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florida vacation

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March 15th 2012 5:09 am
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Mom made pork chops last night and she gave me one.
Its sooo yummy, of course she had to cut it into little
pieces and mix it with my kibble. She does this so I don't pick
out and just eat the meatz. Guess she's right, I ate everything
I was able to see my face in the stainless steel bowl. BOL



March 13th 2012 11:54 am
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Its warm outside... Hope Mom takes me for another ride. I wanted to pickup Lucky Isabella, but Mom said West Virginia is just not close to us. Sorry. I wanted to fill Mom's car up with all my friends, but Mom said they all wouldn't fit. Mom you need to buy a BUS. Yea, a bus would fit everyone.



March 12th 2012 12:18 pm
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Mom told me at lunch that were gonna go for a car ride after work, I LOVE THE CAR. I'm sure Mom won't mind if my pals from DOGSTER come along. So, any one wanna go for a car ride?



March 8th 2012 7:18 am
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Last night was quiet. Mom took me for a car ride after she got home from work. I LOVE CAR RIDES. I wish Mom would put the window down just a bit more so I could really stick my head out the window and let the fresh air flap my ears in the wind. I look BAT DOG. It was a very nice evening. Woke up this morning to almost 60 degrees. Mom left all the windows open for me. Luckly we live on the 3rd floor, so she can, leave the windows open and not worry bout someone breaking in. Don't worry Mom BATDOG is here to protect our living quarters.BOL


extreme banging

March 7th 2012 9:21 am
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Last night she started again. BANGING. The best was the woman that lives under us, rang Mom's doorbell and said why are you banging. Mom told her ITS YOU, and your freakin my dog out. Mom and I were in bed watching TV. She then went to the guy who lives above us and said to him stop banging. She needs HELP. At 11:07 I got so scared from the loud bang she made. I jumped on Mom's bed shaking....Momi's now gonna try to sell the apartment. She can't stand when I frighteded. Mom has to go to work and she feels bad leaving me alone all day, even thou she comes home for lunch. I wish this woman would just stop her banging. Maybe I should pee on her if I see her.



March 5th 2012 5:32 am
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Just wanted to give a BIG BARK out to Dogster for picking me as one of the diary picks on Sunday. Too bad Mom has no access to a computer on the weekends. She'll have to come home with some goodies for me. I was wondering why she was soooo good to me yesterday, maybe she did know and didn't tell me. If thats the case, Mom thats not nice. Yesterday I went with her to the pet store to buy bird food, she also got me a bully stick, it was the best. I had it gone in less than 20 minutes. Mom went thru all her pictures there's hundreds of them. She found pictures of Patti when her daughters were baptist, 20+ years ago, also Patti at Renee's(another close friend) wedding. Mom will miss not hearing her voice, or her laughter, her upbeat way about her, even thou she was paralized for the past 7 years. She was a solider. So Long to you Patti.


Rainy day

March 2nd 2012 8:46 am
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Well last night before left to go upstate she took me for a longer walk. I wondered why she left she didn't get home till 10:30pm. Her eyes where still puffy, I knew she had been crying. She told me about Patti and what a wonderful friend she was, all the crazy things they did, mom will miss her. It took almost 2 hours to get to the funeral home. They're were people Mom hasn't seen in 20 to 30 years. Patti looked at PEACE. She was glad she made the journey.
Its rain on and off today, its suppose to rain really hard tonight. Glad Mom will be home with me. Hope everyfurry has a wonderful weekend and be safe.


mom's sad

March 1st 2012 8:42 am
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My mommie is sad. One of her friends that live 2hours away passed away this past weekend. Patti just turned 48. She will be missed. Mom is heading upstate after work. I'm sure she is gonna walk me first before she goes. It will be a very sad nite.



February 27th 2012 7:03 am
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This past week was NO WHERE TO GO, & GO LAY DOWN, and NO, NO, NO
Mom had a friend help her paint the ceiling twice,and the walls needed three coats. The walls are Sunkissed Peach. It makes the place look much brighter, also got rid of the coach, got a new queen size bed, which I LOVE. I sleep up by the new pillows, move some furniture around, I could hardly move when Mom was painting, she made sure I didn't help, how could I when there was no room to move. I did get a few drops of paint on my backsde. Peach is my color. Went to the park twice, ate really really good for the past week. Want to give a BIG THANK YOU, to DESTINY & CHANCE for the tasty peanut butter treats, after opening the box I tryed to eat them all in one shot, but of course Mom took them and gave me one a day. THANKS AGAIN. Well time to catch a nap


painting tips

February 17th 2012 8:05 am
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Mom's got most of the supplies needed to paint the apartment. I have my own supplies, my paws. Mom said I have to stay out of her way. WHAT? I'm helping, my paw prints on the walls will accent the place..BOL. I'll have to make sure she's not watching while I do my artistic work. Sure hope I don't put tooo many paws on one wall. Mom is also buying a new bed. For ME. NO, but when she's not home it is my bed.She is also getting rid of the sofa and loveseat, WHAT, where am I going to sit when I look out the window. OK she's buying another chair/lounger I guess it will work. Well hope everyone has a great weekend and all next week cause Mom is off of work. Hope we'll get to the park after painting.....

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