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Home:Rolling Hills And Canyons, Sat, KS  [I have a diary!]  
Sex: Male   Weight: 51-100 lbs

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Padester, Padman, Padpad Old Man

Doggie Dynamics:
not playfulvery playful

Sun Sign:
Quick Bio:

March 17th 1997

He Loves to lay in my chair and if I am in it he will jump on to me run me out of it. He like to eat treats but they have to be the soft kind. Go for rides in the truck. And lay beside his dad.

The girls ( Chi) trying to run him out of his laying spot.

Favorite Toy:
Soft squeeky toy

Favorite Food:
Any thing he is not allowed to have.

Favorite Walk:
The Fields to see rabbits run and to play.

Best Tricks:
He will ask very nicely for a treat

Arrival Story:
Paddie was along awaited dream. I wanted a pup from his dame and sire. I wanted the temperment they both carried and a good show puppy. I waited for three years for Paddie to get here and when he did he was born on St. Patricks Day, talk about the luck of the Irish being with us that day. I first held Paddie when he was 3 hours old. Paddie at 4 months old won the Old Roy Dog of the Year Contest and at 6 months made it into the show ring. He got his first place ribbon and won best of breed. He had what it took to show and he Loved to go and would always let everyone know he was there when he walked in the doors. Paddie had to end showing early it just was not meant to be as we soon learn he had long hair. So Paddie now spend his days being my Love bug and Best Friend.

This was sent to me right after Christmas on Paddie's arrival to the Rainbow Bridge. I am putting a copy here as if I have a computer crash I will have it in a safe place. A Special Christmas Report From the Bridge as reported by Melba Toast and Sandy Gaston 12/25/2008 Aroooing from Melba Toast, Woofwoofwoof can you hear me, this is a very special Christmas repaw. A most special and if I must woof myself handsome fellow has made his way to the Rainbow Bridge. A champion and monarch of his Country Bumpkin pack yes St. Paddie Day Suprize is here safe and sound and watching over his family from the Bridge. Paddie go ahead and woof your mama, she is right there she can hear you Paddie woof your gift to her. Mama, Melba said you can hear me, woofwoof hear me mama, I need to tell you all about the night I left you. I went to bed and remember the last rub and kiss you gave me, I was sleeping so nice and thought I was dreaming, all around me were beautiful basset angels they were every where and I was as light as a feather. I was floating around with them and they were telling me it was time for me to go. I told them I couldn’t go and leave you but they woofed I had to because it was my time so I sniffed you and gave you a kiss, I can still see you rubbing your cheek in your sleep and I still can smell you all over my fur. Oh mama I love you so, I hold your love in my heart, and I worry about you because you are not letting another into your heart. I watch over you night and day you see my cloud is right over our home just look up and you will see me. Melba took me under her paw cause she saw I was crying big basset tears every day because I missed you so. She woofed to me she felt the same way when she had to leave her mama, she left fast too and her mama cried for a long, long time. Melba sat me down with the other bassets to tell my story about my life and family and you know what mama it did make me feel better thinking all about you and dad, the others. We all woofed and the others told me their stories then one of the boys kicked over the bowl of stars and they fell all over our house did you see them fall? There is a buffet here with so many good things to eat but mama I wish you could shout to the chief here cause I tried to tell him how to make your famous goulash with those tasty fresh tomatoes. He tries to do a good job but something is missing, pawhaps it is your special love you put into that yummy meal. Every day I watch and wait for that special hound the one that needs you mama to come into your life, a special basset to help heal your heart and take good care of you like I did. There will never be another Paddie but there will indeed be another basset that will love you BIG and take care of my mama cause I will see to that. I want you to have another love soon because there are too many houndies that need lovin and a family. Oh mama you will always love me and I will always be that bright and warm spot in your heart. Just put your hand on your chest and you will feel me, now go out side and close your eyes and feel that breeze, that snow flake, that rain drop, mama that is me sending you my love. I am the brightest start in the night sky because that is your love shining in my heart. Oh mama hug dad and the other kids and always remember I am watching over you my spirit will always be at your side and know I will always loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee you BIG. In your heart forever your old Padester woofwooofwooof I know there is joy in your heat mama just let it out, gota go now the buffet is calling me and my friend Melba Toast needs a date for the Christmas pawty tonight. ---------------------------------- ---------------------------------- ------------

