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florida vacation

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June 29th 2011 5:28 am
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I would like ALL dogsters to pray for my pal DRAKO. Its not good. My mom started crying when she read his diary. My mom would like to say to Drako's mom or dad BE STONG FOR YOUR DOG, Try not to cry toooo much since our pets sense and feel our emotions. I know it will still be hard. Mom's prayers are with you both.


July 4th

July 1st 2011 8:57 am
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Just wanted to wish all dogster to enjoy their 3 day weekend. Mom said were gonna have fun this weekend. Doesn't she know we have fun every DAY. I don't mind firecrackers I sit and watch the sky show from the window. So every one stay safe and wanted to wish GOD SPEED to my pal Drako who crossed over to the bridge



July 8th 2011 9:37 am
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I can't believe my mom hasn't writen anything in a while. She said she was busy and sorry. I guess her excuse's will have to do. She has been giving me more attention thou. We went to the beach last weekend. I still don't actually swim but I like the water. She also cooked me some bones, and they are tasty. I watch the house in the AC since its sooooo hot outside. Last night I stood at the edge of mom bed when she touch me she said my fur was cold, so she lower the AC. Thanks mom


July 14th 2011 9:19 am
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Its been very hot here.Last night the wind picked up and it got cooler. Mom even shut the AC off and opened the windows. I enjoy looking out the window, I watch all the people in the pool. We have a pool in our complex and mom's window is right above the pool. I AM THE WATCHER OF THE POOL, the parking lot, the cars that go by on 95 at the tollbooth in New Rochelle. I keep my eyes open to everything. I think mom should pay me for being so aware. She did buy me more treats yesterday.


August 2nd 2011 6:53 am
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My moms sister came for a visit last week. She brought over a
small suitcase with lots and lots of stuff for me....Besides the chicken jerky, and chicken chews and more treats and a squeeky purple thing . Not sure what it is but I having fun with it. It was great to see my auntee, she loves me as much as mom loves me. Auntee has three doggies in Florida. Were gonna go for a visit in a few months. ROAD TRIP>....LATER REILLY


August 4th 2011 5:53 am
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Not much happened last night except the thunder and lighting, moms glad that I don't frek out. I enjoy looking thru the window watching the show. Mom had to tell me to lay down and good to bed. Shes no fun.


August 8th 2011 11:12 am
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Everything was quite over the weekend. We did get thunder boomers last nite with heavy rain. Got to see alot of my friends too. Mom cooked up some real tasty chicken. She knows CHICKEN is my favorite. What ever she cooks its my favorite, even tasted a mcflurry. Its very good on a hot day, and even on cold days. Hope she makes her famous gravy and meatballs soon.


August 10th 2011 8:47 am
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When mom got home after work we went for a walk. Well the sky opened up and rain not just rained really really down pour rain. I got soaked. Not just soaked, but drenshed. Mom tried to towel dry me when we got home but I don't like being towel dryed, so I just wiped myself along all the furniture and bed, then wiggled all over the rug. Mom laughts when I do this. She says KICK and I kick the air with my back legs. She says I look like I'm doing aerobics. Which I am...



August 12th 2011 5:59 am
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It was the funniest thing I EVER saw.... Yesterday Mom and a friend took me to the park by the Long Island Sound. I LOVE THE PARK...Well mom pulled out this big nylon thing. She called it a kite. Well this kite was way bigger than me so I just stood back and watched . Mom got this kite way way high. She seemed happy with herself flying this kite when all of a sudden the contraption that she was holding broke and the kite started to fly away. Mom tried to grap the spoon with the string attached but it flew into the water.Flew fast and away. Moms friend fell to the ground laughing his --- off. So I joined him and rolled in the grass. Mom didn't think it was funny. Well all of a sudden the string of the kite must of got lodged on the rocks far from shore. I told Mom I'll get it for her but then I remembered I don't swim that good yet....So after an hour of watching the kite fly all by itself mom asked a real nice man in a boat if he could get her kite back.
Well the guy is a HERO. He saved Mommie's kite. Can't believe it. Here it tryed to escape and it got caught.
Mom will be extra careful next time she goes flying.....


Rain Rain everywhere

August 15th 2011 8:33 am
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Well I'll tell you, I was a wet dog all day yesterday. The sky just wouldn't let up. I looked like a depressed, water logged pup when I when out. I don't care for all the puddles. At least it was dry when mom and I woke this morning. She took me for a nice walk. Got to see my friend BEAR but he only had one thing on his mind....jump my bones,NOT, that was not going to happen so mom continued on our walk. Got some cheese when we got home then mom left for work. TIME TO PARTY.....

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