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florida vacation

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August 19th 2011 6:28 am
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Last night during my walk I saw my friend BEAR, well he tried to hump me. I turned and yelled at him. He didn't try to stop so I gave him a friendy woof bark and snap of my teeth and he understood after that, but as I was saying my goodbyes he whispered in my ear. I can't believe he said that to me . He said "Even thou I'm shooting blanks, I still have a gun". Mom, I don't like doggies that carry guns....Mom told me don't worry its not a real gun. She also told me that she would never let anything happen to me. I LOVE MY MOMMIE. Hope she'll take me to the dog beach this weekend....

Later Reilly


Rattle on the east coast

August 24th 2011 7:03 am
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Well, Yesterday was a first for me. Mom was at work and early afternoon my home started to shake. Mom always tells me she'll protect me, WHERE WAS SHE!!!!! I was scared. When she got home from work I was sitting in front of the door with what little tail I have between my legs...BOL...She said to me DID YOU FEEL THE EARTHQUAKE? I sure did, thats why I'm waiting for her to open the door so I can bolt. Mom took me for a nice walk then. Had spagetti and meatballs for dinner, well I shared mom's plate. It was good. Mom makes some really tasty meatballs...Then we went out again, saw a few of my friends, Luna's mom threw me some doggie bones from her terrace, she was surprised when I caught them in mid air. I can jump and I jump really good when food in involved.
Hope all my furiends were OK with the earthquake.

Later Reilly


August 25th 2011 12:04 pm
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Not much happening....Rain again today . Mom told me theres a good chance of NY getting a touch of a hurricane. This will alos be a first for me. The earthquake was scary enough now a hurricane. Mom said shell be with me all weekendbut Mionday she'll be at work. I'll try to be a brave girl...Hope all is well out in DOGSTER LAND..

Later Reilly


August 26th 2011 11:33 am
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Just wanted to wish all dogsters on the east coast
BE SAFE. HURRICANE IRENE IS COMING. Mom said shell spend the whole weekend with me. Like, where else would she go in a hurricane. AGAIN BE SAFE



August 29th 2011 6:13 am
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Mom and I survived Hurricane Irene...It was scary thou. Mom had no clue I was Diary Pick.I would like to THANK Dogster for selecting me, also my friend Wesley for wishing me and mom to be safe during the storm. Mom thought she was funny and watched a movie called THE BIG STORM. Well we bunkered down had plenty of FOOD. I watched the weather from the window the trees were blowing soooo hard One tree fell in front of the building, thank GOD it didn't land on any power lines, the scarest part was when I had to go potty, Thanks mom for holding on to the leash so I would fly away. BOL...Hope everyone on the east coast is OK. Looks like a beautiful day today. How much adventure can one dog go thru, A Hurricane, Earthquake, and driving thru Tornado conditions in a 6 months time...


August 30th 2011 6:15 am
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When mom was done with work, she went out fishing . WITHOUT ME.
Not fair, I might of caught a fish too, given the chance. Well while she was gone the power went off. There goes my TV. Mom leaves the TV on for me when she goes out. Well by the time she got home the apartment was pitch black.. Not Fun..She had to take me down the stairs(what no elevator) with a candle so we wouldn't fall. I did my business right away and back up the stairs to candle light. Well we didn't stay up, so off to bed we went.
The good news is the power came on at 6am, YEH. Before mom left for work she turned the TV on for me. THANKS MOM


September 1st 2011 8:00 am
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When mom got home from work she had my favorite treats. Guess she feels guilty leaving me home when she went fishing the other day. I really didn't mind that much that she left me home, I just climbed up on her bed and made myself a drink BOL
and watched TV till I fell asleep. I think mom was making herself drinks last night. See the difference I had one drink, mom had several...


Summers Over

September 6th 2011 7:57 am
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Well I hope all DOGSTERS had a great summer. I went several times to the park, went swimming, went for car rides and gained a few pounds. Mom says that normal, now were on diets. I don't believe I need to be on a diet, I'm very active. Guess mom has to throw the ball more for her to lose the jello in her arms. I told her I love jello, and tryed to lick it away. BOL


lunch time surprise

September 7th 2011 11:33 am
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Well, mom came home for lunch and she had CHICKEN with her. MY FAVORITE. She said its for dinner. Dinner what about lunch. I'm hungry for chicken NOW. She did give me a little taste thou it wasn't enough. I could of ate the whole bird. After she left, I opened the frig and helped myself. I'm sure she won't mind I'm her baby girl. Couldn't put the plastic top on properly, Bet she know I ate some...
If I could reach the freezer I would of had some ice cream too....BOL


PS. I'll let you all know if she noticed most of the chicken is missing...


I got snagged

September 8th 2011 12:59 pm
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Sure enough, Mom knew I was in the frig and helped myself to the chicken, Mom says I'm in the doghouse now. I'm gonna take Destiny advice and practice on those lids to the plastic containers when she's not home. OR I can take Chance's advice and just eat everthing...BOL

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