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A Dogs Life by St Paddies Day Suprize

St Paddie's Day Suprize

September 9th 2008 12:28 am
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It is with a very Heavy Heart that I must write and tell you of the loss of The Country Bumpkins monarch. St Paddie Day Suprize was born March 17, 1997. I had fallen in love with his dam and sire. I asked the breeder to do a breeding so that I could have that wonderful temperament combined. Paddie was a seed in my Heart for three years. And Then on March 17, 1997 my wish was fulfilled. I picked Paddie up for the first time when he was 3 hours old. It was love at first sight. I went every day to see him and hold him till the day he got to come home. It was then a new bond of Love was formed from the heart of both of us. Paddie at 4 months old won Ol Roy Dog of the year in Levelland Texas. At 6 months he went to his first dog show and won 1rst point towards his championship. I knew my dreams of having that wonderful show dog would be filled by him. He went to his second show and got 1rst place. After that he had to stop showing. He had long hair. The Breeder offer to give me another pup but I was hooked on my Paddie. Paddie went every where with me. Then when he turned a year old he just disappeared. I was crushed we looked all over for him, Charlie and I grieved so bad for our little guy being lost. Well I happen to put his picture at the vets office 35 miles away. They had Paddie, I went to go see and he came running at me and knocked me on the floor. I cried and I cried. He was home and this is where he would stay.
In 1998 I suffered a house fire. My Hubby had to go do some work in the Dallas area and took me with him as things were hard for me and I really had no home at the time. I had been staying with a friend Mary while the house was being worked on. I took Paddie to stay with her while I was gone. When I got back she came out laughing telling me she wanted to kill that dog. I said Oh No!! what did he do? Well she had him in the front yard and to the south of her house the was a tree. I guess Paddie did not want to stay there so he climb this tree. She had decided to lay down and take a nap. When she did she heard this Barrrrwoof , Barwoof, Barwoof. She was yelling at him to be quite. She said after about 30 min she though she had better go check on him as something might be wrong. Paddie had climb that tree lost his footing and fell, and got stuck. Paddie was hanging up side down in the tree. When she got around there she said he was so excited and was telling her I am free at last . Barwoof he told her get me down. She said he got to wagging his tail so hard he just went plop on the ground she said All I could do was laugh and Thank doG he did not have that far to fall.
I do not think he climb another thing after that.
There was not a person who met Paddie that did not fall in love with him, he Loved everyone and Children to. He would just lay there and lavish what every they would give him.
Paddie had may friends on line and I want to Thank Those who were close to him. Vanda, Karen F, Karen C, Bonnie, Beth, Jannie, Carol, Ann Marie,
They were always cheering him on no matter what kind of trouble he got into.
Paddie was My heart and soul dog, he was there for me when I had a massive heart attack in Feb of 2007 he stayed by my side. When I left the house to go to the hospital I am sure he must of though he would never see me again. But when I got home I was one that was very blessed for I got to see in the eyes of my friend the Love he held for me, it sent shivers down my spine. I was Bless I have the true love of a 70 pound basset hound named Paddie. People have always told me that when he looked at me or I at him they could always see the Love in his eyes as he looked at me they sparkled. They say he your boy for sure.
Paddie suddenly passed away in his sleep last night, He was 11 years old. I know my time was getting short but not this short. I had made plans with a girl to take our picture this fall.
It is a very sad place for us today, The Bumpkins are howling, I cannot stop crying and I feel as if my heart has once again left my body.
Paddie is buried beside Abbie as we know that is where he would have wanted to be as they are Mother and Father to Lilly and Trapper.
Charlie says I can get another Basset pup I don't know maybe in time. Right now would not be good for me cause I know in my heart I would want it to be like my Paddie and that is not fair to a pup.
Please Hold us all in your prayers as we walk though this very sad time in our life.
Vi Trapper Lilly and Andy and The Country Bumpkins
St Paddie's Day Suprize
March 17 1997 September 7, 2008
"You have gone ahead and nothing is the same, leaving paw prints on my heart that will always remain."
-- Tibetan Proverb from Prayers on the Wind


