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florida vacation

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Doctors Visit

April 1st 2011 6:27 am
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Well, yesterday I went to the doctors to get updated on my shots. The second shot hurt, I believe the doctor stuck the needle in the same hole as the first shot. I flinched alittle, mom kept telling me I was a good girl. I didn't even move when they drew blood to check for heartworm, which turned out NEGATIVE, Hoorah!!!! The dr. told mom to cut back alittle on my food, I got insulted, did he say I was getting FAT. I always watch my girlish figure. Mom treated me to Burger King after that. BACON CHEESEBURGER Yum Yum, I'm not FAT...



April 4th 2011 7:36 am
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I love my AUNT. She stayed with me and mom for the weekend, she brought me stuffed squeaky animals and some real good gourmet treats I like the duck treats. Mom got a little jealous cause I slept with my aunt, didn't want to go out for a walk unless she walked with mom and me, and was sad when she pulled the car out of mom's apt complex. But mom said were gonna down to Florida soon so I'll be seeing her again real soon...HAD A GREAT WEEKEND


April 6th 2011 12:03 pm
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Last night mom watched a scary movie, I don't like scary movies, the music makes me uneasy, and if mom screams It really upsets me. Mom likes that kind of stuff. Got to see a rabbit this morning then all I saw was that cotton ball tail run away, I wanted to catch it and see if it squeaks like my stuff rabbit in the house. Mom assured me it would squeak. Still wanted to see for myself, for now I guess mom's right.
Mom's neighbor Ricky gave me a box of peanut butter cookies at lunch. Mom only gave me tow cookies, WHATS WRONG WWITH HER, did she not understand that Ricky gave ME, REILLY the cookies, so I should decide how many I wanted. I wanted them ALL...


gutting my stuff rabbit

April 7th 2011 11:59 am
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My aunt last weekend brought me a real nice squeaky rabbit, well when mom came home for lunch there was stuffing all over the apartment, Mom said to me "DID YOU GUT YOUR RABBIT" I barked and looked at the dead rabbit then looked at mom. She sort of understands my mind telepathy. At times She can read my mind and know what I want. Like this morning she said she was getting ready for work, so I gave her my rubber football that has holes in it, so she can put peanut butter in it before she leaves for work. She actually knew what I wanted. She's a good mommy. I also got a piece of duck jerky. I LOVE DUCKS, don't know how they get them in those little packages thou..



April 11th 2011 7:49 am
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Hello everyone. I was a bad girl yesterday according to mom. She had taken our ring neck dove out of his cage, we were all sitting on the bed when suddenly the bird was in flight, and my mouth right behind the bird, I guess I pulled about 4 or 5 tail feathers out before mom gave me a fresh one on my back side. I LOVE the BIRD and wouldn't intentionally hurt him. I'm glad it was only his tail feathers and not his body. Mom really would of be pissed off if that happened. So now I admire the bird from inside the cage.
Saw alot of my friends in the neighborhood this weekend, I LOVE LUNA THE BEST, MAX is running a close second, and also ran into BEAR he just turned 1 year old, and hes alot of fun...Mom said were going to Florida real soon. I'll try to behave...


April 13th 2011 7:08 am
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Woke up during the night to thunder. I started barking out the window. Mom yelled at me. Doesn't she know that I was telling the thunder to hush "my mom's sleeping"... She didn't stay asleep long cause I wouldn't shut up..



April 15th 2011 7:18 am
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Mom & I were playing last nite with the tennis ball, (I rip all the fuzz off the balls) I had a good grip with my chompers and mom had a tight grip with her fingers, we were both pulling. I wouldn't give in and let her get my tennis ball she tryed real hard to get it from me. NO WAY, I'm not letting her have it. I pulled and pulled she tryed to hold on, but at last I WON.Who did she think she was messin with. I"M THE GREATEST TUG OF WAR PLAYER. Mom had no chance, little did she know....



April 25th 2011 9:26 am
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Mom and I came home this weekend after spending the entire week in Florida. We did run into the damage that the tornados did in North Carolina, we were stuck with the car off for 4 hours on 95, exit 103 roughly 6 till 10 at nite.. We didn't find a hotel till 11:20 that night. I'm glad we were OK. I had a great time at grandpa's house, was sad to leave but mom had to go to work on Monday. Had a safe trip back home. Some people down south are really cruel to their animals, mom got all upset when driving thru Virginia, someone dumped their dog on the side of 95, unfortuately he got hit, Mom prayed that GOD took him quickly and he didn't suffer, for the idot who hit him mom cursed him out, cause he didn't even stop. ROTTON BASTARD sorry for my lang...I sure glad mom loves me so much and would never put my life in danger. I'm living the life of REILLY....



April 28th 2011 9:13 am
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Well, a typical day starts with mom waking up, I get all excited cause I'm GOING OUT. Hope to see my friends, we all seem to get walked the same time in the morning. Then after the walk, mom feeds me and make sure I have plenty of fresh water. Then mom goes to work. That's when the party starts, I checked the fridge WHAT NO BEER!!!!But there is a steak.Yum Yum, But I'll wait for mom to cook it, she might want some. I 'll put a movie on and probably fall asleep. Soon the pool opens, and I can watch everyone. Hope the pool people pay me this year, for watching everyone, or at least throw the dog a bone..Well mom's coming home gotta clean up.


April 29th 2011 8:53 am
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Hello all,

Not much happening, waiting for mom to get home for lunch and take me out. The weather is suppose to be beautiful, hope to go to the park and maybe put my paws in the water at the beach. I think (sometimes) the water might still be toooo cold for my body to be surmerged.

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