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florida vacation

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January 2nd 2013 7:27 am
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Hope everyone had a safe, and wonderful New Year. Mom and I celebrated by eating chicken wings with blue cheese dip on them and we also had cheeseburger sliders. Mom had a few beers and shots and I drake shots of water BOL. We had a great evening together. One really finds out what good friends we have. For me its Mom and for Mom its ME. Mom says she'd rather be with me then anyone else. So I started snuggling with Mom this weekend. She coombed me for a real long time and then she scratched my head, which I love best. I can fall asleep why she does this. AND I DID.
A lady on the fourth floor got a Boxer puppy (3 months old) when we met I sniffed her then growled and snapped. Mom said Its a baby Luna. It is not a baby Luna Mom, smells nothing like my BFF. I did mention the ranking order in the building to this new pup and that she is LAST. Just trying to keep harmony in the building. It takes me time to warm up to new dogs I just meet. I'm sure well be good friends.


Cold here

January 4th 2013 12:37 pm
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Well this morning it was 20 degrees, it was cold and alittle windy, now my ear bothers me. When Mom came home for lunch she noticed I was shaking my head more then usual. So she got my drops and I sat like a good girl while Mom put drops in both my ears, even thou only one ear was bothering me. Mom also bought me lots of treats and a bully stick last night. The bully stick was in the grocery bag, Mom was taking a shower and I could smell that bully stick in the plastic bag. I knew it was for me, SO I removed it from the bag and tried to get the plastic off of it. Well, when Mom got out of the bathroom and noticed the bag on the floor and the bully stick gone. (she yelled at me.)I tried to remove the plastic but Mom only found a 4 inch bully stick with plastic missing. Guess I forgot to unwrap it before I inhaled it...BOL. I usually never take anything. like the other night Mom left four cheeseburger sliders on the bed (which is where I was laying) and I never touched them. I knew she was gonna give me some anyway. I'm sorry Mom I couldn't help myself.


snuggle bug

January 8th 2013 11:34 am
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This morning when the alarm rang Mom got up shut it off and climbed back in bed, so I joined her. She even threw the blanket on me and I stayed, till the alarm rang again. I don't like having blankets or anything on me.
and last night I was very cuddley, I kept lying on Mom. Mom thought it was funny. I usually never lay on Mom. I'm not sure what has gotton into me.....
PS I'm also making friends with the 3month old boxer that moved upstairs. The first meeting I tried to eat her, second meeting I just sniffed but Mom kept a tight hold of my leash, and yesterday I really got to sniff her and I LIKE HER. She sort of looks like my BFF Luna.


prayers for my BFF

January 11th 2013 11:55 am
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Hope everyone has a great weekend, last night I had a treat. My best friend in all the world LUNA was visiting her Mama (who lives in our complex)so she texted my Mom and we got to take our evening walk together.Luna stays alot at her grandparents house. Luna's Mom told my Mom that Luna goes for surgery Saturday morning she has boo boos on her back foot (toes) they may have to take a toe or two. It might be that bad word cancer. Mom and I will be praying for Luna. I sure hope she'll be OK


Good News

January 15th 2013 9:24 am
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My BFF Luna went to the vets on Sat. and its good news. Its only in the fleshey part between her toes that has to be removed . Its not in the bone. THANK GOODNESS. So surgery will be scheduled very soon. The other boxer (puppy) is sooooooo cute she was giving my mommie kisses all over yesterday. Mom was talking dog to her. I sure hope Mom knows what she was saying! LOL.


super stew weekend

February 4th 2013 6:21 am
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Did every pup have a great weekend? I had a wonderful weekend. On Saturday Mom made a very hearty beef stew with lots of meatz. Of course I was her taster, every so often she'd go in the kitchen and taste it and to see how good it was becoming, and she let me taste too. YUM.... So yesterday during the football game we ate like you'd never believe. Fresh hot bread with melting butter for dipping in the stew juice of course. and then we had ICE CREAM. I got my own little bowl. My Mom spoiled me....THOUGHT, Do I have to go to the doctors soon, HUM, maybe thats why she was spoiling me.;..She said No Reilly, no vet....She just loves me......and I love her.....



February 7th 2013 6:51 am
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Mom told me last night that we are getting alot alot of snow so when I woke this morning and looked out the window there was NOTHING...I wouldn't eat my breakfast because Mom lied to me...She told me the snow is coming, tomorrow morning there will be a little then rain then at night the snow will be falling 2 inches an hour the weather mail says..and it will snow all night till Saturday afternoon. Mom I think you need more food if were going to be trapped. Don't worry I've been dreaming of being lead sled dog for almost 4years now. Since the time I was born, OH YEA isn't my birthday coming soon MOM. Well my one wish is to
be lead sled dog. Hurry up snow so I can pull Mom. Ithink she is as heavy as a sled. hehe



February 11th 2013 6:18 am
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I had the best time Friday. It started with Mom getting a phone call at 5:45 to let her know SCHOOLS CLOSED so she didn't have to go to work. It started snowing lightly about 8am. We had 30minutes of freezing rain but otherwise it snowed. I asked to go out every 2 hours, to play of course. By 2pm it was heavy wet snow coming down now I wanted out every hour.Mom continued with the every 2 hours, she sid it was hard enough just putting on and taking off her snowmobile suit and her boots. By 6pm its was a white out, I didn't even want to be out...By Saturday morning we had 16 inches of snow. Mom and I played alot, I kept losing my sticks in the snow. I was so tired I got home and fell right to sleep. I can't wait for it to snow again. Mom felt sorry for all the people that got stuck on the Long Island Expressway and everyone in Connecticut that had 20 to 30 inches of snow...It was enough just dealing with 16 inches of snow..ITs rainning now, washing my snow away. Its suppose to be 45 degrees today with lots of rain....Mom, When's the next snow storm????? Wesley how much snow did you get and how was your hiking trip??
Take care everyone and be safe


Whata wonderful Day

February 12th 2013 11:55 am
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I must THANK Dogster for pickingmy diary as one of its picks. THANKS
Mom and I had steak last night for dinner, with mac and cheese. I know I love the meatz BUT I can't resist the mac and cheese. I would also like to thank my MOM for being a wonderful cook and feeding me wonderful foodz.
The sun is shining, Mom didn't come home for lunch and I'm about to burst soon but she getting out an hour earlier and were gonna go for a ride in the car. She said we can stop somewhere and get dinner...What do I want?
Well she'll be home soon so I better get ready. I'm sorry Wesley that you didn't get really any snow, maybe next storm. Take care y'all



February 13th 2013 8:32 am
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I could hardly believe it. Mom was having cheesecake with Luna's family last night when Luna's Mom told my Mom that LUNA IS ON DOGSTER. WHAT..Did I hear that right. My Bestest friend in the WHOLE world is on Dogster too. She's been on since 2006. What a surprise. Come one come all and check out my best friend. Her Dogster # is 273084.

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