Happy New Year 2007

January 7th 2007 12:16 pm
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All of changes happen here at the home of The Country Bumpkins last year. Mom got sick at the first of the year and spent allot of time in that place where all the people go when they are sick. We were ebers so glad to have Lady Myrna on our side as she work ebery days to help Mom get well while we slung lots of Drool her way. Mom also in the end of Feb. got the new house she had always wanted but was so sick that Dad had to move her, it seems there were some peoples that were not happy about her moving and Dad was not going to mess with them so he moved her WOW!!!! in one weekend. I nebers knew he was that strong. When the Spring hit Mom planted lots of flowers and ebers (herbs) we had all kinds of wild life and bee's all obers. She planted the biggest grarden I ebers saw but she did it in several differnt places so it would not be so hard to water. She had tomatoes ebery wheres and it seem like only a few of them got ripe she lost allot of them when the first freeze hit, we were all so heart broken cause she makes the best goulash with fresh tomatoes and us Bumpkins always get a taste as she makes a really big pot. When the fall hit she went to work at the feed lot doing harvest, we had so much fun with that cause she was a cazillon miles away but we always seem to hear her voive in the sky and so we knew she was OK. Dad said to Mom one day when they hear your voice it is the dangest thing they will all look then settle down. This year at harvest also brought Mom a new skill of driving a grain truck. Ebery days when Dad got off work she would get him and together they drove the grain truck, she said it felt so good to be back in the country, I know us Bumpkins miss country life berry much, and so Mom is working on finding away to get us back there. WOW that would be great for all of us.
Then in Nov Mom gabes us the scarse of our life, Dad rushed her to that big building to where all the peoples stay when they are sick. Her chest was hurting and she could not get it to stop. They put her in the buliding over nights and then had her go to anothoer Dr's a zillons of miles away. This was to see her'sheart Dr. Man. He put her in a differnt place with all the people who are sick. The Heart Dr. Man did surgery on her heart, and help to makes her well. Mom still has not got over this and I see her some times just have to sit down as she does things. I have to wonder do these things take a long time to get obers?
Mom also got a great nephew and niece this year along with a 2 new great cousins. One was a girl the others a boy. Mos does not get to see them much but she reports they are soooo cute.
Well I had beeter go I hear Mom coming,
Have a berry Happy New Years!!


Before I was Born

January 15th 2005 6:27 am
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Before I was born Mom had me in her Heart. I am the brother to Cupids Arrow who was born on Valentines Day but a differnt litter. Mom said he died at a young age due to an illness. Cupid had a good show history and Won many ribbons in the show ring. This is when Mom put me in her heart. She wanted a pup that had the same quilites as Cupid as well as the same temperment. So she asked the breeder if she could have another pup from the Dame and Sire of Cupids Arrow. Their names were Peco's Peggy and Boseufus.
Neither were show dogs but they produce puppies that were.
Mom says she waited for me to get here three years. She said when she was told my Mom was going to have puppies she jumped up and down for joy and asked when they were going to be born. At that time all we knew was some time in March. She then said Oh would it not be wonderful for the pup to be born on St Patricks Day since Cupid was born on Valentines. What she did not know then was the great making for that to happen. She would ask ever day how things were going. She also watched me grow in my Mom's Belly. So you see my New Mom was there from the very start.

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