside. Its from one extreme to the other. Today its nice, warm but its breezy. I think were in for a very HOT summer. As long as the AC is on I'll deal with the heat when I have to go outside



April 13th 2012 6:14 am
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Yesterday Mom took the afternoon off to bring me to the SPCA for my yearly checkup and shots...Well its was a nice drive there and we were an hour early, so went went and got PIZZA. Mom gave me a few bites of her slice. Don't want to over indulge. Went back and waited till is was our turn to be seen. They loved me.. They all said they never saw a dog with my coloring. Well, got my 3year shot of rabies and DHPP also got tested for heartworm, lyme diease and E. Canis. NEGATIVE for all three. YEAH..Got to say goodby to everyone. I made a good impression.
On the ride home, Mom stopped and got me a bully stick, but she wouldn't let me eat it till we got home. I fell asleep eating it....Wasn't a bad day after all.


Doctor Visit

April 12th 2012 7:49 am
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Well I told you Mom was sick last week, well she's alot better now. She mentioned this morning about US going to the doctors. WHO'S US?? She said Your going to the doctor this afternoon. WHY DO I HAVE TO GO TO THE DOCTOR I'm NOT SICK. She said I'm due for yearly checkup and shots and also check for heartworm. They will take blood from my back leg. BLOOD!!
SHOTS!!! I don't need any SHOTS, Yes, you do she said, but I'll be right there with you. Why don't you take this shot for me? CANNOT DO. Just be a big girl and be brave...OK OK OK BUT I WON"T LIKE IT. She better have something good for me tonight, like CHICKEN, PORK CHOPS, BULLY STICK, what else do I want.........

PS Want to THANK everypaw for the presents on my page. Your awesome...


April 11th 2012 6:49 am
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Well last Friday Mom woke up sick. Yea, I had to put on my nursing hat.
Mom had the flu. Glad she didn't give it to me. She was in bed for 5days, I did get walked but not as often that I usually go. Well now she is back to work and I can finally rest. Its hard work to take care of Mom.


I do like him

April 4th 2012 9:25 am
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Last night while Mom and I were out for my walk I ran into that german shepherd named Prince. I didn't try snapping at him this time. I wanted to play. I kept running by him fast(as far as my leash would go) as soon as I knew he was close behind me I would yeep(cry). Mom said to me "he didn't even touch you" Well I was doing this on purpose, Cause he would then come and kiss me. Mom, its called playing hard to get, then CRY.
When we were ready to go home we both kissed each other and walked away. I hope I get to see him again today. I like him.
Also, want to THANK BUDDY B for the bunny on my page.

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