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Lets go GIANTS

January 9th 2012 12:15 pm
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Mom and I watched the football games this weekend. She said something about the New York Giants hoping they win. They just didn't win they globbered the Falcons. You know why??? Well Falcons are birds and I don't really care for birds even thou I have a dove as a pet.. Mom opens the door and I stick my whole head in and give kisses to the bird as he pecks me. One day I gonna peck him, he might lose a head....BOL Well Mom and I are soooo happy that the NY Giants won now they go play the Green Bay Packers. I barked to mom that I like the Packers she gave me a evil eye. She doesn't understand I like the cheese hats. You know I love CHEESE. I sorry that Chloe and Echo team didn't win. I still think the Steelers played a heck of a game being down and coming back was amazing. Mom was glad the Saints won too. I think she has a thing for QB BREES.


I think I saw a RABBIT,I did

January 10th 2012 12:21 pm
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Last night during my last walk for the nite, I was ready to do my business, when suddenly I saw was it a kitty, NO, it was a rabbit, forgot all about going to the bathroom, all I wanted was to chase the bunny, Mom held my leash really really tight, I yanked and pulled but couldn't budge my mom, I think she needs to lose weight but I won't tell her that, she'll cut out all my treats. I better help her eat more off her plate, to help her of course.....BOL



January 17th 2012 9:21 am
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It was some weekend, lots of football games, Oh Yes, did I mention the NEW YORK GIANTS WON and now go San Francisco to play the 49ers. Watch out folks I think the GIANTS are gonna go all the way,Mom predicts Ravens and Giants in the superbowl of course the Giants WIN, I HOPE....Anyway Mom was a cooking fool this weekend. Sunday she made a huge pot of BEEF STEW, its super good,she mixed some with my kibble and I licked the bowl clean. & yesterday she made a spagetti sauce with meatballs and sweet sausage. Very tastee indeed. Mom sure cooks good and I usually get to taste everything. Mom said I should get a job as a food critic.BOL.



January 18th 2012 6:41 am
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I hate to brag but Mom out did herself once again. Last night she heated up the spaggetti sauce with 4 meatballs and 1 sweet sausage. She prepared the spaggetti with sauce two meatballs and half of the sausage for herself. WHAT ABOUT ME....I woofed
She told me patience, so I sat and drouled but then she was DONE. WHAT DO YOU MEAN YOUR DONE. WHAT ABOUT ME....She did fix me my own plate that was in the kitchen cooling, I had my own spaggetti with two meatballs, YES TWO, notsure what happened to the other half of the sausage, I think Mom ate it while doing the dishes. I wasn't watching, I was rubbing my mouth all over the rugs.....Mom I will definitely tell everyone your a great cook....


No Snow Yet....

January 20th 2012 5:15 am
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Last night Mom was talking on the phone, I was sleeping I heard her say the word SNOW, I woke right up, looked at Mom, and ran to the window to see if it was snowing.... It wasn't. Mom thats a mean trick. I love SNOW, can't wait to play in it. It hasn't snowed in New York since Halloween, and it wasn't even much to bark at. BUT Mom said TONIGHT WERE GETTING SNOW... YA WHO, I'll be make sure to monitor the weather from the window,I don't care what time it starts; MOM YOUR GONNA TAKE ME OUT IN IN....



January 23rd 2012 8:14 am
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Mom was sooo happy last night when the NY Giants won. Now they play in two weeks in the SUPER BOWL. I'm getting myself ready for all the tasty treats that will be served. Mom even got a special surprise after the game. The trophy was presented by her favorite player of all times MARK BAVARO. Mom still has his jersey, football cards and he even sent Mom a autographed picture of himself. She treasures that...And Saturday we woke to SNOW. I LOVE SNOW. Mom took me out several times just so I can play. I had a ball. Ate lots of tasty food too this weekend.
Too bad everyday can't be a weekend...



January 25th 2012 12:56 pm
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Mom had a good laught last night on the phone with her sister from Florida. Mom's sister found a black hairy catipillar with red stripes on it while picking oranges from a orchard. Well she brought the catipillar home sent it up with citrus leaves in a little betta tank, well after a while the thing made a cocoon and turned into a beautiful winged MOTH one evening. She decide to let it free in the morning. Well morning came she went over to the betta tank and guess what, the MOTH escaped. She said her dogs were barking like crazy that night. Well guess she dog must of got yem and ate yem. Poor Moth didn't even enjoy the wings, but also earned his wings. RIP



January 27th 2012 5:41 am
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Last night while Mom was cooking dinner, I started barking at the window, she thought I was barking at the thunder, she went to the window and saw a person on the fire escape, scared the sh-t out of mom. Mom said she was gonna call the cops. The person said he locked himself out of his apartment. Mom called the Super and he handled the situation. Mom was sooo proud of me and I got treats up the yazoo last night. Mom was lucky I was there to protect her. So this morning Mom told me to protect the apartment while she was at work. I knew I always had a job but now Mom knows it too. Hey Mom, HOWS MUCH DOES THIS JOB PAY?????


Mom hurt her back

February 2nd 2012 5:03 am
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Well over the weekend Mom slipped a disc in her back. Ouch
Want to say thanks for Dogster for chosing my diary as one of their picks. Also THANKS to all my pals that wrote and congratuated me on what I job I did protecting Mom. She has been feeding me really really well, always sharing her dinner with her. Mom has to rest now so THANKS EVERYONE AGAIN



February 3rd 2012 12:29 pm
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Mom is feeling much better, she yelled at me when I tryed to pull her while out for a walk, I try not to pull but I can't help myself at times. I want to be LEAD DOG of a SLED TEAM.
I hope Mom cooks some goodies for the football game, I heard something about Chicken Wings, chili, chips, dips, beer, sounds like my kind of party. Wishing everyone a great weekend and I hope well Mom hopes the NY GIANTS WIN.

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