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florida vacation

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May 2nd 2011 7:34 am
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Hi, everyone. Hope you all had a fun weekend.
Yesterday, mom took me for a ride in the car..I was wondering where we were going, she didn't drive like we were on the highway so Florida is out of the question, then I saw water, YaWho, we went to the park. The park with the BEACH, YA WHO again....The day was sunny but the water was reallllly cooooold.I only put my feet in. Saw alot of new dogs, a few wanted to eat me ITHINK. I was just chillin and enjoying the day with my MOM. We then got pizza (mine was with meatballs)then went home and watched a movie, and sort of fell asleep.


wet at lunch

May 4th 2011 11:53 am
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When Mom came home for lunch to walk me, it was raining. Of course I got wet, so when we got back home I ran to mom's bed to wipe my body dry, she yelled at me. Guess she'll be putting clean sheets on the bed for tonight. Sorry mom for getting wet dog smell all over the bed. NOT, I had fun doing it....


May 5th 2011 9:24 am
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This morning after I ate and mom was getting ready for work, I was cleaning my mouth on mom's bed and the carpet. Mom always tells me to wipe my mouth after eating, so thats what I was doing, when out of the bathroom came this annoying voice NOT ON MY BED. I don't understand she's the one that taught me to wipe my mouth after eating. I guess after she put clean sheets on the bed last night(after I rolled on them earlier that day and made them smelled like wet dog) I wasn't allowed to use them...Luck for me she doesn't know what I do on her bed when she's at work.


another gutted stuff animal

May 6th 2011 12:54 pm
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When mom got home for lunch She noticed the living room was all white. I took all the stuffing out of my teddy bear, I was go for the eyes. Sometimes I think there watching me when I walk around the house, mom say no there not but I think differently. She's never here when my stuff animals start following me around with their eyes. Mom said she gonna pick up pizza for dinner tonight. I told her don't forget the meatballs


May 10th 2011 6:53 am
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When Mom got home from work, I went out for my walk, little did I know we also went for a car ride, which I love. After getting in the car I noticed a little stuff doggie mom had hidden. Well its my doggie now. I was hanging my head out the window with this little doggie hanging out of my mouth.Alot of people thought it was cute. OR was I cute? Of course, I am cute. Mom tells me that I'm sooo sweet. When we got back home mom fixed me my kibble mixed with chicken thighs. I love my mommy. Ate everything, then I napped, and when I woke up, I had sooooo much energy. All I wanted to do was play. So mom had no choice but play too.
Later, Reilly



May 13th 2011 12:44 pm
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Hello, all..I have mentioned in prior diaries that I gut my stuff animals, its something about the eyes, I must take the eyes out so they don't watch me.

Well a funny thing happened this morning, while mom was walking me, I found a good spot to poop. So I did, but it got stuck. Eventually I was able to get it out. Mom of couse scoop it up with my poopie bags and she saw an eyeball looking at her. See said to me no wonder you had problems, there's a eye in your poop. then she thought she was being funny and said "I SEE YOU. I did not think it was funny. Those dam eyes are even following me when I trying to do my business.Then she wonders why I gut those toys that look at me..


May 18th 2011 6:53 am
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Mom fell down a flight of stairs on Sunday , she went to the hospital to make sure no bones were broke in her foot and ankle. She has a real really bad sprain of foot and ankle. Because of her I do not get the walks I nornally get, but its been raining for the past week here. I 'll try to behave on the leash while she is recovering


May 19th 2011 10:51 am
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Well mom's foot and ankle are slowly healing, she doesn't limp as bad today. She told me that it was my fault she fell.... I don't understand, I wasn't even with her when she fell. I can't believe she's blaming me. She better be pulling my leg. I gave her the evil eye when she said that to me...Evil mommie


May 20th 2011 11:18 am
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Mom 's foot is doing much better. She said maybe we can go to the park this weekend if the sun comes out. COME OUT SUN..Its been raining on and off for almost a week now. COME OUT SUN...
Mom said she was only kidding about me making her fall. I did not think it was funny, I started to get a complex. My stuffed animals were all looking at me again, must gut the animals..Well everyone have a great weekend.


May 24th 2011 8:13 am
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Well moms foot and ankle are healing quick. I tryed to pull a few times on our walks but she say EASY, and for the most part I listen. I don't want her to fall again..Mom's been mixing Chicken ( I LOVE CHICKEN) with my food which I chomp down and lick my bowl clean.. I don't know why mom still washes my bowl after I'm done I already licked it clean. SILLY MOMMIE.Been watching the apartment while mom is at work, at lunch time she usually puts a movie in for me to watch till she returns from work..I don't care for scary movies. This weekend the pool in our complex opens YEA.. The pool is right outsde the window I look out of. Can't wait to see everyone enjoying themselves, and the smells from the barbeque area. Can't wait for the rain to finally go away, seems like it rains everyday. Well take care all. Reilly signing off..

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